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Featured, furniture

Modern wall units – practical pieces of furniture for every room

modern wall units high gloss optics designer furniture ideas

Nowadays, wall units can have a wide variety of shapes, consist of individual cupboard or shelf parts and can be attached individually. Like the classic variant, however, it can consist of a whole or several, larger parts, which you can just as freely combine, but still look like a single piece of furniture in the end. Now you shouldn’t think of the old-fashioned models from the past under the latter. Nowadays will be modern wall units offered in simple and modern designs with clear lines. The modern trends rely on the minimalist style. In order to guarantee the modern look, kitschy decorations and ornaments are avoided. Therefore, they match a wide variety of wall colors and furnishings.

Modern wall units offer plenty of storage space

modern wall units bookcases wood television cabinet ideas

But entire wall units also offer plenty of storage space and are the perfect location for the television. With the right wall unit, you can store your books, DVDs or photos in a stylish way and display them at the same time. Wall units can consist of shelves and cupboards. Create your own library or simply use it to present your collection of figures.

Are you looking for a practical piece of furniture for the office that has both style and sufficient storage space for all documents and folders? Then the wall unit is a perfect choice in this case too. Whether from cabinets, shelves or a combination of both, you are guaranteed to be satisfied. The taverns, on the other hand, are offered with a choice of hinged doors, roller shutters or hanging files, so that you only have to consider which variant appeals to you the most and is the most practical for you. Wall units with an integrated desk are also particularly functional. This means that you have the most important folders close at hand while you work at your desk.

Modern wall units save space

modern wall units dark mahogany wood designer furniture

If you live in a small apartment and want to save space, you can also choose a wall unit with a built-in or fold-up bed for the bedroom or children’s room. As with all other types, there are countless designs in various color combinations for such wall units.

Modern wall units for more order in the small apartment

modern wall units high shelving system bedroom wall unit

Modern wall unit for the minimalist living room

modern wall units wood optics fronts modern and simple

Modern wall units are functional and space-saving pieces of furniture

modern wall units wood shelving systems base cabinet ideas furniture

modern wall units modular furniture living room shelving system square tv cabinet

modern wall units orange high gloss fronts television cabinet

modern wall units storage space shelf cupboards wall attach

Combine modern wall units TV cabinet wall shelves cupboard

modern wall units white fronts wood base cabinet modern

modern wall units wall unit minimalist, simple handle-free fronts

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