Tie a scarf: the winter accessories can be styled in so many ways!

Of all winter accessories, scarves and towels are definitely the most versatile. No matter whether you tie an elegant silk scarf, a small scarf or a bandana – the right scarf with the perfect and matching print gives every outfit that certain something. You can wear the timeless accessories not only in the cold months, but all year round. But how can you tie a scarf? It’s fascinating how many ways there are how you can wear this little piece of fabric beautifully around your neck. Whether you go tone-on-tone or want to spice up your look with a striking pattern is a matter of taste – anything that pleases is allowed! Read on and find out how you can tie fashionable and trendy scarves and be inspired by the great looks!

Silk scarf how to wear shirt mustard yellow color fashion trends 2020 women

Whether in the classic cowboy style, tied in an elegant French knot or as a draped necklace casually around your neck – you can literally wear and tie a scarf in an infinite number of ways. It is the perfect accessory for all women who do not like to wear necklaces or other jewelry. Whether elegant with an evening dress or simply to loosen up a basic outfit consisting of a T-shirt and jeans – absolutely anything is possible and there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to styling. In the best case, you should opt for a model made of satin, silk or another light fabric.

Tie the scarf in the classic triangle shape

Silk scarf tie white shirt winter outfits for the office elegant

The triangle shape, also known as the cowboy style, is probably the most classic and easiest way to tie a scarf. In combination with a plaid shirt, casual jeans and cowboy boots you have created the perfect casual, cowboy look in no time.

Neck Tie Instructions:

  • Fold the scarf into a triangle and place it around your neck.
  • The long point must point forward.
  • You could either tie the two ends together with a nice knot at the back or front of the neck over the shaped triangle, or tuck them in – it’s your decision!

Tied loosely around the neck

how to tie scarves women silk scarf combine fashion trends 2020

For a casual yet very elegant look, you can tie the scarves nicely by simply wearing the fashion piece with the ends down. This technique is perfect for spicing up a plain, plain t-shirt, blouse, or even a dress. The look is even more beautiful and interesting if you also wear a couple of necklaces of different lengths. 

Tie trendy scarves nicely – the classic loop

Tie scarves women combine silk scarf outfit denim jacket

The classic loop is another very simple technique to tie a scarf, but it looks just as beautiful and elegant. And it’s that simple:

  • First, fold the towel and put the two ends of the towel together.
  • Now put the scarf around your neck.
  • Then pull the loose ends through the resulting loop and your outfit is ready!

Tie a scarf in the choker version

Silk Scarf Outfit Ideas Neckerchief Tie Instructions Neck

The scarf is a real all-rounder as an accessory and can be worn very versatile. Well stretched and wrapped around the neck, it is a wonderful replacement for statement necklaces, such as the choker. 

Tie a scarf neck step by step instructions:

  • First, fold the scarf in half to form a triangle.
  • Turn over until it becomes nice and narrow.
  • Next, depending on how long the scarf is, you need to wrap it tightly around your neck once or twice.
  • Now just knot the ends in front or on the side and your “necklace” is ready. If you don’t want the knot to be visible, feel free to hide it under the scarf.

How to tie scarves for the cute boy scout look?

Tie a scarf Instructions easy winter business outfits casual

Chic and extremely elegant – this technique of tying a scarf is perfect for all fashion-conscious women who want to spice up their winter business outfits for the office. This option is not only ideal as an accessory for winter, but also for warm summer days. To do this, simply wrap the scarf loosely around the neck and tie a knot loosely at the front, whereby the two ends must be the same length.

Or how about tie a scarf in an elegant and chic French style?

Tie scarves neck instructions knit dress combine elegantly

Again and again these French people and their classic and timeless style, which many women around the world are constantly inspired by. When it comes to fashion and styling, French women are always at the front of the stage and that doesn’t surprise us at all.

Neck Tie Instructions – The French Knot

  • First, fold a square scarf in half and roll it up as thinly as possible.
  • Now wrap the scarf around your neck twice, making sure that the two ends are the same length.
  • Turn the scarf slightly to one side so that the knot is not right in the middle.
  • Finally tie a double knot and let the ends hang loosely. And that’s it actually – so chic and so simple!

Casual draped knot for the perfect effortless look

Neckerchief tie instructions blazers combine elegant office outfits women

Tying a scarf doesn’t always have to be super complicated. On the contrary – sometimes the simplest things are simply the most beautiful. If you simply wrap your scarf loosely around your neck and tie it in a casual knot, you can conjure up a super nice look without much effort, which is suitable for the office as well as for a coffee meeting with the girls in the city.

How to tie scarves as a substitute for necklaces?

Tying scarves Instructions wear neck like a silk scarf

In the following we will show you how you can transform your scarf into a replacement for large statement necklaces in no time at all. This gives your usual weekend uniform of jeans and T-shirt a fresh and modern effect.

It’s that easy:

  • You will need a longer scarf for this look.
  • First, fold the scarf into a triangle and roll it up.
  • Wrap the scarf around the neck and pull the ends forward.
  • Tie a small knot.
  • Twist the two ends around each other until the scarf looks like a braid.
  • Finally tie a double knot and you’re done!

Tie the scarf into a “tie”

A scarf looks particularly chic and elegant when you tie it into a tie. This allows you to loosen up an otherwise stricter outfit for the office a little. And this is how quickly it is done:

  • Fold the two ends of the scarf together in the middle.
  • Then fold the long sides to the middle and fold the upper corner over the lower.
  • Place the scarf around your neck so that one side falls a little longer than the other.
  • Tie the longer side twice around the shorter one and then pull the long end through the resulting loop.

Neckerchief tie into a cute bow tie

Neckerchief tie loop wool coat combine winter

This look looks slightly playful and girlish and makes the otherwise simpler everyday outfits immediately look much more chic and elegant. Simply turn the scarf diagonally and place it around your neck and finally tie a nice, voluminous bow together.

Tie the scarf with a brooch

Brooch combine elegant silk scarf how to wear fashion trends 2020 women

In the form of butterflies, delicate flowers or decorated with diamonds – the brooch is a timeless piece of jewelry that is celebrating a big comeback this year. If tying the scarf is not for you, then a brooch is the right choice for you! It holds the scarf together nicely and gives every outfit a wonderful touch of elegance and glamor! A little styling tip from us – so that the piece really comes into its own, you should do without bracelets or necklaces.

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