Beachside Mediterranean style apartment from Nest Designs


This beautiful and sunny Beachside apartment is located in Sydney in Australia and is from Nests designs designed. Lisa Zhu carried out the photography and made it available. Take a look and let yourself be conquered by the beautiful colors and the Mediterranean furnishing style. For more ideas about decorating in this style, see our article.

Beachside apartment with a focus on Mediterranean details

Plastic chairs-transparent-kitchen island

Light pastel tones such as peach and turquoise, lemon yellow and light beige lead us into a Mediterranean atmosphere in the Beachside apartment in Sydney. In this article, our attention is drawn to the small details when it comes to decorating. Stylish and classic patterns on the carpet in the dining area or on the decorative pillows bring color and cheerful feelings to the otherwise white walls. Cool turquoise from the ceilings and from the abstract art paintings give us the feeling of cleanliness and nice cooling time on the otherwise hot days near the beach. And since it is Australia, the coral-colored flamingos greet us from the textiles on the pillow covers and the wall decor.

Beachside apartment design ideas


The U-shaped kitchen island with a high gloss finish is a wonderful background for the transparent plastic chairs and the lightly colored flower vases and wine bottles. Even the lemons in the metal basket catch our eyes in the otherwise white atmosphere. Shabby chic is the dining table and the upholstered chairs as well as the coffee table in the living area, which is reminiscent of a sandpit. Decorative books, blue water bottles with a round shape and rose roses as flowers are placed on almost every chest of drawers and side tables. The black and white chest of drawers is specially coated so that it can be adapted to the Mediterranean style. Colorful ceramic vases and even the turquoise-colored dessert look elegant. In the study we sit on a lemon-yellow chair or on a retro armchair with animal prints. Bright and beautiful Beachside apartment with a retro flair.


 Fur carpet, ceramic dessert


Monochrome furniture tones with coral and turquoise decor 

Flamingo throw pillow rug work table

Iron lantern wooden table taper candles

Wooden table-carpet-with-pattern-upholstered chairs-dining table