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Eye make-up instructions: Make-up tips for a party look

eye-make-up-instructions-smokey-eyes-brown-eyes-new year's eve

New Years Eve is the biggest party of the year and everyone wants to look perfect for this festive occasion. But what would glamorous party styling be without perfect make-up? With this simple Eye make-up instructions you’ll put on a glamorous gig and steal the show from everyone. With our make-up tips you will shine and sparkle like fireworks in the sky!

Deavita: Please explain to our readers how you can make your eyes, lips and Co. shine with the right make-up.

Danielle Dinkova: In today’s article, I’ll show you how to conjure up glamorous make-up for a party or festive event like New Year’s Eve in just a few steps – a wonderful addition to any party outfit!


We start with the primer and the “contouring and highlighting” technique that you are already familiar with. After we created the perfect base for make-up, we also nicely accentuated the eyebrows. There are different rules to follow depending on the shape of your eye, please watch the short video below to find your way around.


Remove excess make-up with the S2031 fan brush

Eye make-up instructions for festive events

1. Apply eye shadow in nude color as a base

eye make-up instructions apply nude-colored-eyeshadow-base

Generously apply eye shadow in nude colors to the eyelids with a fluffy brush.


eye make-up instructions nude-color-eyeshadow-brush-apply

Apply nude-color-eyeshadow-base

2. Outline the eyes with a soft kohl pencil or cream eyeliner in black

eye make-up instructions black-eyeliner-eyeliner-drawing

Make a frame with black, soft eye pencil and cream eyeliner. Work as close as possible to the lash line. The goal is to create an expressive cat’s eye shape.

eye make-up instructions for black kohl eye rims

Tip: Don’t worry if the line isn’t perfect, because after that everything will be blended with powder eyeshadow, which will add depth to the look.

3. Fix the eyeliner with a beveled brush and powder eyeshadow

eye make-up instructions kajal-creme-eyeliner-brush-apply

The already marked eyeliner should now be fixed with a small, angled brush and graphite eyeshadow. Move the brush along the line without scattering excess eyeshadow.


eye make-up instructions eyelid-fold-line-drawing


eye make-up instructions black-kohl-graphite-eyeshadow-fix

4.Eye make-up instructions – Smokey eyes look

eye make-up instructions purple-graphite-eyeshadow

The eyeshadow colors you can use are: black, anthracite, graphite, purple, and dark brown. Make a fine line with purple eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid and apply it to the movable eyelid. The result should be in the shape of a leaf. Use a thin brush to create a dark line under the lash line to perfectly outline the eye.

Make-up tips-eye-make-up-smokey-eyes-instructions

This makeup effect is widespread and is most easily achieved with an eyeshadow brush and circular motions. In these eye make-up instructions, the now very trendy colors – graphite and plum – are used. They both get along perfectly and work equally well with blue, green, and brown eyes.

eye make-up instructions purple-eyeshadow-applying


eye make-up instructions-eyeshadow-eyeline-blend


eye-make-up-instructions-emphasize-eyelid wrinkles

eye make-up instructions party-silverster-plum-graphite


5. Apply mascara base and black mascara


eye make-up instructions mascara-lower-eyelashes-apply

First, you need to apply mascara base to your natural lashes to separate and organize them, then repeat with black mascara.

6. Glue artificial eyelashes (row of eyelashes or tufts of eyelashes) – use silicone adhesive with a 24-hour hold.

Make-up tips-artificial-eyelashes-glue-on-eyelash row

If you want to make your eyes even more expressive, you can stick on artificial eyelashes. A distinction is made between the classic rows of eyelashes, tufts of eyelashes and individual eyelashes. The lash tufts are a quick way to lengthen your lashes and come in two colors and three sizes – S, M and L. It is advisable not to choose artificial eyelashes that are too heavy, especially if you have no or no experience with them.

Make-up tips-artificial eyelashes-glue-white-silicone-glue-eyelash row

Make-up tips-artificial-eyelash-glue-silicone-glue

Make-up tips-artificial eyelashes-glue-eyelash tufts-different-sizes

Make-up tips-artificial eyelashes-glue-eyelash tufts-single eyelashes

Make-up tips-artificial eyelashes-glue-eyelash tufts-tweezers

Make-up tips-glue-on-eyelashes-tweezers-instructions

Make-up tips-artificial eyelashes-glue-tweezers-glue

Make-up tips-artificial-eyelash-glue-after-drying-transparent

Tip: The artificial eyelashes have to be brought close to the natural lash line. Be very precise when sticking. Use a water-soluble silicone adhesive with a 24-hour hold.

7. Apply lipstick and blush

make-up tips-lipstick-applying-orange-nuance

While the glue dries (2-5 minutes, after which it becomes transparent), you can apply blush and lipstick.

Make-up tips-lipstick-applying-lipstick brushes

make-up tips-lipstick-applying-brush-pink-shade

Make-up tips-instructions-eye-make-up-party-new year's eve

8. Emphasize the glamor look with glitter

new year's eve-make-up-instructions-smokey-eyes-silver-glitter-eyelashes

If you want to further emphasize the glamor look, you can apply fine glitter particles to the tips of the eyelashes.

new year's eve-make-up-instructions-purple-eyeshadow-silver-glitter-particles

new years eve-party-make-up-instructions-silver-eyelash tips

new years eve-party-make-up-instructions-silver-eyelashes

new years eve-party-make-up-instructions-brown-eyes

DEAVITA: Thank you for these detailed eye make-up instructions, Danielle! What is so special about this party makeup??

Danielle Dinkova: It would withstand any weather and any feeling!


Tip: It is very important to decide in advance what you are going to put the accent on – the eyes or the lips. Never on both at the same time. As a professional, I prefer to emphasize the eyes because they are the first thing you notice – the expressive eyes!

With this eye make-up you will simply melt men’s hearts!


Make-up tips and instructions from the professional make-up artist Danielle Dinkova