How does the right bra become an invisible item of clothing? Tips and tricks for healthy wearing comfort

Ideally, a good bra should not be noticeable when you wear it and should be almost invisible. But badly fitting bras that scratch, tie off and just don’t really fit are unfortunately more common in everyday life. Finding the right bra is not that easy. Different factors such as the cup shape, the underbust band, the shape of the underwire or the width of the straps are decisive for a good fit and a beautiful look.

Determine the correct bra size

Find the right bra shape buying tips for underwear

This is a question that troubles every woman from time to time. But in the end, the bra size is often only a vague guess and is one reason why the garment is anything but invisible. In Germany, the bra size is made up of 2 components: the chest size (e.g. 75) and the cup size (e.g. C) But how is it going to be the right bra size determined? The correct cup size is determined from the difference between the chest size minus the underbust size. When measuring the chest circumference, the measuring tape should be placed at the highest point on the chest in order to guarantee a correct reading. Clear tables can help, Quickly find out your own size based on the measured values ​​you have taken. But even when it comes to bra size, nothing is forever. The body is constantly changing and with it the size of the bra.

The right bra: the agony of model choice

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When a woman enters the lingerie shop, she is overwhelmed by an abundance of beautiful models and sophisticated cuts. Not only is it difficult to decide on a variant, but it is also important to find out which model is the right one. Of course, tastes and needs are different. For a small bust size z. B. wireless triangle bras or strapless bras, because the supportive property can be neglected here. For larger breasts, bras with a supportive effect are more advisable as they also relieve the back. Emphasis should be placed on models with wide, comfortable straps and a well-fitting underbust band. A bra myth can be refuted: Even women with a large bust can do without the annoying underwire and choose a non-wired, well-fitting bra.

The be-all and end-all when choosing a bra: straps, wires and co.

Find the right bra shape, cup size and color

Choosing the right straps and hangers is not only essential for a beautiful look, it can also prevent or eliminate health problems. A painful back, tension in the neck area or even skin problems can certainly be triggered by a (wrong) brassiere. Meanwhile, there are also voices from the areas of fashion and health who advise a “bra-less” life, or urgently point out that it is comfortable to wear. A few small rules will help you make the right choice:

· How can cups that are too small or too large be avoided? Rule of thumb: The cup size is a relative measure, because cups with the same designation (e.g. A) also become more voluminous as the underbust circumference increases. This means that the smaller the band, the bigger the cups and vice versa.

Determine the right bra size and find the right shape

· The web, the band between the shells, should lie flat against the body. If the bridge sticks out, the cup size is too small. In this case the bra can start to chafe.

· When do the straps fit correctly? Rule of thumb: The straps should lie parallel to the back or in a slightly V-shape. The wrong bra straps can cut into the skin uncomfortably, cause tension or even headaches and back pain.

· Even an improperly fitting underband leads to back pain and tension. But not only the right fit, but also the right material is crucial. Soft, supple or breathable fabrics such as cotton or microfiber are advisable.

With or without?

find the right bra model with or without straps

Admittedly, the bra becomes an invisible item of clothing best when it is not even there. Still, there are times such as B. during and after pregnancy or during sport, where it is advisable for health reasons not to do without a bra. Otherwise, of course, the respective situation should be taken into account, whether the bra can be omitted. But caution should generally be required with a large bust, because a large breast can weigh a lot and cause back pain and poor posture. A bra that is very comfortable to wear can help. Ultimately, it remains an individual decision that should be made depending on the respective body and posture.