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Design children’s rooms – maritime decoration and furniture from Caroti

cute girl's room furniture ideas maritime decoration

The children love adventure – they dream of boat trips, meeting pirates and exotic islands / honestly we do too! /. Furniture and decoration in maritime style bring seafaring flair into the children’s room and arouse the imagination of the little ones. We’ll show you 28 ideas on how to be a charming maritime Design children’s rooms and decorate.

Designing a maritime children’s room – a touch of adventure

Youth room design bed storage space pirate decoration

Maritime furniture and decorations create a relaxed ambience and give the room an exotic flair. Light blue walls and white ceiling create the perfect background for the imaginative interior. A shell-shaped children’s bed or a bed headboard in the shape of a sail create that holiday feeling in the children’s room. The plain white wardrobe and chest of drawers, spiced up with anchor wall stickers, add to the concept. A cozy reading corner with a desk in a Mediterranean style invites you to relax after a long day at school. Ship lamps, ships in bottles and picture frames in porthole shape give the interior the finishing touch.

The Italian company Caroti specializes in the production of high quality furniture for the children’s room. They are best known for their maritime-style furnishings. The attractive furniture and the cheerful color scheme – blue, white and yellow give the room a special charm. At the same time, the children’s furniture fascinates with functionality and a space-saving design.

Design a maritime children’s room – shell bed

Shell bed nursery girl pink color interior ideas

Wall shelf in the form of a steering wheel and wall sticker treasure map

Nursery sailors theme design ideas

Design the boy’s room in white and blue – ship lamps, anchors and lifebuoys as decoration

Nursery boy design bed rope shape

Children’s rooms in cheerful colors – white and blue are loosened up by yellow accents

Children's room design ideas maritime decorative stripes wall

Set up a play area in the children’s room – climbing wall

Play corner Children's room design ideas in a stylish, classic way

Practical children’s room with loft bed, wall shelves and wardrobe

Children's room decorating ideas bunk bed wardrobe wall shelves

Baby room in white – cot that grows with the child

Baby cot grows with children cot storage space ship shape

Wardrobe door decorated with anchor wall stickers

Baby room cute white set up ideas deco maritime

 Ship lamp over the baby bed

Baby room set up ideas cot sea motifs maritime decoration

 Baby cot with storage space in the shape of a ship

Baby cot growing with children cot white color maritime decoration

 Youth room with a ship print as a wall decoration

white children's room design ideas furniture maritime decoration

 Small youth room with steering wheel mirror

little boy's room pirate theme colonial style furniture

 Furniture made of solid wood for the children’s room – cot in the form of a ship

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Imaginative decoration in the youth room

Pirate theme children's room design ideas loft bed bed box

 Sweet girl’s room in Mediterranean style – with a four-poster bed

Girls room nursery design white four-poster bed butterflies

Girls’ room with bunk beds

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 Ships in bottles and anchors as decoration in the nursery

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 Children’s room in cheerful colors

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Design your own maritime decoration ideas for girls

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