How to style your jeans: outfit ideas and styling tips

Each of us has our favorite pair of jeans. Be it casual ripped jeans or comfy distressed jeans, it is more than likely that you’ve had your classic for a while. After all, you are an all-rounder and stay in trend year after year. However, after doing the same for so long Women’s jeans you’ve probably fallen into a boring styling routine, always combining the same old tops. But that’s over now! Forget the boring t-shirt and flip-flops this season and show your favorite jeans some love with a new styling.

Style jeans: everyday outfits

Style jeans Put together everyday outfits

Avoid flashy embellishments, extreme colors, and distressed styles. The goal is for the jeans to be the subject and not the canvas of the painting.

Dark indigo is the most versatile color, but dark blue, dark gray, and black also work well. Go for a classic wash (not faded) – these mimic the look of worn work clothes and are much more casual.

Find the right fit

Style jeans find the right fit

Try different models and brands to find a perfectly fitting pair of jeans that fits your body type. Your jeans should be tight, without sagging legs, but also not too tight – better not skinny jeans.

Of course, you can have several jeans with different fits. Straight leg jeans that are the same width from thigh to ankle are the most versatile. Then come the bootcut jeans, which are a little flared at the ankle.

Style jeans: balance of formality

Style jeans with elegant shoes wear tips

When you have put your outfit together, you should find a balance between the various levels of formality and adjust the various items of clothing accordingly.

For example, if you want to complement your jeans with more formal pieces, start with your most formal jeans.

Then add a pair of smart shoes and a comfortable shirt and you have the perfect balance of formality and you won’t end up looking like a mix-and-match book.

Balance of fit

Jeans style the fit, balance outfits ideas

Make sure that every piece you add to your outfit matches the rest. Sometimes this can go a little wrong if, for example, your jeans are too baggy to look good with a well-fitting shirt and jacket. Therefore, choose items of clothing that are not completely opposites to be on the safe side.

Which shoes?

Jeans style shoes choose ideas for summer outfits

No sneakers! You can get away with colored canvas sneakers, but the real key to versatile jeans wear is the casual leather shoe. But also brogues, saddle shoes, all kinds of suede, chukka boots, loafers, monk straps and Dr. Martens can work well.

A t-shirt with jeans

Wear jeans style with a t-shirt

Choose a t-shirt with a tight fit – it should be snug against your chest and not fall over your belt. Combine it with sturdy accents such as a sturdy belt and leather work shoes or work boots.

A polo shirt is the more elegant alternative to a t-shirt, so combine it with something more elegant shoes such as chukka boots, boat shoes or loafers. If you wear your polo with jeans alone, leave the collar open, but see if the outfit would look even better with a jacket.

Style a work shirt with jeans

Work shirt with jeans style tips

Another upgrade can be achieved with a long- or short-sleeved work shirt: one with buttons and a soft, turned-down collar. If you want to look a little rebellious then you can leave it open too.

However, avoid shirts in a similar blue to your jeans, company logos and, above all, these rectangular name badges with the italic font.

Style a sweater with jeans

Jeans style what shoes wear

Again, keep it simple. A single-colored sweater in gray, anthracite, white, brown, dark blue or green can be easily combined with almost any color of jeans.

However, simple jeans and a simple sweater alone can sometimes look a bit boring. However, you can make the whole outfit a little more interesting with the texture or the shape of the sweater (e.g. a shawl collar or a cardigan).

Accessories or additional layers, such as a sports jacket or a voluminous sweater, can also make you look more flattering.