The new fashion trend Neo Boheme – inspired by minimalism

Fashion trend Neo Boheme -hat-poncho-gray-gray-blouse

Are you one of those women who want to express their personal way of life with their style? Then read on! The fashion trend called Neo Boheme, which follows the concept of interior design, is called. Like the interior, the clothes are practical and comfortable, but at the same time modern, stylish and sophisticated. The outfits of the neo-bohemian style underline the zeitgeist and ensure inner balance. That’s why the designers at More follow suit & More online shop for the modern home furnishing philosophy and design minimalist collections that contrast with the overstimulation and the hectic pace of everyday life. Neo Boehme’s concept reflects a woman’s entire lifestyle and values ​​good quality and high-quality materials.

Neo Boheme fashion trend – clear lines and subtle colors

Fashion trend Neo Boheme culotte-tea-length-striped-blouse

Today we’re going to tell you more about the Neo Boheme fashion trend and give you a few tips for the must-haves that go with it. In this freshly relaunched online shop, for example, you can find cautious and elegant women’s fashion from More & More with clear lines and subtle colors in trendy cuts. The focus is on minimalism. The fashion is clear, tidy and informal. It should create lightness through a modern design. The offer ranges from women’s shoes and fashion accessories to dresses, blouses and skirts to pullovers, blazers, trousers, jackets and coats. The shop shows different outfits so that the desired neo-bohemian style can be put together with just a few clicks.

Neo Boheme fashion trend – what goes with it?

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Neo Boehme is a look that combines conservative basics with a poncho, maxi skirt or a large slouch hat. He combines the style of bygone days with the creative free spirit of today. The name also stands for a casual fashion mix that expresses the woman’s self-fulfillment and allows for an individual, unconventional outfit. He also brings influences from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The style has actually been around for a long time. Fashion experts say Mick Jagger’s great love, Marianne Faithfull, invented this look. However, fashion creation disappeared from the scene for a long time. It wasn’t until actresses like Sienna Miller discovered the style for themselves that Neo Boheme got a new face.

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Visually, the look is characterized above all by new and modern cuts, noble material and lightness. The style exudes a calm. The outfit is not mixed wild and colorful, but combined in such a way that the transitions between the pieces of clothing are fluid. Instead of cowboy boots and a fringed skirt, the lady in the Neo Boehme fashion trend wears white blouses and light fabrics. The designers adapt the trend to the big city and urban life and pick up patterns such as batik, which have a calming and romantic effect and represent a balance to the hectic everyday life.

These are the must-haves of Neo Boheme

fashion trend neo bohemian black-monochrome-poncho-chain-pendant-patterned-skirt

The must-haves of Neo Boheme include a few items of clothing that should not be missing in any wardrobe. This also includes the poncho. Originally worn by the locals in South America, this traditional coat combines comfort and minimalism. It is warm and looks good. The rectangular cut fabric has a buttonhole and is worn without sleeves. It is light and offers various combination options. The poncho can also be worn asymmetrically or straight, with or without a belt, tailored or swinging. The colors of the coat are subtle at Neo Boheme. A plain, dark poncho is best. It can be combined with wide trousers, such as a black culottes, which sit loosely and comfortably, have straight legs and are made of an elegant material. A light blouse in a box-like, straight shape, which underlines the minimalism, goes well with it.

fashion trend neo bohemian paisley dress-oversized-coat-white-overknee-boots-hat

Another must-have for the Neo Boheme style is the paisley dress. It is a figure-hugging, flared, waist-hugging short dress with a V-neckline that is reminiscent of the 1960s in terms of cut. A linear oversize jacket in delicate, fresh colors and a wide shape, which can be worn loosely and, depending on the outfit, functions as a blazer or transition jacket, goes well with this. The oversize jacket can be an embroidery jacket or a fabric jacket.

fashion-trend-neo-bohemian-gray-poncho-leather belt-fedora-hat-black-trousers-ankle boots

The neo-bohemian style naturally also includes accessories. The hat is very important. A simple, wide-brimmed hat in black color is best. It can be bigger.

When it comes to shoes, the Neo Boheme fashion trend relies on classic ankle boots and men’s shoes with flat heels. They go well with trousers, jackets, skirts and dresses and can be combined with many outfits.

Lifestyle with minimalism

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Neo Boheme is about the pleasure of living the way you want. The trend in home furnishings is the same as in fashion: the style should express success, carefree and self-determination and at the same time create a cozy niche. The statement sounds complacent. But the trend is highly contagious. The Neo Boheme lifestyle is a social trend that everyone can afford and that suits every occasion without being ostentatious. Minimalism and classic elegance are just as popular at a cocktail evening as they are at a company reception. The trend mixes new and old, antique and modern, romantic and classic. This makes Neo Boheme a timeless trend that is always “in”.

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