Fashion trends 2015 – the coolest accessories in spring

Fashion Trends-Accessories-Bracelets-Wristwatch-Ladies

We show you the coolest accessories for the spring season according to the fashion trends 2015. Bags, sunglasses and shoes with designs that stand out and make a strong fashion statement. You might like a style below?

Fashion trends 2015 – floppy hat in purple

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-fedora-hat-women-purple

The slouch hat, still known as fedora / felt hat / in the USA, is one of the trendy accessories this season. Combined with chic long earrings with rhinestones and a poncho. An elegant outfit for going out with friends!

Fashion trends 2015 – sunglasses with striking frames

Fashion Trends-2015-Accessories-Spring-Aviator-Sunglasses

 Sunglasses are one of the most popular accessories in spring. The new models have a so-called cat’s eye shape and emphasize the eyes and cheeks. Blue glasses frames are particularly popular.

Fashion trends 2015 – clutch handbags in pastel colors

Fashion Trends-2015-Accessories-Spring-Ladies Bag-Clutch

 The clutch bags are the perfect addition to the city-friendly outfit – so that the casual everyday fashion / jeans, T-shirt / is given a touch of extravagance. Especially in trend – pastel colors! Pink, blue and purple look feminine and automatically attract attention. The color palette can also be perfectly combined with jeans.

Fashion trends 2015 – the Chanel bag with a new concept

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-spring-ladies-bags-faux fur-attachment

 Inspired by the comic books, this bag is a real eye-catcher and is causing a sensation in Europe. With this, the fashion label Chanel made a strong fashion statement.

Fashion trends 2015 – high sandals with a rock’n’roll look

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-spring-sandals-leather

 The metallic elements give these otherwise super elegant sandals a rock’n’roll look. Admittedly – only real trendsetters can wear the shoes in everyday life. Anyone who wears them in combination with a stylish dress is totally on trend.

Flat and comfortable – fringed sandals

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-spring-sandals-frillsEvery woman must have at least one pair of fringed sandals in her shoe closet this season. The model above is also super comfortable and can be perfectly combined with Capri trousers and a shirt.

Shoes made of lace – feminine and elegant

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-spring-shoes-high-tops

Dolce and Gabbana have successfully implemented their look – the high shoes made of leather and lace look feminine and elegant at the same time.

 Flat moccasins with fringes in white color

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-spring-shoes-white

 Bold frame sunglasses and clutch bag

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-spring-sunglasses

 Aviator sunglasses and scarf in pastel shades

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-spring-sunglasses-women

Fashion Trends-2015-Accessories-Spring-Sunglasses-Fendi

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-spring-sunglasses-modern


Fashion Trends-2015-Accessories-Kenzo Shoes-Sandals


Fashion Trends-2015-Accessories-Shoes-Stella-McCartney

Fashion trends-2015-accessories-bags-Prada-blue

Fashion Trends-2015-Leather-Belt-Metal-Pucci

Fashion trends-2015-shoes-women-brand-Sandro

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