How to stylishly combine a vest – 30+ tips and inspiration!

Long vest combine white pants tone on tone outfit fashion trends women

It’s getting a bit too warm for the winter wardrobe and we don’t dare to wear the airy summer dresses either. Fortunately, there is one item of clothing that is ideal for transitional weather and that is the vest that is totally on trend again this year. It’s the ultimate piece to get through spring in style, warm, but not too warm. At this time of year, many women are sure to be wondering how to stylishly and elegantly combine a vest. Understandably, these seem a bit intimidating at first. When the proportions aren’t right, they look unnecessary and fussy, and make you look taller than you are. Read on to find out how to achieve cool and creative looks with a vest!

Combine long vest

Beige long vest combine beige pants white top ombre hair ideas fashion trends

Long vests have been one of the most useful trend pieces in our wardrobes for a few years now. And of course for good reason: You can use absolutely any outfit to turn it into a real eye-catcher. Whether in the office or for everyday life – the possibilities of how you combine your modern long vest are endless. Wear them, for example, with black skinny jeans and cool lace-up shoes. If it should get more chic in the evening, the trend piece is suitable in combination with an overall and high heels.

Blazer vest combine skinny jeans high heels sandals fashion trends women

A long vest over your dress or skirt looks flawless and makes for an even more elegant look. You can wear either high heels or ancle boots. Wear a belt around your waist to show off your figure even more. Or just wear them open if you prefer to hide some problem areas.

Blazer vest Combine black Jeanse handbag with fringed black fashion trends

For a unique look, you should combine different materials with your long vest. Whether a silk blouse with a solid vest fabric or a knitted vest over a cotton shirt – the more different the fabrics, the more exciting your outfit will be. But make sure to use the right length: the vest must be at least as long as the top or dress that is worn underneath. You should only use the oversized look in a targeted manner – do not wear a voluminous sweater under a thin vest. On the one hand, it looks a bit strange if too much fabric oozes out of the sleeve holes and, on the other hand, the vest should dictate the shape of your outfit, not the other way around.

Long blazer vest combine for the perfect office outfit

Long vest combine gray skinny jeans silver shoes fashion trends women

This summer, the women’s blazers, which are loved by all, come in a sleeveless version, so they are also suitable for hot summer days. Are you looking for something to spice up your usual office look a bit? Then the long-cut blazer vests are the right thing for you! These look particularly elegant and are a real figure flatterer. The trendy vests look particularly good in a stylish layered look – clothes are combined in as different lengths as possible and the focus is on playing with your silhouette. But before you run to your closet and put everything on top of each other at random, there are a few rules to be followed.

Suit vest combine short white trousers ladies hat round sunglasses fashion trends ladies

  • Do not wear more than three to four pieces together, otherwise your outfit will quickly look overloaded.
  • The different lengths ensure a slim figure.
  • The different fabrics make for an interesting and fresh look.
  • Your blazer vest can be perfectly combined by wearing it with a tight-fitting dress. In this case, it should be worn open and about to the waist. High heels are of course a must for this look, so your silhouette is visually stretched.
  • If you like things a little more extravagant and courageous, then put everything on one card and wear a waistcoat, for example in the trendy snake print, with coordinated trousers. This is how you will achieve the super modern all-over print look.

Combine extra long vest

Long vest combine Kylie Jenner outfit Coachella boho look fashion trends

Extra long and extra eye-catching – the trendy vests are a special eye-catcher both due to their cut, color and material. For the particularly hip retro trend this year, an extra-long vest goes perfectly with a boho-style jeans look. Whether with bell-bottoms, culottes, denim shorts or the very classic skinny jeans – the vest ensures a relaxed and fresh outfit that would make you the star of a music festival!

Long vest combine jumpsuit elegant Victoria Beckham outfits

Another idea how you can combine an extra-long vest would be to wear it with an elegant evening dress or a jumpsuit. A shiny metallic variant of the modern garment brings even more glamor to your look. It is important with this combination that each part can work for itself, but at the same time they can harmonize with each other. Because both the evening dress and your long vest are in focus, they should of course be color-coordinated in such a way that the elegance is preserved. If the dress becomes an eye-catcher, for example with a print or bright colors, the vest should be rather simple and restrained in shape and color. Of course, this principle also works the other way around, so that eye-catching oversized vests can become the highlight of a classic, monochrome dress.

Fringed vest combine for a cool and chic look

Fringed vest combine skinny blue jeans high heels sandals fashion trends women

We have known fringed dresses and cowboy boots for a long time, but now you can add another trend to your vest-inspired wardrobe. It is the star of your summer outfit, makes you a real eye-catcher and is totally hip this year – the fringed vest! In order for this to come into its own, it is best to combine it with simple, plain-colored pieces, such as an airy T-shirt and skinny jeans. A monochrome jumpsuit can also be perfectly combined with a fringed vest. This gives your whole outfit a unique, casual-chic touch.

Lace vests create a special romantic look

Lace waistcoat combine boyfriend jeans white top strappy sandals fashion trends summer

No matter whether summery in white, elegant in black or cool in pastel tones – the lace vests are particularly trendy this year and have a permanent place in the wardrobe of every fashion-conscious woman. Romantic and elegant, sometimes with a rock touch – thanks to this mix of femininity and versatility, the sweet pieces have been so popular for years. The fabric is one of the softest and most beautiful ever and is perfect for summer. One of the best and most interesting ways that you can combine your lace vest is to wear it with casual and stylish pieces. White chiffon blouses and boyfriend jeans, for example, would be an excellent option. In this case, the feminine vest provides a unique contrast. To give your look a refreshing touch, opt for high heel sandals.

Long lace vest combine boho look denim shorts crop top fashion trends festival outfit

Depending on the occasion, you can combine a lace vest very differently. This looks cool with denim shorts and a T-shirt, creates an airy boho look and is perfect for beach parties or music festivals. With an elegant dress or pencil skirt and a pair of chic pumps, you are perfectly styled for a chic party with your friends. Can you dress a little more casually for work? A noble, elegant blouse shirt can be combined very well with a lace vest. The outfit looks particularly exciting and is also suitable for the office.

Combine kimono vest and attract attention

Kimono vest combine denim shorts women hat honey blonde hair summer outfit

Every woman has these days when she just doesn’t know what to wear. Since most kimono vests have a very eye-catching design, it is enough if you simply wear them over something simple. A pair of jeans, a white T-shirt and mules or sneakers – your trendy everyday look, which is comfortable and yet not boring, is ready! A fringed kimono vest looks really great with denim shorts or a mini dress, especially in summer, and is a real eye-catcher, no matter where you go. The trendy pieces can be mistaken for a dressing gown very quickly if they are in light colors like light pink or light blue. To avoid this effect, it is better to use bright models and stronger colors. For example, the eye-catching and colorful flower patterns are particularly popular this year. Kimono vests don’t just look good with tight-fitting garments. For a more dramatic look, choose a culotte that goes perfectly with your kimono vest. Of course, high heels should not be missing either. The modern piece also looks particularly good with a wide skirt as a statement piece.

Leather vest makes for a great, rocking look

Leather vest combine Jessica Alba outfits black skinny jeans sandals summer

All of you who like to wear leather and already have a leather jacket or leather trousers in your wardrobe will certainly find out that the leather vest is also one of the most popular fashion trends this year. Undoubtedly, this garment looks gorgeous and is very popular with all fashion fans. Perhaps the simplest and most common way of combining this vest is with jeans. Almost nothing fits better into the image of skinny jeans, black ankle boots and casual shirts than leather vests.

Leather vest combine mini skirt fishnet blouse ankle boots fashion trends women

Anyone who thinks that the leather vest cannot be worn elegantly with a skirt is very wrong. The rocking part immediately gives your outfit a cool and casual-chic touch. Of course, the same thing works with a classic shift dress. The leather vest spices up the outfit, or vice versa: the chic outfit makes the leather vest elegant.

Kimono Vest Combine Snake Print Shorts Ankle Boots Fashion Trends Women

Kimono vest combine white skinny jeans high heels fashion trends

Fringed vest combine fringed skirt summer outfit fashion trends

Fringed vest combine shirt blouse with floral pattern jeans blonde hair

Long vest combine denim shorts white shirt strappy sandals fashion trends

Long vest combine mini dress pumps dark blonde hair fashion trends women

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Blazer vest combine black shorts t shirt honey blonde hair outfit ideas summer

Brown leather vest combine dress boho style fashion trends women 2019

Fringed vest combine denim shorts summer outfit ideas fashion trends

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Fringed West combine black shorts leather bag ankle boots summer fashion trends

Long white waistcoats combine Kylie Jenner outfits with skinny jeans fashion trends

Long vest yellow combine elegant mini dress pastel color ankle boots round sunglasses

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Long vest combine leather shorts leather bag ankle boots ombre hair brown

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