Trendy fashion ideas and cool styling tips from Pendari Fashion


The collection of the new fashion label PENDARI is in black and white, the material is soft and flowing, the cuts asymmetrical and almost deconstructed. Her fashion creations exude an ultra-modern minimalism. The specialty of their designs is the clear lines and the interesting winding techniques and knots that transform simple basic cuts into sophisticated fashion statements. We took a closer look at their current collection and discovered some ultra-modern, stylish fashion ideas that are currently very trendy. You will also find styling tips on how to wear and combine the trend items.

Fashion ideas with a Gothic flair: the black tulle skirt


The style icon Carrie Bradshaw has already worn the multilayered tulle skirt in many crazy and elegant variations. It makes every woman feel a little like a princess. But a tulle skirt in black does not give the ballerina factor at all, but radiates a touch of gothic rock chic. The cool “Marico” tulle skirt with an opaque underskirt is a real eye-catcher. It can be wonderfully combined with a simple top and a hot shoe.

Hipster Urban Style: Extra-long shirt for men

fashion-ideas-styling-outfit-men-extra-long-shirt-pants-leather look

Hipster types are primarily characterized by an urge to individualize. You want to distance yourself from the mainstream and have a distinctive style that just looks cool. That Men’s shirt TAY so fits perfectly with the modern hipster image. The reduced design emphasizes the individual charm of the wearer instead of distracting from him with fancy frills. By the way, extra-long shirts are perfect for slim, tall men with an athletic build.

Fashion ideas styling-outfit-men-hipster-extra-long-shirt-black

The lederhosen have also been reinterpreted and are something that fashionable men can wear in everyday life. Soft leather-look fabrics create a modern flair and at the same time guarantee maximum freedom of movement and comfort.

The wide leather pants 

Fashion ideas styling-outfit-wide-lederhosen-urban-style

The wide leather pants are a great alternative to skinny jeans. It sits casually and is super comfortable. The synthetic leather is also nice and soft and therefore comfortable to wear. Combined with high heels, a chic blazer and a tight-fitting T-shirt with a print, the wide leather pants look much more elegant.


For the ARYA model the designer of the eccentric fashion label was inspired by the Aladdin pants, which originally came from the Orient. The pants with an extremely wide cut are offered in leather style and can be worn by women and men.

Cut-outs are a real fashion statement

fashion ideas-styling-outfit-cutouts-sleeve-leather-shorts

Cut-outs have become a real fashion statement in just a few years. Shoulders, back, arms and waist are seductively staged through ingenious slits. Cut-outs look best with simple cuts and plain-colored clothing.

the “Eldarion” blouse with a deconstructed look is provided with clever cut-outs on the elbows. They underline the puristic look of the top and set striking accents. Black contrasts particularly impressively with light skin.

Off shoulder tops


Whether romantic Carmen blouses or off-the-shoulder tops: strapless tops are the must-haves of the season, the fashionistas agree on that. They look elegant, but at the same time feminine and playful. In this way we emphasize our femininity and skillfully put our shoulder in the limelight. the “Ive” blouse combines a puristic look with a romantic detail: the free shoulder. The blouse has a loose fit and doesn’t show too much skin.

Strong and confident: the samurai woman


The samurai is known for his strength, dexterity, wisdom, and charisma. In the history of Japan there were also many legendary female samurai, still called Onna-Bugeischa, who were famous for their martial arts and weapons skills. If you want to feel like a modern samurai woman, this is what you get DIVA skirt be thrilled. The cut is reminiscent of the Japanese Hakama culottes, which were originally part of traditional Japanese training clothing. The modern note comes from the asymmetrical look, with the length being shorter at the front than at the back. Asymmetrical looks dynamic, exciting and extravagant. The DIVA skirt was combined with the IRRA tunic. The tunic has an elegant kimono silhouette and wide 7/8 sleeves.