With this basic clothing you can showcase your feminine side

One of a woman’s greatest weapons is her femininity. While dresses and skirts are known as the epitome of femininity, there are other items of clothing that can accentuate the figure and underline your feminine side. You can find out which basic clothing absolutely belongs in a woman’s closet here!

These are the fashion basics for a feminine look

Woman arranges wardrobe with basic clothes

For many women, casual sweaters or T-shirts are the ultimate. However, if you want to dress more elegantly and thereby emphasize your femininity, then you need the right clothing that successfully highlights your curves and curves. But this does not necessarily mean a chic dress or a short skirt. We will show you how you can look particularly stylish and feminine with basic clothing.

The cool leather jacket

Combine leather jacket with dress and boots

The leather jacket is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Whether a classic black biker jacket, a hip-length safari jacket in leather look or a cropped version – the selection is quite large. The different models are characterized by details such as a side or straight zipper, a waist belt or a large lapel collar. Leather jackets are also available without a clasp, as they are usually worn openly and casually.

The leather jacket is an absolute all-round talent: You can wear it with jeans over a shirt or combine it with an elegant dress and boots. Add a matching bag and the look for the next party is ready. A leather jacket is like your best friend – you can take it with you wherever you go.

The basic knitted sweater

stylish outfit tailored turtleneck trench coat and skirt with checked pattern

Whether with a round neckline, V-neckline or turtleneck, the sweater is the classic among basic clothing for women. Every woman should own at least five different knitted sweaters. These may differ in their color, length and collar shape. at Defacto there are, for example, quite a few models to choose from. The fashion basic can be wonderfully worn over a shirt and combined with chic, tailored trousers or a pleated skirt. If you put on a coat over it, the outfit is perfectly rounded off for a walk in the city. The knitted sweater shouldn’t be too tight, just emphasize the figure. It can also be combined with jeans and loosens up the outfit perfectly.

The trendy parka

the women's parka is a must have for winter

From Karo Kauer to Gerda Lewis, all influencers love the parka and like to wear it in autumn and winter. The once military jacket has been very popular since 2018 and has become an indispensable part of a woman’s winter wardrobe. With or without a hood, in beige, olive green, black or a cool trendy color, in a parka you feel cuddled up and fashionable at the same time on the cold days.

The stylish jumpsuit

the black jumpsuit is a must-have for women

The days when a jumpsuit was only worn at home are definitely over! Black jumpsuits made of fine fabrics, for example, can flatter any figure and are a real it-piece for fashion girls. The one-piece stretches the upper body optically and is a great outfit even with high heels, especially for small women. You could also wear a clutch and possibly a statement chain to round off the look. In the cold season, the jumpsuit can be combined with a leather jacket or a chic coat.

The favorite jeans

Basic feminine clothing jeans with shirt and blazer

Jeans are just timeless. The large selection of cuts, colors and washes has something to offer for every body shape, size and taste. Jeans models such as the straight leg or bootcut jeans are considered to be real figure flatterers and can hide various problem areas while successfully highlighting the feminine curves. The styling options for jeans are as good as infinite, but you simply can’t go wrong with a shirt, a stylish blazer and pumps.

The right sports outfit

Sportswear for women leggings and cropped hoodie

A woman can also look good in the gym or while exercising outdoors. For women who are physically active, the sports outfit is also part of the basic clothing. Short or long sports trousers with a matching top should not be missing in the wardrobe. Whether wide jogging pants or tight-fitting leggings, sportswear can also underline the femininity of women. For women who want to emphasize their waist, for example, tops such as a short sports jacket or a cropped hoodie are very suitable.