Jugendweihe outfit – tips & inspiration for boys and girls

This day, which is so important for the young people, is celebrated properly. An official ceremony, which includes a program and a speech, takes place and the participants are presented with a certificate officially admitting them to the group of adults. They receive this as a congratulation in front of the assembled family on a stage. And of course you want to look great there too. While some prefer women’s dresses, others prefer nice trousers and blouses. For boys, on the other hand, there is a choice between a festive suit or more casual trousers with a shirt. The decision may be easier for you if you look at a few Jugendweihe outfit ideas. We have therefore put together a few inspirations for you.

There is not really a specific dress code for the youth party. Nevertheless, there are certain Jugendweihe outfits that are preferred. In principle, the choice depends on the taste of the teenager and whether you want to wear the clothes for the celebration on other occasions or even in everyday life. What are the options for boys and girls?

Jugendweihe outfit for girls

Dresses for youth consecration

Youth consecration outfit for young women - dresses in bright colors

Young women in particular want a special youth consecration outfit on this day. Something that you wouldn’t otherwise wear, that is festive and out of the ordinary. Dresses are a popular choice and, to be more precise, girls like to opt for shift dresses or, if it’s not that official, a cocktail dress. The latter should by no means be too revealing. So-called balloon dresses are just as popular. The trendy vintage style is also finding its way into clothes. That is why dresses with petticoats are also not uncommon to be found at the youth party. Furthermore, the youth consecration dresses can be long, medium or short – a matter of taste. If the youth consecration dresses are to be short, care should be taken to ensure that they are of an appropriate length.

Pants or skirt instead of youth consecration dresses

Youth consecration outfit without dress - combine trousers and blouse

Also common is youth consecration clothing, which is chic and elegant, but can also be worn in everyday life or on other official occasions. Pretty blouses and trousers or a skirt, for example, can be worn later in everyday life, depending on the style. And a youth consecration outfit for girls with trousers is not that unusual either. How about a pair of Marlene trousers, tight-fitting trousers or the trendy paperbag trousers? If you prefer a skirt, you should make sure that it is not too short. You can then wear a blouse or top as you like. If it’s a little fresher, you can also have a nice cardigan or suit jacket ready or grab a long-sleeved top. The trendy bolero jacket is also suitable as an alternative to the blazer.


Youth consecration outfit for girls with two pieces - skirt and top made of lace in petrol green

The color is purely a matter of taste. While some choose neutral colors such as black, white, champagne or, for example, peach, others also dare to use stronger colors such as turquoise, pink, red or gold. Floral patterns are also suitable. And “a matter of taste” is the keyword here! Sure, you want to stand out on this big day, but nonetheless a style should be chosen that is comfortable and that suits your type.

The shoes for the youth consecration outfit

Two-tone dress in cream and black and shoes with wedge heels

Heels are the dream of most girls and for this reason many use this big day to get such shoes. However, this is not necessarily the best choice, especially if you are not used to wearing high heels anyway. We recommend wearing shoes with the Jugendweihe outfit that are really comfortable. If you still don’t want to do without the heel, you can alternatively use platform shoes or shoes with wedge heels. Ballerinas and peep toes are also very popular for the occasion.

Jugendweihe outfit - casually elegant with trousers with suspenders for women

Girlish or fashionably elegant

Jugendweihe outfit - white, medium-length dress or patterned trousers with jacket and blouse

Elegant dress in rose with lace

Elegant, wide dress in peach with glitter

Jumpsuit instead of a dress

Jugendweihe outfit with jumpsuit and updo

Short, dark blue dress

Youth consecration outfit for girls and boys - pants with suspenders and dress

Long-sleeved vintage dress with flowers

Jugendweihe outfit - airy dress in pink and gray with flowers

Elegant in black

Elegant in black with a long-sleeved dress made of tulle and lace and with a handbag

Wine red dress with rhinestones

Dark red dress with glitter effect for the youth party or for the ball

Beautiful, girlish youth consecration dresses

Cute dresses with ruffles and floral patterns or plaid in black

Feminine, off-the-shoulder dress with a floral pattern

Girlish dress with floral pattern in pink and white

Jugendweihe outfit for boys

Suit and shirt

Youth consecration outfit for boys with a suit in dark blue or gray and sneakers

Gone are the days when guys care less about your look than girls. Nowadays, they also attach great importance to looking cool or chic. Especially when such an important celebration is coming up! You too are spoiled for choice. One possibility for a youth consecration outfit is the classic, elegant suit with a matching shirt, which, however, most likely cannot be worn again. But maybe your family will soon have a wedding, baptism, school enrollment or another big party? Then you kill two birds with one stone with one suit.

Sporty, elegant and casual

Casual, elegant youth consecration outfit with white shirt, gray trousers and red leather shoes

 Youth consecration outfits for boys can also be casual and suitable for everyday use – fashionable jeans or, even better, festive cloth trousers, for example in black or anthracite, are ideal. So that the look remains casual, you should choose a shirt that is sporty and elegant. Both pieces of clothing are best chosen in terms of style so that they can also be worn in everyday life. Since the youth party usually takes place in spring and it can still be a bit fresh, a jacket, a matching jacket or waistcoat is recommended.

The shoes for the young man

Dark blue suit with pink shirt, tie and brown leather shoes

Leather lace-up shoes, the classic suit shoe or ankle boots – there is also a good selection of suitable shoe models for men. However, if these are too elegant for you, you can also use sneakers, but with caution – the model must not be too sporty. You should be as simple as possible. Monochrome models are therefore the right choice. Also, look for models made of imitation leather or suede. Otherwise, sneakers go wonderfully with the casual Jugendweihe outfit.

Complete the youth consecration outfit with accessories

Cute white lace dress with a leather belt

It is probably not too difficult for women to find the right accessories. Of course, jewelry shouldn’t be missing. Keep it more simple and use it to set subtle accents. Avoid clunky, extravagant pieces of jewelry. A handbag is also very suitable, because there are a few important things that women always want to have with them. A nice scarf, scarf and hair accessories for a beautiful hairstyle are also possible.

Beige trousers, braided belt, white shirt and bow tie as accessories

The festive boys’ fashion can be completed with a tie. A bow tie is also suitable and a nice, elegant accent to the sporty youth consecration outfit. The watch can of course be worn on the wrist, as long as it fits the style of clothing. A belt is also a nice accent. Some people like it extravagant and even wear a hat. It looks cool and casual and elegant at the same time. But remember your manners and take off your hat on stage.

Jugendweihe outfit in gray and white with trousers, linen shirt and vest

Youth consecration outfit for boys – casual with gray trousers, white shirt and black tie

Dark blue suit for youth consecration

Simple and elegant in dark blue and white for teenagers

Youth consecration outfit for boys in black with vest and wine red

Black trousers and waistcoat with a wine-red shirt and tie

Neutral colors for the casual youth consecration outfit

Casually elegant with beige trousers and a white shirt

Simple outfit with a floral tie

Youth consecration clothing for young men with a light shirt and black trousers

Light blue shirt and dark blue pants

Youth consecration outfit suitable for everyday use with light blue shirt and dark blue pants

Festive clothing for boys – casually elegant

Youth consecration clothing ideas with jacket and white pants, floral dress and black suit

Festive dress or modern with a skirt, blouse and hat

Jugendweihe outfit - beige trousers and blue shirt, white dress or skirt, blouse and hat