Elegance and class in the Marks & Spencer 2014 collection

Spencer different models for all tastes of discreet minimalism

Elegance and subtlety are in the new 2014 collection from Marks & Spencer to observe. If you want to keep up with fashion, then these models should inspire you!

Style and class with the Marks collection & Spencer

Marks new collection trends female appearance clothes

Elegance and minimalism are the main styles in the new women’s collection from Marks & Spencer for spring / summer 2014. The new, minimalist 2014 collection by M&S reflects the modern woman, which can be felt in every detail this season. The models differ from others through their elegant and minimalist design made of straight lines and soft materials. The wide shapes and design consist of a combination of bold colors and classic white to create a modern and tasteful style.

In the new season, M&S to an irrevocable elegance and combine this with the delicacy of modern design.

Here are the current trends in the 2014 collection from Marks & Spencer

white clothing sporty elegant style new ideas

  • Cheekes Weiß (White out) – Collection 2014 by Marks & Spencer

Discreet and white models with straight lines and pleasant, sporty details. They are chic and their shapes are emphasized, which confirms the boldness of the white color.

world famous brand great outfit summer spring collection

  • The whole world is hers (Worldwide)

These models play with proportions and are showered with abstract patterns. They represent a true graphic explosion of elegant femininity and are a compliment to the modern adventurer.

Spencer plain understated class style white dresses

  • Grace (pretty things)

They are a romantic mix of floral motifs, pointed pleated blinds and coats in sugared colors. The vertical layering of the materials of lace and metallic luster define the eclectic design, which stands for the aesthetics of modern women.

         Marks & Spencer presents the fashion trends 2014

summer spring 2014 new collection fresh colors

  • Colorful paints (paint box)

The modern popularity of the colors combines the strong tones with a clear silhouette and a variety of nuances. Colorful leather in combination with luxurious, neutral and high-contrast textiles reflect the look, which is inspired by the colors.

Marks gray black elegant strict look ideas

  • Luxury from the 90s in the collection of Marks & Spencer

Elegance and finesse define the resurgence of 90s fashion in the new M collection&S. The predominantly monochrome models and dark brown leather reinforce the feeling of urban, minimalist aesthetics as newly refined, classic cuts.