Painted denim jackets: handicraft instructions and 45 creative ideas for summer outfits

painted denim jacket rainbow motifs yellow skirt summer fashion

Club fashion of the late 80s is making a real comeback. A look at the resort collections of the largest fashion houses shows that especially painted denim jackets are very popular. The cool patterns on the back of the jacket make it an absolute must-have for the summer season. But you don’t have to invest in an expensive designer piece to update your wardrobe. With a little skill and imagination, you can spice up your jacket and transform it into a fashionable one-off. We explain to you what you have to consider when painting and how you can make the fabric colors durable. As inspiration, we have put together 45 ideas for colorful outfits for you.

Painted denim jackets: step-by-step instructions

Painted denim jackets rainbow yourself make skirt yellow

Painted denim jackets not only look very cool, but are real unique items that you can design and style according to your personal preferences. If you want to paint your denim jacket yourself, you will need the following materials:

1. Textile dyes that are suitable for dyeing denim fabrics. They are sold in powder form and must then be dissolved in a glass of water. Optionally, you can opt for acrylic paints.

2. Color fixer, with which you can increase the durability of textile colors. Some colors are not fixed by fixing agents but by ironing. Get advice on this in the craft shop.

3. Textile pens that you can use to draw outlines.

3. A brush

4. If you wish, you can also create templates yourself or download and print them out.

5. Parchment paper

painted denim jackets instruction four steps

Crafting instructions:

  • Wash the denim jacket and let it dry completely.
  • Spread the denim jacket flat and line it up with the white wrapping paper on the inside. The paper will prevent the fabric color from printing through to the other side of the fabric.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and dissolve the fabric colors in the water.
  • Draw the desired pattern or transfer the template to the denim fabric with a textile pen.
  • Let the painted denim jacket dry.
  • Now you need to treat the denim jacket with the color fixer.
  • If the textile dye is fixed by ironing, then you do not need to treat the jacket with the fixing agent. Instead, cover the painted motif with a light cotton cloth and iron the jacket for 3-6 minutes.

Painted denim jackets: useful care tips

painted denim jackets summer outfits rainbow rockabilly yellow dress

So that the colors of the painted denim jacket last a long time and do not fade, a few simple maintenance tricks will help:

1. Treat stains with a special stain remover or with gall soap.

2. Then turn the fashionable item of clothing inside out, so the colors last significantly longer.

3. It is best to hand wash the jacket in cold water.

4. Use mild detergent or a little liquid soap for the wash cycle. Do not use fabric softener. Avoid rubbing, pulling, or wringing the fabric.

5. After the rinse in cold water, you can hang the jacket dripping wet. Painted textiles are usually not suitable for the dryer.

It is also possible to machine wash the denim jacket at 30 degrees. To keep the colors from fading, avoid detergents containing bleach. Only wash the jacket with liquid color detergents. If you want to iron your denim jacket, then you need to turn it inside out and cover it with a thin cotton cloth. But you can easily do without it if you hang up the jacket immediately after the wash cycle.

painted denim jackets rockabilly yellow dress floral pattern outfit summer

If the colors fade over time, for example because you are wearing the jacket in the summer under the strong rays of the sun, you can touch it up. The textile inks are waterproof and, if they are of high quality, can last for many years.

Painted denim jackets: craft ideas and tips for beginners

painted denim jackets cactus motifs short jeans shorts summer outfit desert motifs

In order for the favorite jacket to become a fashion highlight, beginners should adhere to a few golden rules. Carefully choose the motifs. The simpler they are, the better. A template can make the task a lot easier. It is suitable for everyone who does not dare to draw the motifs directly on the jacket.

Take your time and first make a sample in an invisible place. This will give you a better idea of ​​what the colors and designs will look like in the end. In this way, you will also have the opportunity to correct any errors in good time. For example, you can paint several small hearts, stars or roses first and then add other motifs later. This gradually creates a beautiful image on the denim jacket.

Painted denim jackets: nature motifs

painted denim jackets women motifs cacti

Nature motifs are currently very much in trend. Nothing says summer, sun and sand better than cacti. In order to paint a desert landscape as shown above, you will need several colors. Black for the contours, light and dark green shades for the cacti, white, yellow and orange for the desert landscape and azure blue for the sun.

Here’s how it’s done: you can use a bowl to draw the perfect circle. Then cut a triangle out of paper and use it as a template for the sun’s rays. In the circle you can paint a desert landscape with two large cacti. The many small cacti on both sides of the jacket add the finishing touches to the design.

Styling tip: Wear a white T-shirt with a brightly colored denim jacket. With simple boyfriend jeans, the top finds the perfect balance and becomes a real eye-catcher.

Painted denim jackets in pastel colors: a must have for the summer season

painted denim jackets pink waves motifs summer sun outfit ideas

Denim jackets in pastel colors are very popular this summer. If you have a simple pink or beige jacket, you can spice it up with a wave motif. For the next craft idea you will need several shades of blue, white and black color. The painted jacket is a faithful companion on the beach. But you can also wear them on trips.

Styling tips: A pastel jacket can be easily combined with long, wide-set skirts in a boho style. A tight top and a basket or cloth bag can effectively round off the outfit.

Painted denim jackets: mix and match patterns

painted denim jackets summer fashion ideas women trends

Many colors and motifs that do not go together at first glance make up the charm of the mix-and-match denim jacket. Together with wide shorts made of airy linen fabric, it forms the perfect ensemble for the summer season.

Painted denim jackets: roses and mehndi motifs

painted denim jackets lettering animal motifs rock

Roses and intricate mehndi motifs adorn the jackets of fashionistas in New York. You can combine your jacket with either an animal print maxi dress or a fedora hat and short linen shorts. All you need for the pattern is red, black and white fabric paint.

painted denim jackets fedora hat short linen shorts

Painted denim jackets: hippie chic and festival looks

painted denim jackets peace sign colorful boho chic outfit ideas

The hippie look has been an integral part of the fashion scene since the early 1970s. Flowers, feathers and natural motifs are skillfully combined with stripes, arrows and geometric motifs. With a brightly painted denim jacket, you are guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention. It is the perfect companion to denim shorts, bell-bottoms, tops with fringes and of course maxi dresses with flower prints.

painted denim jackets geometric motifs mix match trend checked pants pink

The next jacket, painted in white, is more suitable for everyday use. It is a real all-rounder and offers numerous combination options. You can put together an outfit from checked trousers, a T-shirt and the denim jacket and round off the look with aviator glasses. Perfect for cool summer evenings.

Painted denim jackets with geometric motifs

geometric motifs boots short dress black white floral motifs

Squares, triangles, zigzag patterns: the geometric shapes are celebrating a real comeback this year. You only need a ruler to draw the contours and you can then fill them in with the fabric colors. Complete! And since, by the way, other prints such as flowers, stars or animal patterns are allowed to adorn clothing this summer, you can put together outfits according to the mix-and-match trend.

Painted denim jackets: outfit ideas for the disco

painted denim jackets sequins unicorn ideas party summer outfit

A unicorn silhouette in black and sleeves embroidered with sequins: the denim jacket pictured above plays the main role in every outfit. The glittering details come into their own in the evening, which is why more and more fashion-conscious women are decorating their jackets with rhinestones and pearls.

painted denim jackets roses rhinestones patchwork ideas

The more colorful and eye-catching you make your denim jacket, the simpler you should keep the rest. A t-shirt and denim shorts matching the jacket will stylishly round off the outfit in the style of the 80s. It is the perfect ensemble for the Ballermann, for the disco or for rock concerts.

painted denim jackets crop top tight jeans

Long and wide denim jackets can create an attractive contrast to a cropped tight crochet top and high-waisted jeans and spice up a simple outfit. In any case, stay in one color family when it comes to color combinations, otherwise the outfit will look too chaotic.

painted denim jackets red paint ideas torn

The denim jacket in hip-hop look is not painted, but labeled and decorated with decorative ribbons. The perfect match: wide trousers made of light fabric.

Everyday outfit ideas with painted denim jackets

painted denim jackets DIY yourself make ideas kisses red

A painted denim jacket, a striped shirt, high-waisted palazzo trousers and a balloon cap make up a charming everyday outfit. You can apply the patterns with a potato stamp and fabric paint.

Painted denim jackets make artificial pearls ideas yourself

This year, numerous haute couture fashion houses have been inspired by the mythology of different countries. So our next suggestion for a creatively painted denim jacket is very trendy right now. Medusa, one of the three gorgons from Greek mythology, has snakes instead of hair and shining eyes that turn everyone into stone. With a little skill, you can paint the Medusa on the back of the jacket. Decorate the sleeves with large wax pearls and you have created a real fashion statement.

Simple patterns or elaborate, detailed images: Dare to paint your denim jacket. With paint, you can not only skilfully conceal stains or cracks, but also create a unique item that perfectly matches your clothing style and can be combined in a variety of ways. Let your imagination run wild and decorate the jacket with rhinestones, wax pearls, decorative ribbons and sequins! For inspiration, you will find numerous ideas in the photo gallery below. We hope you enjoy doing handicrafts!

painted denim jackets grafiti leather pants sneakers outfit

painted denim jackets women DIY Indians Boho Chic fringed

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painted denim jackets red rose front denim shirt outfit

painted denim jackets women red roses lettering ideas

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painted denim jacket exotic motifs love hearts people woman snake

painted denim jackets red roses denim jacket ideas

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Make painted denim jackets white nature motifs yourself

painted denim jackets kisses trimmed ideas summer beach fashion

painted denim jackets make women ideas hippie motifs peace signs

painted denim jackets sunflower painting ideas

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