Spice up your hat – 25 chic ideas to imitate

Spice up hat ideas-veil-trend-rihanna

If the temperatures drop below zero, a hat, a suit and gloves are a must! The hat goes well with almost every outfit, looks stylish and casual at the same time, but can sometimes look too simple and monotonous. But there are different ways you can get one Spice up your hat can – with rhinestones, rivets, sequins, buttons, old brooches, veils, etc. Give your hat a personal touch and try out these great ideas!

Spice up your hat – Rihanna’s chic veil hat

Spice up hats-rihanna-veil-hats-pink

Whether you want to add a mysterious touch to your look or make a ladylike statement through your hat, the veil hat is one of the best ways to keep up with trends. Try to re-style Riri’s hat or opt for a simpler design like in the example below.


Spice up your hat – With writing

Spice up your hat-ideas-white-meow-font-embroider

A personal font is another way to make your hat really cool. Something that expresses your style or interests. You can embroider your hat yourself with a needle and thread – with a funny statement, your initials or even your name.

Spice up your hat with rhinestones

Spice up your hat-ideas-instructions-rhinestones

Give your hat more glamor by sewing rhinestones on it. Artificial pearls, rhinestones and sequins will totally change the simple hat. Choose rhinestones to sew on in just one color or use colorful stones for a fun look.

Spice up your hat with rivets and spikes

Spice up hat ideas-spike-rivets-gold-blue-hats

Give your old black hat a rock’n’roll look by sewing a few studs and spikes on it. Different rivets can also be used to create real patterns.

spice up simple black hat


gray hat with rhinestones to sew on

Spice up hat ideas-sequins-rhinestones-gray-hats

Design colorful rhinestones in patterns

Spice up your hat-ideas-colorful-rhinestones-beige-hat

simple design

Spice up hats-ideas-dark-brown-rhinestones-front

Flower motif made of white rhinestones on the hat

Spice up hats-ideas-black-hats-white-rhinestones-flower

Spice up hats-ideas-black-hats-chat-rhinestones

Spice up hats-ideas-gray-hat-white-rhinestones

Spice up hats-ideas-veil-trend

Spice up hats-ideas-veil-ribbon-at the side-tied

Spice up hats-ideas-red-hats-black-veil


Spice up your hat and make your own ideas

Spice up hats-big-chain-plum-colored-hats


Spice up hat ideas-blue-rhinestones-brooch



Spice up hats-ideas-eyes-motif-close-funny-design