Putting together black outfits – cool ideas and inspiration

Black-Outfits-Put together-Little-Dress-Colorful-Bag

When it comes to style there is only one color that will always be versatile, timeless and practically loved by everyone. This color is of course black. Some of the most creative designers in the fashion world are known to be almost exclusively Putting together black outfits.

Putting together black outfits – what’s trending in 2015??

Black-Outfits-Put together-Lederhose-Blouse

Whether it’s your first date or an interview appointment – this color is always the perfect choice. It’s flattering, seductive, and timeless regardless of the shape or size of your body. The black color of your outfit can raise your confidence limitlessly. There’s nothing more chic than an all-black outfit. There are many options to choose from: from ripped black jeans and girly black skirts to silky blouses to a comfortable outfit and an oversized black sweater. A black outfit is the perfect canvas for your colored accessories. Take a look at the following outfit ideas and discover all the ways to achieve a creative look in black.

Put together black outfits – a two-piece in combination with a green blazer

Black-outfits-put together-short-top-high-waist-skirt

Short evening dress with belt and gold necklace


Put on a long coat over a long skirt

Black-Outfits-Put together-Short-Coat-Long-Skirt

Short dresses for spring

Black-outfits-put together-body-hugging-skirts

Faux fur coat for the cold spring days

Black-Outfits-Put together-Faux-Fur-Coat

Short jacket and wide skirt

Black-outfits-putting together-long-skirt-everyday work

The short leather jacket can be perfectly combined with the short dress

Black-Outfits-Put together-Leather-Jacket-Short-Dress


Black-outfits-put together-party-dress-short

Black-Outfits-Put together-Poncho-Coat



Black-Outfits-Put together-Evening-Dresses-Hat

Black-outfits-put together-for everyday use-spring

Black-Outfits-Put together-Cocoon-Look-Leather-Handbag

Black-Outfits-Put together-Spring-Waterfall-Blouse

Black-outfits-put together-sandals-high-top

Black-Outfits-put together-black-blazer-satin-fabric