Zumba clothing for women shows the courage to use color – 20 outfit ideas


The trendy dance fitness program Zumba has been an unstoppable trend not only in this country but also worldwide for several years. Young and old are enthusiastic about this sport, which is great fun and you hardly notice that many calories are burned in the process.

Zumba is based on anaerobic exercises and Latin American dance elements and was invented in the 90s with the idea of ​​a mixture of dance and fitness. For many women, Zumba is a real lifestyle. If you want to dress in Zumba style from feet to koft, you will find a great selection here: We would like to introduce you to typical Zumba clothing for women.

Zumba clothing for women or whatever you really need?

Zumba-comfortable-clothing-original-casual-racerback-back-free-top-high-wearing comfort

Even if taste plays an important role in clothing, sporty Zumba clothing is adapted to the Latin American rhythms. Anyone who practices Zumba regularly will sooner or later feel the desire to wear such clothing as well. It is characterized above all by bright colors, sits loosely and offers a lot of freedom of movement. Different layers are also popular. The joie de vivre and lightness of the sport are reflected in Zumba clothing.

In any case, pants, tops and jackets should of course not restrict movement and should take into account the personal comfort factor. Most Zumba dancers wear longer trousers, 3/4 cargo trousers, shorts or trousers with the cool straps on the sides that are typical of Zumba. We recommend pants made of cotton, which absorb sweat better. Those who prefer it a little tighter can fall back on the leggings.

Zumba clothing for women – sportswear with character


Typical Zumba tops are crop or backless tops, v-neck shirts, tank tops, casual dreamer tops, oversized shirts, long-sleeved sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets made of breathable and lightweight fabrics. Original Zumba clothing has been awarded the “Zumba” label.

Zumba clothing – colorful fitness clothing that moves with you

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Zumba sneakers ensure fun and joy in movement

In addition to practical clothing, you also need the right footwear. The Zumba shoes are actually the most important piece of clothing that requires a good level of flexibility. Since movements with the feet are usually very restricted in normal sneakers or sneakers, these special dance shoes are equipped with a split sole, so that the many movements when turning and hopping are easier. The material is also crucial for a good Zumba shoe.


Zumna shoes with a good grip

Other accessories include Zumba bags, bracelets, sweatbands for the wrist and head. Key rings and drinking bottles are also part of the perfect equipment.

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Racerback top

Oversized-Shirts-Sports-Bras-Back-Free-Top-Racerback-Long-Leggings-Print motif-Zumba-design

Original Zumba fashion

Zumba dancer-women-sports-fashion-headliner-top-light-fabrics-sports-bras-zumba-leggings

Zumba fitness clothing with a trendy print


Breathable and lightweight fabrics


Zumba-comfortable clothing


Great freedom of movement in Zumba fashion


Oversized shirts

Oversized-Shirts-Zumba-fashion-women-high-wearing comfort-bright-colors-pink-purple-leggings

Zumba steps for high wearing comfort

Zumba-comfortable-clothing-one-shoulder-one-sided-tee-light-fabrics-black-leggings-women’s fashion

Bright colors in sports


V-neck shirts


Long sleeved sweatshirts


Sports bras and asymmetrical tops


Zumba dancer-fashion-baseball-tee-sleeve-tee-breathable-zumba-clothing