Scarves and coats – fashionable items of clothing for men and women

Scarves and coats man-woman-fashionable-red-loop-scarf

At the latest when Guido Maria Kretschmer makes a garment the motto of the fashion series “Shopping Queen”, it really becomes clear to everyone: The item is trendy and it has to be in the closet. Incidentally, it is extremely rare to find male candidates who want to become the Shopping King, for example. Classics always go, however, so scarves and coats for women and men should be the subject of this article.

Scarves and coats for men and women – an eye-catcher in every season


Scarves signal a sore throat or are they part of a winter outfit? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! These outfits with a scarf prove exactly the opposite, because scarves do not necessarily have to look like you’ve come from a pharmacy advertisement, nor do you have to look like winter has come. The checked scarf variant brings a touch of Brit-chic to the look, while loop scarves in a bright color or a trendy pattern are an eye-catcher in every season.

Scarves and coats manner-fashion-autumn-winter-xxl-knit-Salvatore-Ferragamo

Can men keep up? The models from Baldessarini caught the eye of a fashion blogger at Fashion Week, because while their garments are kept in dark colors, strikingly large scarves give the look the finishing touch. One could almost believe that the Baldessarini designers tried to venture a foray to send their male models down the catwalk in a trendy poncho at some point. Tip: If you want to stock up on a casual and sporty business look, you will find all the individual parts of the styling (such as the typical combination of shirt, tie and vest) in the Baldessarini online shop.

The pictures of the Berlin Fashion Week are available as styling inspiration in this video:

Scarves and coats are important fashion basics for women and men


Oversize coats in eye-catching colors were already a trend in the autumn / winter 2014/2015 collection, but hardly anyone has banned the comfortable warmers completely from the closet afterwards. Why also? They can be combined in many ways. There is certainly a warm variant for autumn and winter, but these variants are by no means the same. In addition to fluffy plush fabric, there are checkered patterns, pastel tones, bright colors and simple off-white variants.


Could the men also keep up with this? Once again, Baldessarini’s designs should be mentioned here, because the Baldessarini coat also illustrates the current trend. The men’s coats are usually knee-length or casually cut as a trench coat, which, by the way, is also regularly taken out of the closet by female fashion fans on rainy and windy autumn days.

A fashion outlook: the men’s fashion trends 2016


The shows that there are a number of other trends besides scarves and coats World’s Luxury Guide, the following men’s fashion trends for summer 2016:

– Styled in green the men are absolutely right in the summer of 2016. The green color palette can be used in all nuances. A dark green suit with a chic top underneath looks particularly classy. But a homage to Tarnkluft is also conceivable in the summer of 2016.

– Even Asian styles are in trend in summer 2016. Kimono, shiny fabrics and eye-catching Chinese-inspired embroidery were reserved for women for a long time, but man of the world is also a real eye-catcher in the Chinese look.


– In addition to the color green, a brightly colored color is also conquering the catwalks: Lemon yellow. The color in some closets is not a novelty and so the comeback of yellow trousers and suits will be celebrated again in summer 2016.

– The men’s fashion trends clearly say goodbye to tight skinny jeans and welcome the comfort look. It’s not as casual as it used to be with baggy jeans, but a look at the men’s trouser legs clearly shows that summer 2016 is coming Flexibility in the trouser leg.

– Those who are particularly brave can also get involved with the latest color trend, which at first glance looks feminine, but at second glance is ideally suited for casual shirts and light and airy suits. We’re talking about trend color number 3: coral.


Socks in sandals? What was once traded as a true no-go is set to become a fashion trend in summer 2016. Incidentally, it was not about white socks, but about color-matched, mostly dark socks in sandals.

– Anyone looking for the 2016 trend pattern is close at hand Stripe optics correct. With some outfits there can obviously not be enough stripes, because stripes are used from shirt to tie to trousers. Oversize sweaters with a striped look are also trendy.

– In addition to the more conspicuous color trends coral and lemon yellow, the fashion designers have also chosen a color as a trend color that can be combined in many ways, although it sounds so unknown. Mauve is trendy and is traded in the fashion world as “Taupe’s little brother”.

– A look into the accessories box shows: Almost every man will certainly already have a trendy item in his home, because Caps and backpacks are the accessories that will be worn in summer 2016.