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Star muscle building – How do Hollywood actors train for their roles as superheroes?

film superhero and trained actors for the roles of superman batman and aquaman

Movie stars are known for their ability to completely overhaul their bodies when the role calls for it, and star muscle building has become a trend. Sure, the celebrities also have trainers and nutritionists on call. However, it’s mostly up to them to get the job done. When we look at her bulging biceps and six-pack bellies, we can quickly see that this wasn’t an easy task. From Ryan Reynolds’ intense workouts to Ben Affleck’s early morning workouts, here’s how the Hollywood guys keep themselves in great shape.

Muscle Building the Stars – Jason Momoa

jason momoa at comic con as aquaman with a muscle building of the stars and strict training program

Jason Momoa was already fit when he captured the hearts of women all over the world as Khal Drogo in the cult series “Game of Thrones”. However, he had to make some diet changes to show off his muscles for the role as Aquaman in the DC Comics movie of the same name. Trainer Stuart Walton shares what Momoa ate in preparation for his take on the Aquaman hero. You might be surprised to learn that he was not banned from food. Instead, the couple worked to influence the actor’s intake of macronutrients. Before an intense workout, he loaded carbohydrates into his body. Fresh fruit for early morning sweat sessions or rice and quinoa before training in the evening were part of his menu. When it comes to eggs and fat, the superhero who lives in the ocean loved sashimi (mainly barramundi and salmon) as well as steak, avocados and olive oil.

Hugh Jackman

50-year-old hugh jackman is in top shape for his role as wolverine

Hugh Jackman has always been fit, but his metamorphosis into Wolverine is often hailed as the ultimate superhero transformation. The 50-year-old Aussie fasted every day to get himself up. Jackman also followed the 16: 8 diet, where all meals were adjusted for an eight hour period and the remaining 16 were fasted. Seventy percent of his body was his diet, and that was what made his biggest change. The actor started training six months before filming. He followed a progressive overload plan to strengthen the core exercises. According to Men’s Fitness, it’s about starting light, using just a small percentage of your max, gradually increasing the weights and decreasing the repetitions so that you hit the plateaus in just a few weeks.

Ryan Reynolds

Film star ryan raynolds at the premiere of the film deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds isn’t a fan of superheroes, but according to his trainer Bobby Strom, the actor doesn’t have the same physique every time. To prepare for his role in the film Green Lantern, the 42-year-old Canadian began training a year in advance. Strom kept the father of two on his feet by switching his exercises for the role of Deadpool every day. However, the first 20 minutes of each session was devoted to the abs.

ryan raynolds plays in the film deadpool and has built up his muscles especially for the role

The trainer stated that he cooked for the actor six days a week. He made healthy Bolognese sauce that was 97 percent fat-free beef. The trainer sautéed it in a pan with broccoli and its own marinara sauce, along with black pepper, a little cayenne pepper and a little garlic. No salt or sugar, served over brown rice or high quality brown rice noodles.

Chris Pratt

chris pratt trains at the mtv music awards for his role as a superhero in guardians of the galaxy

Prior to his debut as Star-Lord on Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt was known as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. When the 39-year-old decided on the role, he weighed around 120 kilos and lost around 30 of them in an impressive six months. The secret of Pratt’s transformation was loads of calories, water, and intense weight training. In addition to running, swimming, boxing, kickboxing, and even a triathlon, Pratt’s nutritionist increased his daily caloric intake to a whopping 4,000 calories and made the actor drink water throughout the day.

Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth at the premiere of the blockbuster thor ragnarok with a black suit

To be honest, Chris Hemsworth always looks like a superhero, but to play the god of thunder in Thor, the 35-year-old had to up his exercise routine as well as his diet. In one interview, Hemsworth admitted that, like many actors, he often ate almost every two hours while his diet consisted mostly of protein. He ate endless amounts of chicken breasts, steaks, fish, vegetables, and brown rice. The father of three also got his way with longtime trainer Luke Zocchi and made sure his training schedule was changed. His workouts were about being varied. Whenever the actor was exercising his arms, he was also working in boxing jumps between sets. By doing more cardio, you will shock your body and avoid problems in certain areas.

Michael B. Jordan

michael b jordan as ryan coogler in his roles in the film black panther and creed

Before Michael B. Jordan took on his role as the villain in Marvel’s superhero blockbuster “Black Panther”, he had to build serious muscles to play the title character of “Creed”. Jordan’s trainer, Corey Calliet, revealed that the 32-year-old actor combined cardio with circuit training four days a week to burn fat and be in shape so he can play the son of Rocky Balboa’s boyfriend, Adonis Creed.

In preparation for his role as Erik Killmonger, Jordan took his training to the next level. He recently stated in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show that he strictly adhered to six meals, two to three workouts, and a gallon of water a day. Unfortunately, having to drink so much water also meant going to the toilet frequently at night. Jordan’s nutrition plan was too high for him to enjoy himself. It was difficult for him to go to a club or to a party or to make new contacts when he needed to get in shape.

Chris Evans

chris evans plays in the superhero film avengers as captain america and builds his muscles intensively for it

To get in the shape of Captain America, Chris Evans worked three hours a day, a few months before filming, with UK top coach Simon Waterson. He put the 37-year-old on a high-weight, low-repetition regime filled with squats, deadlifts, incline bench presses, and pull-ups. Evans also used a lot of body weights and built in a few plyometrics to get his fast-twitch muscle fibers up.

muscle building of stars with strict diet for roles as captain america chris evans

In terms of food, the actor stuck to a not-so-flavourful diet of lean protein, rice, and vegetables. So the hard part was mainly eating everything all the time. It sounds funny, but it’s not what a true devotion from a real American hero is.

Henry Cavill

henry cavill as superman at the premiere of batman vs superman down of justice with smocking

To make him look like he was faster than a racing bullet in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Henry Cavill turned to strength coach Michael Blevins. The trainer worked out a plan for the man of steel that consisted of four phases: preparation, replenishment, orientation, and maintenance. The bulky part involved lifting weights in a complex manner that simultaneously built muscle, strength, and speed. The 35-year-old actor did this in a repetitive manner, which also increased his stamina.

muscle building the stars achieve with a lot of weight training and dieting nutrition plan

There is a misconception that cardio negatively affects star muscle building. Having a larger work capacity allows you to train harder and longer. Building muscle without conditioning is like having an impressive engine without a gas tank – it’s worthless. Cavill also increased his food intake during the months he was in Superman shape. He was taking in 5000 calories a day while filming Man of Steel. The movie star had to eat protein first, then a little carbohydrates while holding his hunger pangs off.

Tom Hardy

movie star tom hardy uses many fighting techniques and strength training for his roles as villain and superhero in venom and bane in batman

Tom Hardy is no stranger to his roles as Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” and Max Rockatansky in “Mad Max”. For his role as Eddie Brock in “Venom”, however, the 41-year-old decided to switch his training program. According to some sources, Hardy practiced martial arts, boxing, and jiu-jitsu with professional MMA fighters five days a week. The trainer Mark Mene and the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association of the Royal Marines also supported him. As for the actor’s diet, he should consume lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and lots of green leaves. With all of this, however, Hardy said that his superhero transformations could come at a cost.

Ben Affleck

ben affleck at the premiere of batman vs superman in a black suit

The famous muscle building of the stars also includes Ben Affleck, who also had to train hard for his role in “Batman vs. Superman”. This happened when he was making “Gone Girl” which, as many can imagine, was not easy. Before starting his daily 14-hour workout, the 46-year-old got up at 4:00 a.m. The Affleck superhero remodel took about 15 months, ranging from 90 minutes to two and a half hours a day with a schedule of six days of training and then a two-day break. So the actor did a lot of bodybuilding and wanted him to get strong and add mass at the same time. He used heavy dumbbells and other weights as the basis for training. The father of three also followed a diet plan that consisted of 35 percent lean protein, 45 percent carbohydrates, and 20 percent essential fats.

Robert Downey Jr.

robert downey jr trains for his role as iron man with the fighting techniques of bruce lee and stays in top form

When Robert Downey Jr. had to play Iron Man again in The Avengers, the 54-year-old actor turned to his beloved Wing Chun technique. This martial art became famous through Bruce Lee. In connection with the training of Wing Chun, Downey went into fitness mode together with the trainer Brad Bose. Downey reduced his cardiovascular system and increased the weight he was supposed to lift. So he was able to build up about 11 kilos of muscle mass. However, in order to maintain his mass, the father of three had to go on an equally intense diet. He ate every three hours while his trainer fed him 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat and 40 percent carbohydrates. He consumed over 5,000 calories a day for nine months. If you don’t eat that much, your body won’t accept the weight.