Spring fashion 2014 – the floral patterns are totally trendy

Flower pattern dresses fashion spring 2014 ideas

We give you an overview of the Spring fashion 2014 and take a closer look at an increasing trend – namely the floral patterns!

Spring fashion 2014 – floral patterns in cheerful colors

 Skirts fashion trends 2014 colors dark blue dresses

the Spring fashion 2014 is not influenced by the hippie trends that have dominated in recent years. The modern woman is super chic and elegantly dressed in playful dresses and charming suits. Blouses made of semi-transparent fabrics with large flower patterns bring a romantic touch from the 80s. There is only one golden rule – single-colored bottoms / skirts and capri pants / with colorful tops – tops, blouses and jackets are combined. Spring is hard to imagine without the floral dresses with a feminine wrap look – the super comfortable maxi dresses, which are often decorated with lace, are also suitable for everyday life. Our tip for a chic outfit – combine a plain blouse in pastel shades with your favorite jeans and pumps with floral patterns.

Spring fashion 2014 – large or small flower patterns cut a fine figure?

Trends summer 2014 floral dresses knee length red white pastel colors

The flower patterns come in different shapes and sizes – so everyone can choose the right one. Large flower patterns are more suitable for tops or the edge of maxi dresses, otherwise they make the waist and hips look wider. Smaller flower patterns suit tender figures and make the body appear slimmer.

Colors – in spring 2014, candy pink, orange and dark blue are all the rage. The lavender color is still in, while the red hues are slowly receding.

Fresh colors, feminine cut – spring can come!

Fashion trends 2014 flower pattern roses motifs

Pink is a very trendy color for the 2014 summer season

Colors short skirt jacket white blouse catwalk trends

Playful floral patterns and semi-transparent fabrics add a touch of romance

Dresses official occasions flowers semi-transparent fabric

Flower dress combined with a jacket made of the same fabric

Fashion trends 2014 spring season Dolce Gabana collection

Like a fairy – semi-transparent dresses are totally in in spring 2014

Pattern 2014 spring summer season ladies fashion

For high school graduates – evening wear with playful floral patterns

Spring fashion 2014 high school seniors long satin purple green pink

White shirt and pants with pink prints

white shirt pink pants satin floral pattern

Roses and dahlia prints are trendy

Fashion trends 2014 floral pattern playful gold earrings

Red coat with faux fur

chinese inspired faux fur spring fashion flower pattern

Chic outfit for everyday life

Floral print satin 80s inspired white shirt

White shirt with floral prints

Shirt fashion trends 2014 stylish modern pastel colors

Numerous variations in gold and yellow

Dressers Pants Jackets Floral Pattern Blazers Yellow Golden

Handbags decorated with floral motifs

2014 fashion trends black white floral pattern

Floral pattern leather white dress fashion trends 2014