Stylish trench coat for women – the all-rounder in autumn

Trench coat-women-print-insert-collage-of-flowers-Givenchy-classic-cotton-belt

The all-rounder for stylish autumn and winter days is called a trench coat! Honey brown, gray, black, navy blue or colored – the word “trench coat” will be heard a lot this autumn. The shapes vary from waisted to short to hip-length, ensure an all-round advantageous silhouette and bring comfort and style to your outfit. For every fashion-conscious woman who wants to emphasize her style in autumn, the trench coat for women is an absolute must-have!

Trench coat for women – trendy models


The trench coat for women is very popular and welcomed in all situations. There are also no limits to the possible combinations. You can use it to create casual, sporty and elegant or classic outfits. In order to optimally protect you from wind and cold, the trench coats can be longer. Tailored or casual, made of light fabric or strong woolen fabrics, freedom of movement is in no way restricted.

On the picture above: Trench coat by Anna Aura 

The trench coat for women – casual and feminine


The trench coat is the type of coat that is suitable for universal use and should not be missing in your wardrobe. To give it the icing on the cake, you can pay attention to various details. A print, for example, immediately pleases the eye of the beholder, an unusual collar solution gives the look a special touch.

On the picture above: Trench coat by Fuchs Schmitt. The trench coats in pictures 2, 3 and 4 are in Peter Hahn-Purchase online shop.


Colored trench coat as a focal point, Fuchs Schmitt

Michael-Kors-trench-coat-navy-cotton content-rivets-detachable-belt

Short coat with a decorative belt, Michael Kors

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Milano trench coat-light brown-classic-turn-down collar-continuous button placket-detachable belt

Waisted trench coat emphasizes a slim figure, Milano

Benetton-trench-coat-color-berry-waisted-button placket-lining-removable-belt

Berry-colored coat for cozy comfort, Benetton

Pepe Jeans short coat-decorative-shoulder strap-camel-color-wide-lying-collar

Trendy trench coat with sequin jewelry, Pepe Jeans

Tommy-Hilfiger-trench-coat-blue-waisted-cotton-vintage-look-turn-down collar-detachable-belt

Blue trench coat for women in short cut, Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy-Hilfiger-trench-coat-women-orange-turn-down collar-hook fastener-latch-decorative

Strong orange coat with a slit on the back, Tommy Hilfiger

Trench coat-beige-Benetton-cotton content-turn-down collar-single-row-button-placket-with-decorative buttons

Trench coat in beige, Benetton

Khujo-short-coat-dark-orange-trendy-slightly-tailored-cotton-wide-turn-down collar

Short coat with belt and buckle, khujo

ladies-trench-coat-design-gyvenchi-turn-down-collar-light beige-floral-print-waisted-belt

Cotton trench coat with print insert, Givenchy

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Navy blue trench coat, Burberry Brit

Trench coat-women-Burberry-Brit-Crombrook-lining-classic-black-belt-with-buckle

Trench coat “Chrombrook”, Burberry Brit

miu-miu-autumn-coat-waist belt-trench coat-warm-caramel-tone-cotton

Autumn coat with waist belt in caramel, Mui Mui

Short trench coat-cotton twill-Burberry-London-honey-colored-black-edging

Coat with black edges, Burberry London

moncler-trench-coat-flave-fashion-classic-puristic-look-black-detachable-waist belt

Modern trench coat for women, Moncler

Trench coat-Crombrook-Burberry-Brit-lining-gentle-honey-nuance-cotton-belt-detachable

Cotton trench coat, Burberry Brit


Trench coat in burgundy, Burberry Brit

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Trench coat with classic turn-down collar, Burberry Brit