Loose, casual and yet well dressed: the leisure chic trend


As the famous German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said on a broadcast with Markus Lanz in April 2012: “Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life.” Now, five years later Lagerfeld’s statement this opinion seems to be a thing of the past – at least for the rest of the fashion world. Because the leisure chic look is currently all the rage. And what is the most important part of the fashion style? Sweatpants! Combined with a classic shirt, we say goodbye to pure suit wearers and bring a bit of comfort into play – without losing control of our lives. But the look doesn’t go down well everywhere, in some situations it can even look inappropriate. What you should know about the revival of sweatpants, we have summarized for you in this article.

The sweatpants lose their bad image


Typically these are comfortable casual clothes that we wear when we get home from work. We lounge around on the sofa, we may even take out the trash or go out to exercise. After all, we want to be comfortable outside of the workplace. However, when we wear sweatpants on the street and maybe want to buy a little something in the supermarket next door, it is certainly not only us that notice the many sideways glances. You have probably already caught yourself shaking your head at the wearer of sweatpants. The so-called joggers had a rather bad reputation so far. But those times are finally over.

Jogging pants are being spruced up and made socially acceptable


Of course, leisure chic does not mean that you can get your worn out clothes out of the closet. The commercially available sports pants are useful and comfortable, but remain an absolute no-go. After all, it’s called Leisure Chic, in which comfortable trousers with high quality and visually appealing shirts be combined. The new models therefore consist of a functional material, are equipped without a waistband at the ankle and are called tracksuit pants. These are usually cut a little longer than usual so that they reach over the shoes. However, there are also shorter variants. In terms of colors and patterns, they again resemble normal trousers.

The basic rules of leisure chic


In principle, the leisure chic look is a style that you can experiment with perfectly in order to ultimately get the ideal combination for your needs in which you simply feel good. Nevertheless, there are a few rules that we would like to recommend to you so that you are always smartly dressed:

1. The right combination is crucial


Opposites attract. It is precisely this point that makes the leisure chic look so interesting for us. The wide-cut, casual jogging pants look particularly good with a narrow-cut T-shirt (for leisure) or a chic shirt / blouse (for the office). If it has to be a bit more formal, that’s no problem either, just put on a jacket, suit vest or blazer as well. If things are a little more relaxed, then it is worth reaching for the paint or sample box. Striking all-over prints can be a real eye-catcher.

2. Note color choice!


The jogging pants shine with muted colors such as night blue, twilight gray or duvet white. They can be combined particularly well, are restrained and therefore suitable for almost any occasion. The shirts, blouses or shirts can also be selected tone-on-tone so that a harmonious overall picture is created. There is nothing against playing with a conspicuous pattern from time to time, at least on the top. However, the look is usually enhanced with fashionable accessories.

3. Accessories, accessories, accessories


So that the look doesn’t look too much like leisure time or even boring, you should now dig deep into your bag of tricks. In principle, women can’t go wrong with an elegant bag, and neither can men with a high-quality briefcase or laptop bag. Fashionistas are also lucky enough to be able to shine with the right jewelry: large hoop earrings or a statement chain definitely enhance the outfit. Still, be careful not to look overloaded. Otherwise you will be more reminiscent of a Christmas tree than a trendy fashionista. Both women and men can put their style in the limelight with chic shoes, as they create a desired contrast with the right choice. Of course, matching sunglasses or a hat should not be missing in summer, but in winter a colorful coat is the perfect eye-catcher.


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