Evening wear for chubby women: this is what you should pay attention to when choosing

Whether at a wedding, the data night with your partner in the opera or at a ball, women always shine in stunning evening gowns on these occasions. Even chubby women can become an absolute eye-catcher with the right evening dress. It just depends on the right model. We explain what these ladies should look out for when choosing evening wear and give some tips.

chubby woman in a stunning evening dress with A-line strapless

Emphasize your own merits

When chubby women wear something they feel comfortable in, they radiate it too. This is the top priority. Because a good portion of self-confidence makes every woman shine and thanks to the Clothing label especially for women with Rubens figures the full selection of fashion is also available. When choosing the right evening dress, it is important that the feminine features are skilfully staged while the problem areas are skilfully concealed. Since every woman, regardless of her actual weight and figure, has different assets, it is important to find and highlight them.

Chubby woman in a blue evening dress with a pearl embroidered top

Highlight individual strengths

Particularly feminine attributes of a figure that stand for fertility and femininity are:

  • Wider thighs
  • Big bust
  • Expansive butt area
  • Slim torso
  • Very narrow waist

Many women who claim these traits are unsure. It is precisely these zones that can be brought out wonderfully with the right evening wear. A dress that fits tightly around the upper body and falls further in the lower body area perfectly emphasizes the feminine advantages. In general, the game of wide and tight clothing is a good opportunity for overweight women to emphasize their individual figurative strengths.

the right evening wear for chubby women

General tricks

Basically, the evening wear should flatter the figure and not sit too close to the body. The woman should be comfortable and have freedom of movement. Colors that are particularly suitable for chubby women and support a slim line are black, navy blue or dark green – so the little black dress is always a good choice! Very light or bright colors often accentuate excess pounds. The fabric of the dress should be flowing, light and loose, because fabrics that are too firm or thick are unnecessary, especially if they also shine. An absolute must are high shoes with your outfit. These as well as squat hairstyles stretch the whole body and make it appear longer and slimmer. Large prints and eye-catching applications should be avoided.

Hourglass figure with a large bust, narrow waist and wide hips

The right design

Ladies with extra pounds usually either have a small stomach, wider hips and tight thighs, or those Hourglass figure with a large bust, narrow waist and wide hips. Depending on the figure, there are certain clothes that are particularly beneficial. For women whose problem areas are the former, dresses of the empire style made of satin or chiffon are particularly suitable. With these, the narrowest point sits directly below the breasts, so that the stomach and thighs are skilfully concealed. The hourglass figure, on the other hand, comes into its own in long satin dresses, as the buttocks are loosely carved around.

Evening dresses in empire style hide the problem area of ​​the stomach

A real eye-catcher

If women who have more to offer stick to these tips and tricks, this creates a slimmer line, sets the respective advantages perfectly in scene and makes them the highlight of the evening in their evening wear.

chubby lady in a burgundy dress with a belt at the waist