Karl Lagerfeld: The most beautiful catwalk looks, bags, wedding dresses and celebrity evening wear from the red carpet

Karl Lagerfeld catwalk looks celebrity world

Karl Lagerfeld was and remains an icon in the fashion world. Like a real emperor of the fashion scene, he determined the fashion trends year after year and turned the fashion house Chanel into a billion-dollar global corporation. By the 90s at the latest, it became clear that what Lagerfeld presents on the catwalk today will be worn by everyone tomorrow. We’ll show you his best catwalk looks, his most beautiful Chanel wedding dresses and his chicest evening dresses.

Karl Lagerfeld: The best Chanel looks on the catwalks

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel fashion catwalk 1985 1986

1984-1986 In 1984 Karl Lagerfeld designed his first collection for Chanel. According to the motto: “You have to have style to be able to buy it”, he sent his models out onto the catwalk in elegant cocktail dresses. Coco Chanel himself was the inspiration for his creations.

Karl Lagerfeld catwalk fashion Claudia Schiffer 1992

1992-1993 Chanel experienced a real comeback thanks to Karl Lagerfeld. At that time, the designer chose the supermodel Claudia Schiffer as his muse.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel fashion Naomie Campbel catwalk 1997

1997 Naomi Campbell caused a sensation on the Chanel catwalk with two semi-transparent outfits.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel catwalk fashion 2001 evening dresses

2001 According to the motto “Elegance is a way of life”, Lagerfeld presented what might be his last classic evening dresses. Over the next ten years, the designer showed himself to be keen to experiment.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel catwalk dresses pink ribbon 2005

2005 Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by his work for the Paris Opera.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel catwalk haute couture catwalks 2006 left, 2010 right

In the years between 2006-2010 The designer paid particular attention to the details – feathers, ruffles and fringes adorned his dresses.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Powder Blue Cocktail Dresses 2012

In the year 2012 the focus was on colors: pigeon blue, pink and orange were among the most important trends this year.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel patchwork mix and match trend 2013

2013 Karl Lagerfeld celebrated the return of patchwork and skillfully combined fabrics, patterns and colors.

Karl Lagerfeld spring outfits colors rainbow 2014

In the year 2014 the designer presented his “rainbow” collection, which was particularly popular. The colorful clothes were perfect for the coming spring-summer season.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel two-piece orange pantone color 2015

In the year 2015 Karl Lagerfeld proved that his two-piece suits are not only suitable for the office and turned them into real statement garments.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel fringed evening dresses 3D appliques bridal gowns flowers 2015

In the year 2017 opulent robes were the highlight in his collections. 3D applications, ruffles and fringes set accents.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel young fashion Kaja Gerber 2018 2019

In 2018, Lagerfeld women’s fashion impressed with high-quality manufacturing and creative material combinations. His last collection followed in January 2019. Clear cuts, muted colors and the Chanel logo ensured an elegant and at the same time classic look.

Karl Lagerfeld fashion shows: the backdrops

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Spring Summer 2015

No fashion show is complete without the right backdrops. Karl Lagerfeld knew that, as he always tried to surprise his audience and take them into a magical world during the fashion show. No wonder that he was also considered a role model for numerous young designers in this area.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Fashion Show Schloss 2019

For the Chanel fashion show in 2019, Lagerfeld turned the catwalk into a garden.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Fashion Show Eiffel Tower 2017

In 2017, a miniature Eiffel Tower adorned the catwalk.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel fashion show

For the spring-summer fashion show, Lagerfeld was inspired by mountains in China.

Karl Lagerfeld Catwalk Koulissen Chanel Autumn Winter 2015

For the autumn / winter 2015 fashion show, he turned the catwalk into a casino. Stars like Julianne Moore played poker there.

Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Show at Metropolitan Museum 2018 2019

In 2019, the Chanel Show took place at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Cruise fashion show 2009

The designer booked a real flight hall for the Cruise fashion show in 2009.

Karl Lagerfeld fashion show Chanel 2011

Lagerfeld recreated a castle in India for the 2011 fashion show.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Spring Summer Fashion Show 2016

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel: These handbags are real classics

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel bag catwalk

The Chanel bags enjoy great popularity. Their chic, timeless design and high-quality manufacturing have become trademarks of the world-famous fashion house.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel original classic bag

The classic Chanel handbag is an absolute eye-catcher and can be combined with both everyday and elegant outfits.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel pocket digital camera

Did you know that Lagerfeld also brought bags for digital cameras onto the market? The variant shown above is an absolute must-have for real fans of the brand.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel belt bag

The belt bag is totally trendy this year. Lagerfeld made them a stylish accessory.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel bag clutch round

Pure glamor – this is how the round clutch from Chanel can be described. Richly decorated with crystals, the handbag is the perfect complement to an evening dress.

Karl Lagerfelt Chanel pouch bag red

The red bucket bag from Chanel is also one of the absolute classics. Also like the black shoulder bag below, which presents an exciting combination of leather and lacquer.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel shoulder bag V-shape

Karl Lagerfeld: His new bag collection

Karl Lagerfeld handbags Karl signature colorful

Karl Lagerfeld has not only designed handbags for the fashion brand Chanel. He also launched his own collection, which was particularly popular. The models look modern and present themselves in cheerful colors. No wonder stars like Gigi Hadid love to wear them. We give you an overview of the chic handbags:

Karl Lagerfeld handbags Karl signature belt bag red

Karl Lagerfeld handbag cat keychain

Karl Lagerfeld handbag collection cats prints shoulder bag

Karl Lagerfeld handbags red applications

Karl Lagerfeld and the celebrities: the top dresses from Chanel on the red carpet

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Celebrities Blake Lively Cannes Anna Wintour Met Gala 2014 2015

From Keira Knightly to Blake Lively to Julianne Moor: the celebrities liked Karl Lagerfeld. We’ll show you the best Chanel looks from the red carpet. Pictured above – Blake Lively wore Chanel in Cannes in 2014 and Anna Wintour chose a Lagerfeld gown for her appearance at the Met Gala in New York in 2015.

Karl Lagerfeld Keira Knighlty Golden Globes Julianne Moore Oscar Winner 2015

Julianne Moore won an Oscar in 2015 and wore a Chanel evening dress to the awards ceremony. Keira Knightley also appeared in Chanel at the Golden Globes awards ceremony that same year.

Karl Lagerfeld Lily Rose Depp Met Gala Kristen Dunst Critics Awards 2016

Lily Rose Depp was considered one of Lagerfeld’s muses, she wore a tight white Chanel evening dress to the Met Gala in 2016. Also in 2016, actress Kristen Dunst received an award in Great Britain and wore a Chanel dress for the occasion.

Karl Lagerfeld Emma Stone Great Britain winner Cara Delevingne Met 2017

In 2017, evening dresses with metallic accents were all the rage. Emma Stone and Cara Delevingne have both chosen Chanel evening wear for their appearances.

Karl Lagerfeld Margot Robbie Baftas Janelle Mona Golden Globes Award Ceremony 2019

Margot Robbie and Janelle Mona chose Chanel dresses in 2019.

Karl Lagerfeld vintage dresses Nicole Kidman Yara Shahidi white

Nicole Kidman and Yara Shahidi wore two vintage Chanel evening dresses in white.

Karl Lagerfeld: Chanel’s bridal fashion over the years

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel wedding dresses 1986-1992

Claudia Schiffer was one of the famous designer’s most famous muses and has worn the wedding dress several times over the past 90 years at the end of the show.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel wedding dresses princess dress Claudia Schiffer 1993 - 1995

In 1993 and 1995, the German model presented two of the brand’s most popular princess dresses.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel wedding dresses modern 96-2003

Long before Meghan Markle wore a minimalist wedding dress, Lagerfeld had designed and presented one. Linda Evangelista wore a futuristic two-piece suit with a long veil a few years later.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Cape Wedding Dresses 2004 2008

In 2008, Karl Lagerfeld presented a wedding dress with a cape on the Chanel catwalk for the first time.

Karl Lagerfeld Chanel short wedding dress rockabilly girly bow long 2008 2010

Lara Stone wore a playful rockabilly wedding dress in 2008 and her colleague, Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw, wore a girly wedding dress with long sleeves two years later.

karl lagerfeld wedding dresses princess dress lindsey wixson 2012

In 2012 Lagerfeld presented a wonderfully beautiful wedding dress for the winter season.

Karl Lagerfeld wedding dresses chanel cara delevingne 2014

Two years later, Cara Delevingne showed a futuristic bridal gown made of a semi-transparent, glittering fabric.

Karl Lagerfeld wedding dresses suit chanel kendall jenner 2015

Lagerfeld sent Kendall Jenner onto the catwalk in 2015 with a two-piece and his muse – the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis – Lily Rose wore a pink ball gown in 2017.

Karl Lagerfeld wedding dresses pink puff sleeves lily rose 2017