Fashion ideas combine clothing & accessories with technology


If you are a fan of the latest technologies, you will be pleased that they can also be combined with clothing and accessories to create a very special fashion. the Fashion ideas, that we would like to introduce to you in this article are not only extremely original, but also very practical. From shoes with built-in Google Maps to waterproof T-shirts, to useful postage, there are some interesting models as fashion ideas that you would like to spend your money on immediately.

Fashion ideas – waterproof t-shirt

fashion ideas t-shirt-waterproof-innovative-technology-micro

To all the clumsy people who keep getting messy: We have great news that will make your life easier. With the Silic-Shirt you can stain yourself as often as you want or don’t want, because it repels moisture so that no stains occur. How it works? For the T-shirts as fashion ideas, nanotechnology is used, which repels the water. Sweat stains are also conveniently prevented in this way.

Fashion ideas – mood sweatshirt


You are probably familiar with the so-called mood rings, which change their color depending on your mood. You can find something similar in our list of fashion ideas with technology. This sweatshirt works on the same principle. The so-called “Mood Sweater” always knows exactly how you are feeling and shows this to the environment through a certain light color. The circuit board of every sweatshirt is manufactured in-house and is specially tailored for each customer.

Sports bra for early breast cancer detection

fashion ideas sports bra cancer prevention sensors

This technology is particularly useful. It is a sports bra that is equipped with sensitive sensors and can detect cell changes in the breast at a very early stage. This is made possible by the change in temperature in the breast that occurs when a tumor develops. Such fashion ideas are simply revolutionary! The bra is offered by First Warning System.

Women’s wallet with protection against theft


This wallet from our fashion ideas not only looks great. It is also protected against radio frequency indication. This will prevent you from being robbed electronically. Outwardly, the RFID wallet cannot be distinguished from other models, but it has a great advantage over them.

Smart chain “Bellabeat Leaf”


Would you like more fashion ideas with technological features for women? This accessory is stylish and practical at the same time. It is a leaf-shaped necklace with a pendant that you can use to monitor your health. Track your sleep, menstrual cycle and exercise. And the accessory can also prove to be practical in stressful situations. It offers helpful breathing exercises with which you can relax again.



This piece of jewelry, called “June”, deserves a place in our list of fashion ideas. The chic bracelet is available in platinum, gold and bronze. The band itself is made of leather. There is also a really great function that makes the accessory wonderful for beach vacations. It is supposed to protect you from harmful UV rays. This is because it shows you how much radiation you are actually absorbing, so that you can take better care of your health in this way. Prevent the development of various diseases and a faster aging process.

A dress from the 3D printer


The fact that Anouk Wipprecht’s dress comes from the 3D printer is just one of its interesting properties. This is because biosensors are integrated that can measure various things. If someone comes too close to you, various LED lights will light up, while a camera on the front of the dress can take photos. The latter are shot by people who affect your mood. The Synapse Smart Dress as a fashion idea recognizes this with the help of sensors that are located in the headdress.

Fashion ideas – shoes with navigation system

fashion ideas smart-shoes-red-sporty-style

With these shoes as fashion ideas you will get along wonderfully in all foreign cities. Instead of constantly having to look at the display of your smartphone while searching for a specific street or sight, your shoes with integrated Google Maps ensure that you can get to your destination quickly. These are connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and vibrate to show you the right direction. So if you travel a lot, the Lechal Navi shoes are the perfect fashion item for you!

Fashion ideas – a dress that moves


Now no one can stare at you without getting caught. An integrated eye movement sensor notices when someone lets their gaze rest on you for a long time and brings certain areas of the dress in motion. With the dress as a fashion idea, you also look stylish and elegant. The design comes from Ying Gao.