The new luxury jewelry collection – beautiful rings from Saggi

luxury jewelry collection rings saggi frog miniature semi-precious stones

The English jewelry store Saggi presents a new one Luxury jewelry collection by lush rings. A main element of each is a solid semi-precious stone, set in gold ornaments and diamonds. However, this is only the outer shell, under which there is a tiny piece of jewelry. The inside becomes visible by pressing the button made of green Yakut emerald. And the owner of this wonderful luxury piece of jewelry can exchange the miniature and thus receive a wonderful new ring.

Luxury jewelry collection from Saggi

  luxury jewelry collection rings saggi purple semi-precious stones

The rings are made of 750 yellow and white gold, decorated with 25 carat London Blue and Swiss Blue Topaz, Smoke Topaz and Amethyst, surrounded by 156 diamonds. The miniatures are made of gold, decorated with colored enamel, diamonds (black, white and “champagne”), rubies and sapphires. Emotions can also be embodied in jewelry miniatures. Berries, mini women’s shoes, butterflies and crowns can be exchanged depending on the mood.

Luxury jewelry collection – rings with interchangeable miniatures Luxury jewelry collection rings saggi raspberry purple

Precious stones, diamonds and gold ornamentsluxury jewelry collection rings saggi gold blue dome crown

available in white and yellow gold


 large selection of miniatures for the inside of the ring

luxury jewelry collection rings saggi small elements smileys crown