The most common fashion mistakes in women’s outfits – part 2

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What better not to do to Fashion mistake to avoid in the outfit? Here we want to reveal some more myths and legends and give you practical tips on what not to do so that your outfit is always in top shape! Are you curious? Stay with us and just read on!

Fashion mistake – Avoid horizontal stripes!


The widespread belief among women that the horizontal stripes visually expand the overall look is sadly true! Of course it’s not necessarily, you’re going to extremes here, but if you like stripes then just make your choices! There is nothing fresher than the navy-look stripes, they can be used as an accent. If you have wide hips, then it is better to avoid horizontal stripes on the skirt; you may prefer such a pattern on the top. That would be the perfect solution for you.


Mode error – Be careful when mixing fabric prints!


Better be careful when mixing the fabric prints! This is a very delicate moment because the line between “cheesy” and “stylish” is sometimes very, very thin. So that you don’t risk appearing like a walking subject, it is better to focus on an accent. You can combine two prints or prints, but not more!

An outfit in red at the wedding party – that’s possible?


One of the things that we cannot understand is basically the prejudice of many ladies who do not want to choose a red dress for the wedding party. Yes, it is understandable that no lady would want to wear a black dress while doing this. Our associations with black usually go in a very different direction. But why not red? This color is positively charged, has many rich shades and always brings a good mood. Red symbolizes femininity, so go for a red, elegant outfit if you are about to be invited to a wedding party!

For many cultures, according to their traditions, it is even a must to wear brightly colored clothes at the wedding ceremony. Our advice is: Avoid too deep necklines, too tight dresses that accentuate your silhouettes and mini-lengths! Then red is a good color for a wedding party, as is yellow, green or blue. Caution! At some wedding parties, there is also a dress code for the guests that you have to observe.

Retro accents in a fashionable outfit


A sticking point in a fashionable outfit are the retro elements, they undoubtedly deserve more attention, but you never have to cross the thin line of good taste with them. The key to success with the retro accents is their modern interpretation. Go for a retro shirt or a high-waisted skirt, but not the ones that your grandmothers’ closet would look like. You certainly don’t want to look 10 years older, do you?

Clothes sewn especially for you or, if you prefer, clothing?


It is high time this myth needs to be broken too, we don’t understand why women still believe in it. The skills of a good tailor cannot be compared to working on a garment in the big factories.

Remember that all major brand chains focus on quantity rather than attention to detail. Visiting a good tailor will help you find the right design. Together with your tailor, you can also create a perfect piece of clothing that is completely in harmony with the shapes of your body.