Half-length skirts are a must – the midi trend

outfit everyday pink skirt black blouse

This is another interesting trend for the summer season. The street style seems to have changed even further and for this reason we are introducing the midi skirt to you this time. Its length reaches below the knee. Half-length skirts are among the most elegant and feminine pieces of clothing, but you should be careful what you combine them with. For example, more petite women should wear this type of skirt with heels, as its cut makes the women who wear it look smaller.

Wear half-length skirts with high heels

tight-fitting skirt black and white motifs birds

You can make the style from a crop top that is current this year very easily, so it can be said that the midi skirt is very modern and practical this season. Now look at more half-length skirts in the following gallery of photos with pretty outfits and be particularly modern this summer.

Half-length skirts can be combined with sporty tops

pleated skirt red jacket gray everyday casual modern

rock purple shirt checkered white shoes women

A purple skirt with a plaid shirt

rock motifs flowers colorful blue top

 This skirt with palm trees brings up holiday feelings

rock loose pink long-sleeved shirt women

Half-length skirts also go well with turtlenecks

skirts black pleats three quarters ladies fashion

 A colorful, cropped top with a black skirt

skirts tight-fitting gray blouse white office outfit

 The perfect office outfit

skirt dark blue knee length womenswear fashion

 An airy skirt in blue with a black and white striped T-shirt

skirt three-quarters transparent black mesh top striped

 An effective, half-length skirt with a transparent fabric

midi half-length skirts yellow knee fashion

 A yellow skirt with a white blouse

plaid pink skirt white blouse sleeveless

 Checkered, half-length skirts are just as modern

green light wide skirt short jacket leather

office white skirt costume red shoes elegant

flowers colorful blouse motifs womenswear green handbag

white skirt blue top shoes heel

turquoise skirt airy top sporty heel

black white dots on rock boots handbag

black and white striped t shirt elegant

skirt pink knee blue top off the shoulder

skirt pink top black women fashion

half-length skirts women fashion green garish

half-length skirts dirndl white blue idea

half-length skirts modern folds sporty elegant