Pom pom shoes – colorful summer trend

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In summer you can use more color and thus be in harmony with the sunny, warm weather. In addition, colorful motifs characterize fun and a good mood, which are very popular even though the holiday is imminent or has passed. The last summer trend focuses on this point and focuses on ethnic motifs. Pom pom shoes, Accessories and patterned clothing celebrate summer longing.

Pom pom shoes – the summer trend off the catwalkpom pom shoes pom pom shoes

The classic Roman sandals remain very popular and stand out as the ultimate summer shoes that every fashionista has in their shoe cabinet. When ‘ethno’ prevails on the catwalk, basic models are also filtered and reinterpreted through this trend.

Pom pom shoes – from flat to high heels

Pom pom shoes summer trend sandals fashion fashion designers

Thus, flip-flops, flat sandals, high-heeled sandals and even high heel shoes have adopted various ornaments from folk art and establish the new trend for bobble shoes. They are absolute eye-catchers and really add variety to every look. These shoes are a real must-have piece for lovers of the bohemian style!

Pom pom shoes for a colorful summer outfit

Pom pom shoes -summer-trend-sandals-basket-bag-outfit

Of course, these summery lace-up shoes look very eye-catching and should be cleverly combined with the other parts of the clothing. Accessories with similar elements such as pom poms, tassels, pearls and related colors make the look appear coherent. A relatively simple clothing goes well with this.

Pom pom shoes – elegant sandals


The original model, elegant sandals with pom pom accents, was launched by the Aquazzura brand and its price starts at 600 euros for Faar, the flat ones are a little cheaper – around 400 euros. The alternative variants of accessible shoe brands also dig deep into your pocket with a price of over 100 euros. You can also make very authentic boho sandals yourself, we’ll show you how.

Pom Pom Shoes – Decorate basic sandals with pompoms


Simple basic sandals or high-heeled sandals can be spiced up with little effort according to the latest trend. Look for a pair in a neutral color, from the best beige / nude, white or black, which also have cords or straps. You can also get pom poms in any color – think about which item of clothing and bag beforehand & Co. you want to wear the new shoes.

Make pom pom shoes yourself, but first the pom poms 


You can get pom poms in the craft store or order them online. For around 50 pom poms you have to spend around 2 euros, depending on the material and provider. Alternatively, you can make some yourself. With the help of a fork, you can create great strolls. The selected yarn should be the same for all balls.

DIY pom pom shoes – instructions


You need between 10 and 20 pom poms for one shoe. You can also add pearls, felt balls and small pendants. Then you should decide on an attachment method or, in other words, how you attach the decorative elements to the shoes.

Hot summer trend – decorate basic high heels with pompoms


The pom poms can be attached with clear glue. We do not recommend using hot glue, but rather more subtle all-purpose glue that dries quickly. Superglue can also be used for the smallest elements. Otherwise, the balls and pendants can be tied to the sandal with a needle and thread. There are colored pompoms on the laces of the shoes & Co. hung with metal eyelets. Depending on the type of shoe and its special features, choose the best variant.

Make pom pom shoes yourself – instructions


The golden rule for pom pom shoes is: ‘More is more’, which is why we recommend that you simply get several different sizes, colors and designs of pompoms. Before you proceed with fixing it to the shoe, think about which materials you are really using and which should fail.

Decorate high heel sandals with colored pompoms, tassels and pompom ribbons


The creative market also offers pompom ribbons in all colors that can easily be attached to the straps of the sandals. Get some that would go with your basic wardrobe.

DIY Pom pom shoes – fix the decorative elements with transparent glue

pom-pom-shoes-summer-trend-instructions-decorate high-heels

Measure exactly how much of which cord and pompom band you need and prepare twice of everything you want to attach to the shoe. When decorating, make sure that the result should be symmetrical and equal. The smallest felt balls could possibly fill any gaps that have arisen.

Decorate leather sandals – create small holes with punch pliers


If you want to decorate leather sandals, we would recommend using punch pliers. With the smallest attachment, you can punch holes in the desired places where you want to wear the pom poms and tassels. You can then tie them tight with string or thread and be on the safe side that they do not come off.

Pom pom shoes in boho chic style


Use small metal eyelets to fix the decorative elements and pendants to the cords that are wrapped around the lower leg. It is best to choose these in a gold look, which goes wonderfully with summer and sunshine.

Pom pom shoes for kids


If you prefer sandals and shoes in general that are kept simple, then design some for your little daughter. Little girls always look forward to lavishly decorated and fashionable accessories. Outfits based on the ‘Mini Me’ motto are full of ideas and can therefore easily be put into practice.

Beach fashion with pom pom sandals


The pom pom sandals are simply a must-have piece for the summer. A beach outfit with loafers looks right, relaxed, casual and undoubtedly holiday-like. Treat yourself to a pair or design one yourself.

Colorful Pom pom shoes for a casual touch in the summer outfit


Pom pom shoes and matching accessories – basket bag


As all fashionistas clearly know, the right accessories make the look distinctive and unique. Why when you create your pom pom shoes, it pays to think about the matching accessories. Think about what your possible ensembles could look like and make another small piece or two.

Pom pom pendant


A pendant for the keys, bag or simply as an accessory can be put together quickly from a few pom poms. Let yourself be inspired by folk art or designer offers and unfold your imagination.

Ethnic fashion – folk motifs, tassels and colorful patterns


The pom pom shoes are definitely suitable for extroverted women who like to experiment with fashion. You will notice it from afar and immediately recognize it in the crowd. They love the mix of styles and bold combinations.

Subtle accents of pompoms

pom-pom-shoes-summer-trend-straw hat-fashion-decorate-outfit

Pom poms can also appear plain and not really stand out. As a subtle detail, those made of yarn are designed in one or two colors and implemented discreetly. These bring a playful note to the look without exaggerating.

Pom pom shoes – multicolored or monochrome


Pom pom shoes are plentiful in the market. The designer pieces from brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Sophia Webster, Jimmy Choo and Aquazzura cost a fortune but have their affordable copies too.

Pom pom shoes with heels for the summer – one color


Monochrome, elegant or with pom pom made of suede, fur or wool, the choice is plentiful. The Deisgnerstück serve as inspiration for self-made models. In addition, the summer trend for loafers is particularly imaginative to spice up an old, boring pair of shoes. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of designs.

Various Models Pom pom shoespom-pom-shoes-summer-trend-elegant-fur-black-pink

Elegant and extravagant designers Pom pom shoes


Summer trends 2016 – Pom pom shoes by Dolce & Gabbana


Pom pom high heels by Sophia Webster

pom-pom-shoes-summer-trend-designer-high heels-sophia-webster

Pom pom high heels by Jimmy Choo

pom-pom-shoes-summer-trend-designer-high heels-jimmy-choo

Pom pom shoes – bloggers love them!