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A private apartment with an eclectic interior in warm colors

eclectic-private-apartment-brown-color-palette-spiral staircase-white-solid

Santiago Castillo is the name of the private apartment of the designer and decorator Lorenzo Castillo, which is located in the heart of the Spanish capital Madrid and was designed by himself in 2010. It is characterized by an eclectic interior in warm colors and an antique, colonial flair. Solid pieces of furniture, lavishly decorated walls and unusual decorative objects convey a charm of bygone times. Let’s take a virtual tour of this remarkable designer apartment.

Interior in warm colors characterizes the individual style


Lorenzo Castillo enjoys an international reputation and his projects can be seen all over the old continent – from Florence to Rotterdam, as well as from Shanghai, to NYC, to the Dominican Republic.

In his private Madrid apartment, he has staged high-contrast living environments where old and new meet. The furnishing is cared for in every detail and represents an eclectic mix of styles from neoclassicism and modernity. Through the careful restoration and skillful use of decorative pieces, Castillo has succeeded in creating an elegant living ambience with historical flair.

Interior in warm colors and with an antique flair


When it comes to furnishing both the kitchen and the bedroom Lorenzo Castillo Great emphasis was placed on harmonizing the new equipment with the antique look of the furniture and decorations. The images recorded with black and white and sepia color filters contain personal moments and architectural works and create a smooth transition between all the rooms.

The living areas – a reminiscence of the old days

Private apartment-dining room-eclectic-decorative-items-of-antiquarian-value

Living room decorative objects of antiquarian value

Private apartment-eclectic-interior-in-warm-colors-lounge-chair-wall-art

A refined atmosphere to feel good


Furnishing cared for in every detail


Private city apartment with historical flair

living room-wall-color-blue-greyish-leather-upholstery-sofa-cognac-color-wood decoration

Staircase wall with wall decorations


Similar murals on the bedroom wall


eclectic-bedroom-interior-black-white-four-poster bed-lavishly-decorated-walls

bedroom-corner-design-ideas-white-armchair-picture wall-private-photos


warm-colors-bedroom-design-four-poster bed-back wall-fabric-patterned-metal-table lamp

Santiago-Castillo-private apartment-Madrid-white-walls-doormat-oriental

bathroom-eclectic-interior-warm-colors-non-woven wallpaper-sink-natural stone