Light autumn fashion – for the mild 3rd season

Light fall fashion trends-different outfits

So far, autumn 2015 has shown its friendly side. Like graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung in the Munich evening newspaper explains, the prospects for November are currently looking good – thanks to Sophie and Tief Wymar. So there is hope that we can enjoy the “golden autumn” a little longer.

This also means that the winter jacket can stay in the closet for the time being. But what is best to wear in autumn weather like this? After all, on the one hand you want to enjoy the mild temperatures and not sweat unnecessarily. On the other hand, clothes that are too light can quickly lead to an unpleasant cold. Last but not least, most people want to be well dressed in autumn too. We have collected a few tips here on how to bring all of these aspects under one roof and stay fashionable with the times.

Light autumn fashion with fine knitwear – moderate warmth and lots of options

Light fall fashion sweater knitwear outfits

Fine knit clothing is ideal for an autumn like this. These are extra-finely crafted knitwear. It is available in various materials, including silk for fine occasions. In general, fine knitwear is characterized by a high level of comfort. The material is thin and dries quickly. It hugs the body wonderfully and is just right for mild autumn or spring days – the perfect compromise between a T-shirt and a warm knitted sweater.

Fine knit sweaters are often plain-colored and available in both subtle and bright colors. Alternatively, there are models with modern patterns. There are many ways to combine the material for a stylish appearance:

– Fine knitted sweaters in striking colors are best combined with subtle clothing and accessories. For example, cloths can be used for this purpose.

– Fine knit sweaters look beautiful with skinny jeans – provided that they fit your own figure

– A black fine knit sweater made of fine materials is well suited for elegant occasions. Alternatively, there is a dark blue or ruby ​​red.

– If you like it a little warmer, a fine knit sweater with a turtleneck is the best choice. Great impressions conveyed here Street One. As a basic, such a fine knit sweater can be combined with a lot.

Fine knit sweaters are very versatile. However, it is also worthwhile here to keep your own figure in mind when choosing. Figure-hugging sweaters and cardigans are particularly suitable for slim people. A V-neck flatters a stronger upper body and large breasts. A round neckline is advantageous for petite women. By the way, fine-knit tops can also be combined with a short skirt. For particularly mild autumn days, they are even available with short sleeves – an exciting alternative to the classic blouse and also suitable for summer nights.

Light autumn fashion – poncho and cape as a fashionable throw


Ponchos and capes are not only dedicated to that Southwest Press Your attention. Others also see it as one of the big fashion trends of this season. For some women, the idea of ​​wearing such a throw may take some getting used to, but even men are mostly impressed by the optical result. Both the coat-like capes and ponchos are available in a wide variety of designs and colors – with eye-catching patterns, classy and subtle or trendy. They can be worn over a blouse / shirt as well as over a thick winter sweater.

In addition, these items of clothing combine many other advantages: They are practical to put on and take off, offer cozy warmth and are easy to combine. At the same time, a nice poncho or a well-cut cape can be used as an eye-catcher.

Light autumn fashion – autumn shoes with heels

Light fall fashion fall shoes leather heel

First of all, the reassuring news for sneaker fans: In autumn 2015, sporty shoe fashion will be all the rage. White sneakers are particularly popular this year. Those who like to run a little higher can choose shoes with heels. These are available in different closed versions for autumn and winter. These include, for example, ankle boots with block heels that are reminiscent of the 70s, the decade that set the tone in 2015 in retro fashion. Accordingly, such shoes look great in combination with bell-bottoms. If it gets really warm again this year, they can also be worn wonderfully with shorts. As an alternative to warm brown, dark red tones are ideal for ankle boots.

The so-called briquettes are even more noticeable. These have nothing in common with grill lighters. Instead, these are shoes with a continuous heel. The result looks strong and robust and catches the eye. It goes well with voluminous outerwear, like a poncho. However, supporters of delicate footwear should refrain from briquettes.

Briquettes and other voluminous platform shoes are available with heels made of different materials and in different colors. If the platform heel is not noticeable enough for you, there are many other ways to draw attention to your feet.

Autumn fashion offers many possibilities


Even in this mild autumn, fashion-conscious women have many opportunities to put themselves in the limelight – without having to freeze or sweat. Ponchos or briquettes are exciting alternatives to classic autumn outfits with coats and sneakers. Fine-knit tops, adaptable all-rounders, are ideal for this. All of these garments have the advantage that they are not limited to autumn, but can also be used for cold spring days and summer nights. A poncho can also be combined well with a winter jacket. Finally, layering, wearing multiple layers, is also in 2015.

Appear fashion-conscious – three variants for light autumn fashion