Smart business meets French chic – savoir-vivre!

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Whether getting to know customers for the first time, negotiating with business partners or interviewing: So that you appear confident, self-confident and convincing in the business world, the perfect business outfit should also be selected. Smart business has established itself as a suitable dress code for representative events and meetings. The upscale clothing is also a signal of appreciation and creates certain advantages when performing. The focus here is on high-quality fabrics, dark colors and carefully selected accessories. Better a suit with very good workmanship than an ensemble in medium quality.

How do women style a smart business outfit?

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The trouser suit is always the right outfit for business life and is a successful symbiosis of a feminine look with a masculine touch. With its soft lines and high wearing comfort, it is still a popular classic today and is ideal for the smart business look. The women’s suit can be easily styled with a top made of different fabrics, colors and patterns. A fashionable shift dress is also suitable. Ladies blazers can be combined in many ways and give the overall outfit the very final touch.

Smart business definitely makes a good impression

Smart Business Dress Code - Men - Suit - Blazer - Tie

For men: a high-quality suit with a tie and a white shirt. Black, gray tones as well as blue and brown characterize the business fashion in companies. Do not leave your effect to chance, but make a conscious decision. Invest in high-quality designer fashion that is both suitable for business and can inspire with its elegant chic.

Designer fashion by Daniel Hechter

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French chic in exquisite quality: With Designer fashion by Daniel Hechter you are always dressed in a timeless and modern way in the office or everyday life. The target group of the fashion label are fashion-conscious women and men who know what they want in life and how they can get it. The French call this “savoir-vivre” – the art of enjoying life. It is literally translated as “understand how to live”. The Daniel Hechter brand lives from this motto and offers this French attitude to life in its most beautiful form.

Dressed in a timeless and modern way in the office or everyday 


The elegant business suits, trendy jackets, dresses, blouses and accessories from the women’s and men’s collections impress with their high-quality designs and excellent wearing comfort. Daniel Hechter is in 350 stores and 2500 multibrand points of sale worldwide, but a virtual look is always worthwhile. Figure-flattering cuts, excellent workmanship and puristic styles: women and men can browse to their heart’s content in the online shop and discover an exquisite selection of premium clothing at an affordable price.

Designer fashion for a wider range of buyers and at affordable prices

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Daniel Hechter’s fashion is extremely versatile and reveals many possible combinations. With an elegant blazer, you can transform casual, timeless basics into one that will make you look completely different at your next business meeting. In addition to the elegant style for the world of work, Daniel Hechter also offers high-class, sporty looks that offer plenty of room for spontaneity in everyday life. The designer brand is considered stylish, cosmopolitan and creative.