The little black dress: a must-have for every occasion

the little black classic modern timeless

For some, the little black dress might just be a simple black dress. But how could a “simple” piece of clothing influence fashion history so much? With this, Coco Chanel changed the fashion world and marked a new chapter in fashion history. Since then, the little black dress with a simple silhouette has been considered a miracle weapon that every woman should have in her closet.

The little black dress has a long history

the little black coco chanel story

When the story of the little black dress began in the 19th century, the black color was reserved for widows who were grieving. It was then that the designer Coco Chanel herself appeared for the first time in a dress she had designed with a simple cut that shouldn’t really cause too much fuss. The combination of black color and a relatively short cut was scandalous in the post-war period. With this, Chanel wanted to express their position that the women of the First World War should show their grief, but at the same time show their desire for the future. The author of a book on fashion classics describes the event as “the ultimate harmony of desire and convenience, class and rigor, purism and fantasy”.

When did Coco Chanel invent the little black dress?

the little black classic cut straighter

The little black dress became popular in 1926 after it appeared in American Vogue. Coco Chanel called it a kind of “uniform for all women with taste” and “a model that everyone will wear”. It was a narrow-cut dress, closely related to the sheath dress, made of Chinese silk, with narrow long sleeves and covering the knees. The top was loose in the front and taut in the back. In 1927 the designer designed a second black item of clothing made of wool jersey with a pleated skirt. It should express the grief and at the same time the hope for a better future of the widows as a result of the Second World War. The first model by Coco Chanel was a symbol of the modern woman and inspired the fashion world. Since then, the little black dress has been reinterpreted over and over again and is still relevant today.

the little black elegant timeless special occasion

The little black dress became extremely popular in 1961 when Audrey Hepburn wore a sleeveless model in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In fashion, “little blacks” are mainly narrow cocktail dresses that reach to the knee, but could be a little longer or shorter. Fabrics such as satin, viscose and chiffon are often used. There is actually no clearly defined definition for the little black dress and it can be strapless as well as with long, short sleeves or sleeveless. It is versatile and therefore a popular item of clothing for every woman.

The little black dress for every occasion

the small black simply elegant office occasion

In response to the most frequently asked question of all women: “What should I wear now?”, The best possible solution appears to be a black midi-length dress. In a simple, elegant black dress, you are stylishly dressed for all occasions – from cocktail parties to business meetings. It is considered a silver bullet and therefore every woman should have at least one good model in her wardrobe. Although designers are always striving for new ideas, they have not missed the timeless dress and are always rediscovering it. Although there is no clear definition of the model, it is fundamental that it is close to the body, but not cut as tight as the pencil dress and, best of all, knee-length. This is how you can describe a comfortable and practical dress that you can change to suit your personal taste.

The little black dress for every figure

the little black each figure

Depending on your taste, the simple black dress can be further transformed by the wearer. Fabric, neckline, sleeve length, shoes and accessories are able to conjure up a simple look into a party outfit. So you can call the little black dress a unique and all-rounder. Its biggest advantage, however, is the neutral black mourning color. Black flatters the figure and if the fit of the dress is right, there is hardly any other item of clothing that better accentuates the female figure.

 Casual and elegant at the same time

the small black elegant everyday functional

How versatile the little black dress is can hardly be grasped. Artists, directors, actors and singers like Edit Piaf rely on black outfits on stage so that they do not distract the audience from their performance. Others act according to the motto: “If a little black fits, there is nothing else to wear.” W.W. Simpson. Above all, a black simple dress is a timeless classic that is appropriate for every occasion. How you style it is crucial.

the small black case dress for the occasion

A black knee-length shift dress may be the best choice for any occasion and even everyday wear. The simple cut, the medium length and the inconspicuous color are the perfect combination for every figure type. In addition, the simple model can be individually changed by the wearer with well thought-out accessories, jewelry and matching shoes.

the little black case dress flat shoes

Depending on the cut, a black dress is the best choice for every occasion. The details such as shoes, jewelry and bags are what make the look suitable for everyday use or, on the contrary, make it a stylish evening outfit. On special occasions, it is best to wear high heels with a black dress. When it comes to a party, for example a New Year’s Eve party, the shoes and accessories can be a little more unusual and glamorous. Details set with sequins or rhinestones are particularly effective.

The little black dress in everyday life

the little black short a-line overknee boot

For everyday life, comfortable models, for example made of jersey or fine knit, are preferred, which do not emphasize the body very much, but gently envelop it. These can be combined very well with boots, flat shoes and even sneakers. For curvy women who are looking for a dress in a large size, a wrap dress is particularly suitable. Draped models with a deep V-neckline are also a good way to emphasize the cleavage and conceal the tummy at the same time.

Evening wear for New Year’s Eve and special occasions

the little black backless accent bow

For special occasions, parties or New Year’s Eve, you can be a little braver and rely on a playful model. An off-the-shoulder or backless dress with a simple cut or a lace dress in midi length are possible options, depending on the occasion. When it comes to an event with colleagues or in the work environment, the perfect look is rounded off with a nicely cut black blazer.

The chic little black dress in the 20s or 50s style

the little black new year's eve 20s sequins

Black midi dresses that are intricately trimmed with sequins, pearls or lace look extremely attractive on special informal occasions such as parties or on New Year’s Eve. Accents made of tulle are also beautiful details that add variety and a playful touch to the look.

Style and combine the little black dress properly

style the little black one right

A simple black dress can be stylishly combined with eye-catching accessories and shoes on special occasions. Colorful or glittering high heels and matching jewelry or a small bag, for example a clutch, make the simple outfit suitable for a party.

the little black shoes bag style occasion

In everyday life you combine a short, black dress with flat leather shoes or, if you like, with sneakers. A short jacket rounds off the casual look.

the little black combine style small bag

When choosing a bag that matches the little black dress, you should pay attention to the size. In principle, small bags are more suitable for short dresses or skirts than the currently very popular shopper bags.

the little black shoes sneaker

combine the little black party new years eve shoes bag