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55 living room ideas – modern meets classic

Living room ideas wooden floor-black-corner sofa-beige-carpet-pendant lights

Today we meet in a living room and cordially invite you pair Living room ideas, Design tips and general suggestions are welcome. The modern meets the classic, that’s what they say when you look at our 45 pictures of the living room. The heart of this room is the couch and around it are decor, armchairs and chairs; the coffee table that rounds off the interior and is the cause of many happy moments with drinks and food on it and in front of the television. Just come in!

Living room ideas are limitless

living room-ideas-dark-wood-floor-quarry-stones-fireplace

The ideas for the living room are plentiful and, with the help of the architect, are transformed into a place where you can be comfortable with friends or family. The focus today is on loft apartments, penthouse apartments and houses on both sides of the Pacific and in between. It is an effective and magnificent way of classic architecture with a rural flair such as, for example, upholstered chairs design Renaissance or with quilted patterns from the 60s with ultra-modern elements such as LED lighting, built-in chimneys in room dividers or front walls, as well as sloping ceilings with asymmetrical and symmetrical windows. Gray shades, natural stone and wood cover the walls and ceilings, the living room is transformed into a sweeping system on levels that often leads to a seamless transition into the kitchen or dining room. the Living room ideas are a bundle with open limits and options for designs.

Living room abstract art ideas

living room-ideas-black-wall-paint-furniture-parquet-floor

The modern living room design often uses abstract accents. Shelf and suspension systems made of pipes, art pieces on the wall or a certain implicit culture type as decorative pillows on the carpet in the form of stones, signal colors and faces of people looking into the living room through the corner of their eyes are just a few examples. They are also a little eccentric and require a broad mind to accommodate them, but that is what you get in the luxurious class of furnishings on the part of the owner. Somewhat upscale but also classic design and above all modern Living room ideas for fine tastes.

living room-ideas-parquet-floor-greens-modular-sofa-concrete-ceiling

living room-ideas-white-sofas-dark-gray-carpet-brown-cushions

two level living room abstract art piece bookshelves

Two levels in the living room ensure airiness

Living room-on-two-level-upholstered-furniture-abstract-art

Sisal carpet corresponds with wood in the room


Japanese architects put emphasis on signal colors


Living room-with-activities-showcase-with-shelves-and-lighting

high ceiling-spotlight-glass wall-staircase-dining-living room area

Pendant-lamp-vintage-look-red-carpet-with-upholstered-furniture-wooden cupboards

Renaissance-furniture-modern-art-fireplace-sunken-ceiling with-wooden sticks

Living room area wooden floor wooden elements



From house-design-studio-living room-masculine-touch

symmetrical-walls-and-windows-triangle-wooden floor-white-furniture




Raw wood-wooden floor-wooden elements-on-the-ceiling-round-entrance

Retro style studio living room rug cotton


open kitchen-living area-wooden floor-lowered bar-bar counter



Modern meets classic


Malibu house-white-furniture-wooden table-woven-carpet-kitchen-counter

Luxury living room-fireplace-wooden floor-room divider-dining room-white rectangular sofa

luxurious-furnishings-living room-wood-area-with-column-decorative shelves-LED-lighting



classic-fireplace-rattan chair-side table-bird of prey-in-frame

Fireplace-in-the-wall-as-a-room-divider-wooden floor-wall cladding-ceiling

Japanese-style gray shades


Wooden wall cladding-wooden floor-standing lamp-upholstered armchair

Wood-and-stone-as-interior-design-living room

Wooden floor-covering-lowered-ceiling

High gloss wall leather sofa wall decoration

lighter-space-rectangular-modules-areas-floor lamps



Grand piano-wall-made-of-natural-stone-quilted-chairs-sofa

Window-ceiling-floor-fireplace-as a pretext




Designing a modern living room – 44 ideas, pictures, decoration and furniture