Which jacket to combine with a pleated skirt? – This is how the trend skirts can be styled in every season!

Super feminine, incredibly elegant and yet airy and light – pleated skirts conquered the hearts of all fashionistas years ago and for good reason. Although the pleated skirts were considered old-fashioned and conservative for a long time, the conservative and dusty grandma image is fortunately already a thing of the past. The skirts are now more versatile than ever and have become an integral part of our wardrobes. In fact, pleated skirts are THE skirt trend for 2021 and have become one of the most versatile pieces of clothing every fashionable woman should own. Whether elegant with high heels for the office or sporty with sneakers in everyday life – the trend pieces just always go and can be styled on and under as you like. However, the ideal look does not only depend on the occasion, but also on the weather. So which jacket should you wear with a pleated skirt in spring or winter? We will explain this to you below!

How best to combine a pleated skirt?

which jacket goes with the pleated skirt oversize jacket trend 2021

Whether mini, midi or long – pleated skirts are now available in all imaginable variants and the styling options are also broad. The pleated skirt has been celebrated by fashion designers for decades and every woman should have at least one model in her wardrobe. The small folds exude a certain lightness and with the right tops and shoes you can wear your favorite skirt for any occasion and any season. When styling, we should first make sure that the pleated skirts are a real eye-catcher in themselves and should be treated accordingly. So that the look doesn’t look too cluttered, it’s best to avoid flashy tops and accessories. 

Which jacket to combine with a pleated skirt in winter?

what goes with the pleated skirt winter business outfits for women

You need it in spring and on cooler summer days, and anyway in autumn and winter: a jacket with a pleated skirt. This should not only keep us warm, but also round off and complement the look. It is also important that the jacket matches the style of the skirt in terms of color and cut. For the colder months of the year, it’s best to use a cozy, short teddy coat – so the outfit doesn’t look too heavy and we don’t have to freeze either. 

Style leather jacket with pleated skirt for the perfect autumn outfit

What goes with the pleated skirt to combine leather jacket women

Leather jackets can be found in every woman’s wardrobe and are one of the essential items of clothing that each of us should own. Leather jackets that end roughly at the level of the hip bones and are tightly cut are of course ideal and classic for autumn. The delicately flowing fabric of the pleated skirt is an ideal contrast to the rough leather. For an elegant touch, complement the pleated skirt outfit with high heels. And if you want to wear the pleated skirt in a sporty way, then you are in good hands with sneakers or sturdy combat boots. 

Combine bomber jackets with a pleated skirt

Elegant pleated skirt combine wedding bomber jacket outfit

Do you prefer it sporty and casual and are wondering which jacket with a pleated skirt would best complement your outfit? Bomber jackets are totally hip right now and take the austerity of the rock a little bit. And the best thing about the trend jackets is that they are super easy to combine. Satin bomber jackets in soft pastel colors look super romantic and girlish despite the sporty cut and would therefore be the perfect jacket with a pleated skirt. 

Denim jackets always work

Oversized denim jacket outfits 2021 which jacket to wear with a pleated skirt

What do I wear with a pleated skirt in summer when it’s a little cooler outside? Of course – a denim jacket, of course! The good old denim jacket is a tried and tested staple in every wardrobe and you can really wear it about anything. You might not suspect it at first glance, but denim jackets can also be wonderfully styled with a pleated skirt and give the outfit a touch of casualness.

Oversized denim jacket combine which jacket with a pleated skirt

And if you want to stay in trend this season, you can buy a size larger, because oversize denim jackets are totally in vogue right now. The loose XXL cut ensures a cool break in style and takes the otherwise elegant pleated skirt a little bit of the austerity.

Which jacket to wear with a pleated skirt for the office?

Oversize blazers combine which jacket goes with the pleated skirt

Would you like to spice up your business outfit and are you tired of classic trouser suits? Then a blazer outfit with a pleated skirt would be just the thing for you! The classic for on top is both a classic basic and a fashionable must-have for all women.

Tops for pleated skirt elegant blazer outfits summer

The huge variety of colors, patterns and cuts makes the blazer a real all-rounder that inspires us again and again with its great styling potential. The combination of pleated skirt and an oversize blazer is ideal for the office and is one of the most popular fashion trends of the year. A belt can add definition to the look and make your waistline a wonderful highlight.

What to wear with a pleated skirt for official occasions?

Pink pleated skirt combine summer business outfits

Are you invited to a wedding or an official occasion, but you don’t have a suitable dress on hand? No problem, because an elegant pleated skirt outfit does the same and can look just as stunning. However, so that the look does not appear old-fashioned and conservative, it is best to use cool and somewhat more casual styling partners. Light colors such as soft raspberry pink or sky blue are particularly popular this summer and give the pleated skirt outfit an additional romantic touch. An airy silk shirt or even a simple T-shirt would be a great alternative. A nice blazer and statement accessories as well as high sandals round off the look perfectly.

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