Julian Hakes shoes – elegant mojito sandals

Color choice-trend-designer-shoes-colorfulThe fashion world today offers a huge variety of beautiful, trendy and even weird types of shoes. The shoe model we are reporting on will make you say “WOW!”. The London architect Julian Hakes designed these Mojito shoes, which consists of a single spiral-shaped leather-lacquer fabric and is wrapped around the foot. The special thing about it is that there is no sole between the heel and the ball of the foot. They are unique footwear Julian Hakes shoes.

Julian Hake’s shoes cause a turmoil in the world of women


Julian Hakes shoes cause great enthusiasm in the fashion market and again we have a pretty simple and at the same time extremely elegant piece of fashion: the Mojito shoe. The unique gem was on the London catwalk in September last year with the fashion of the Swedish designer Ann Sofie Back in the Somerset House demonstrated, as well as with the Ada Zantons collection at ON / OFF Victoria House.

The hidden idea behind it – Julian Hakes shoes

Architect Trend Mijito Shoes Fashion Label Photo

A London architect asks himself questions while walking along the beach while observing his footprints in the sand. Visible marks from the toes, ball of the foot and heel and where is the middle? Invisible!? The thought of unique shoes gave rise to a vision as he peeled his lime for a cocktail later that evening and contemplated its shape. With the help of his colleague, the two bridge architects invent a new style as a revolution among shoe types: the Mojito shoes.

Twisted like a lime peel, stylish like a bridge

Architects' Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes

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Disco fever


Trendy when going for a walk


For every season, for every taste

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