Luxurious eco-jewelry by Alberto Parada made of 18-carat gold

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When you hear eco-jewelry, the first thing you think of is bracelets made of yarn or various glass beads. At the Eco jewelry by Alberto Parada but it’s about gold. Being environmentally friendly doesn’t have to mean sacrificing beauty or quality. Parada hopes to change the world through environmentally conscious jewelry production and make you look good in the process.

Eco jewelry by Alberto Parada

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For the designer Alberto Parada, jewelry is just as much about environmental compatibility as it is about natural beauty. He gets his inspiration from his travels between the USA and his parents’ home in South America. Of the Eco jewelry by Alberto Parada illustrates the cultural heritage in structure and architecture. It combines the modern with the traditional in individual works of art. The strong colors and the shapes within forms represent the historical conception of South America.

Gold ring with green chalcedony

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Alberto Parada is a leading manufacturer of eco-jewelry. He uses 18-carat gold recycled from the USA and is a member of the “No Dirty Gold” campaign. It consists of a group of people who are fighting against gold mining because it pollutes the environment and violates the human rights of both locals and miners. By using fair trade gemstones and conflict-free diamonds, the designer hopes to bring about a change in the luxury jewelry world. For his achievements, he was nominated an eco-chic star by the Fashion Group International of Greater Washington D.C in 2012.

“No dirty gold” campaign

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His collection varies from subtle and delicate to large rings that attract attention. The squares in combination with contrasting shapes give the pieces of jewelery a South American accent and are reminiscent of antique design and art. The rose, yellow and white gold (all 18 carat) are either adorned with diamonds or are given a colorful addition with various, glittering gemstones. His collection won the 2009 Jeweler’s Choice Award for “Best Necklaces Design” and was a finalist in the Niche 2010 Awards for his modern collection.

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Of the Eco jewelry from Alberto Parada is available at all jewelry retailers in the United States for $ 1,500- $ 6,000.

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