The trousers with a slit on the leg are all the rage in 2021: this is how you wear the it-piece!

Slits on the knees, slits on the bottom – we’ve seen everything when it comes to flashy trousers. The trend for 2021 is not that striking, but rather elegant. This year we’re wearing our trousers with a slit in the front of the leg. Whether jeans, leggings or trousers – the playful detail brings out the shoes better and makes us look taller. Everything you should know about the trend, as well as a lot of great outfits with trousers with a slit on the leg, can be found in the article!

Pants with a slit on the leg: This is the name of the pants trend for 2021

Combine trousers with a slit in beige with white pointed heel shoes

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, slit trousers should not be missing in your wardrobe for the coming spring. While the leg slit pants trend isn’t exactly new, it will be big again this year. Stars like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just love the look and wear the it pants on different occasions.

Regardless of your height, the trousers with a slit can perfectly flatter your figure. You can find these in different cuts and fabrics so that they fit different body shapes. Whether leggings, skinny, wide leg jeans or leather pants – the selection is quite large. Smaller women can benefit the most from the new trend, as the slit on the leg makes the legs look longer.

Victoria Beckham wears the trousers with a slit trend

The length of the slot can be from five centimeters to any value. It can be attached to the front of the pants as well as to the side hem. One of the greatest representatives of this look is Victoria Beckham. The celebrity has been spotted wearing slit pants at various events and has also adopted the model in her own clothing brand.

If you are already fed up with classic trouser outfits and want to try something trendy, then trousers with a slit on the leg are the right choice.

Put an accent on your shoes with leg slit pants

Combine trousers with a slit in green with a black blazer

The slit trousers are the so-called micro-trend. This means that only a small detail affects the overall look. It’s not a specific pair of pants that is trendy at the moment, but the small (or slightly larger) slit on the leg.

Leather jacket with lambskin and leggings with slits at the hem

The best part of this trend is that it looks great on any type of shoe. Whether with heels, loafers, ankle boots, flip-flops or sneakers – every shoe goes well with the trousers with a slit. The garment is suitable for special occasions as well as for everyday life. The detail that makes the difference in your outfit is of course the shoes. Paired with flat models, such as ballerinas or loafers, the outfit with the slit trousers is perfect for everyday looks. If you like it a bit sportier, you can combine the stylish trousers with sneakers. This look is particularly popular with new mothers, such as the new mom Gigi Hadid, because it is ultra comfortable and looks super stylish at the same time.

Pants with a slit on the leg and long-cut blazer in black

With high heels, however, the trousers with a slit look best. The legs are visually stretched and the slits give it the look of stylish flared trousers. If you choose a model in black, you can even out any unevenness in your figure.

How to wear the it pants with a slit on the leg in 2021

Victoria Beckham with black split trousers and a brown oversize blazer

Why should you try this trend? On the one hand, because it just looks cool and, on the other hand, because the trousers with a slit make our legs look longer. And is there a woman who does not dream of beautiful, long legs?

As you may already know, small details often play an important role in creating a unique outfit. Lace-up sandals, for example, make you look elegant and feminine, while the billowing sleeves of a blouse make your look look romantic. These micro-fashion trends can have a huge impact on your overall appearance. The same applies to the trendy trousers with a slit on the leg.

Be inspired by the outfits in our picture gallery and choose a look that best suits your own style!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley loves the skinny fit trousers with a slit on the leg

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley outfit beige blazer black pants with a small slit and sandals

Black trousers with a slit at the front of the leg combine wonderfully with eye-catching pumps

Outfit inspiration knitted sweater with collar buttons and leggings with slit

The suit for women has a stylish look with a slit on the hem

stylish ladies suit in pastel blue pants with slit at the hem

The black trousers with a straight cut and a slit on the leg flatter the figure

Oversized denim jacket with slit trousers and white shoes as an accent

Two-tone leather pants look great with a slit in the front

two-tone leather pants with a slit at the front of the leg

A color-blocking outfit with slit wide leg pants in magenta

Wide leg pants in magenta with a slit on the side of the hem

Classic leggings with a slit can be combined with ankle boots

stylish outfit inspiration black trousers with slit and checked coat

A leather jacket rounds off this outfit perfectly

Combine slit wide trousers and a black leather jacket

The leggings with a slit can also be combined with sneakers

Pants trend 2021 combine pants with slit sneakers

The black combat boots loosen up this stylish outfit

white trousers with slit and high waist with crop top and checked coat

You can’t wear sneakers with an elegant outfit? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Leggings trend 2021 slits on the front leg

The slit pants also look nice with ballerinas

like wearing trousers with a slit with a turtleneck and flat ballerinas in black

Slit jeans are a trend for 2021

Wide leg jeans with slits are the trend for 2021

This year we only wear skinny jeans with a slit on the leg

In 2021 we will only wear skinny jeans with a slit on the leg

The flared jeans with a slit at the hem are making a comeback

blue flared jeans slit at the hem

Jeans with rips and slits at the hem are also trendy

Wear jeans with tears and slits at the hem with ankle boots