Dress for wedding guest in summer: 30+ of the most beautiful outfits for the big celebration!

The wedding season is in full swing right now, and if you’re in your thirties, you’re guaranteed to have at least one wedding invitation. After all of the postponed weddings last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be a summer full of couples tying the knot. On the occasion of the big celebration, not only the brides but also the invited ask themselves: What kind of dress should I wear as a wedding guest? Women in particular do not have an easy time choosing clothes and should pay attention to a few style rules so as not to steal the show from the bride in the end. Finding the perfect dress for your summer wedding guest can be a daunting proposition. Aside from the warm weather, there is also the venue, theme, and dress code to consider. Whether for a beach wedding, in vintage or boho style – in this article we have put together the most beautiful outfits for you and reveal the most important styling rules that you should know!

Dress for wedding: rules that you should definitely follow

what colors dress wedding guest summer wedding dress code rules

Receiving a wedding invitation can be incredibly exciting. But when the dress code given leaves you a little clueless, it becomes a real challenge to find the right dress for a wedding guest in the summer. After all, not everyone knows the difference between black and white tie, semi-formal, smart casual, etc. To make sure you’re doing everything right, below are the most important dress code rules that you should follow.

  • First things first, of course: read the wedding invitation! Most couples don’t want to leave anything to chance on their big day and often include a dress code on the invitations. That’s not the case? Then orientate yourself by the venue – if it is a relaxed boho wedding, for example, you would be out of place with an official evening dress.
  • Do not wear white, ivory and cream (Unless the couple specifically requests it) – While white dresses are simply a must in the summer, the color on the wedding day is reserved for the bride alone!

Slip Dress Outfit which dress for wedding as a guest

  • Note the “to rule” – Anything that is too short, too flashy or too revealing would be totally inappropriate as a dress for a wedding guest in summer.
  • The pants must not be too casual – Dresses are not for you and you have decided on a trouser outfit instead? Wonderful! In fact, there are many beautiful cloth trousers that look just as classy when combined correctly. A chic Marlene pair of trousers with a polished shirt blouse and matching high heels or sandals and voilà – you have already created the perfect wedding guest outfit!

Dress for wedding guest in summer: the perfect outfit for a beach wedding

what to wear for beach wedding dress wedding guest summer

Fine sand under your feet, a light breeze in your hair and the gentle sound of waves: Is there anything better than saying yes on the beach? A beach wedding is always something very special – both for the bride and groom and for the guests. In contrast to the traditional dress codes, the “beach” element means that we can dress a little more casually and comfortably. Because who wants to party on the beach in a tight and long cocktail dress? But when does casual become casual and how do you find the perfect dress for a wedding guest on the beach?

Dress wedding guest beach guests dress code for wedding

No matter how casual a beach wedding may be, our wedding guest outfit should still be suitable for the occasion. So we don’t wear shorts and t-shirts. Embrace the beautiful surroundings with an airy summer dress. It is best to rely on casual cuts, light flowing fabrics and bright, summery colors and patterns. The time of day and venue can also help you choose the outfit – evening weddings tend to be a bit more formal. A celebration at an upscale beach resort usually requires a more elegant dress than an intimate waterfront wedding.

Dress wedding guest summer wedding dress code outfit tips

Super comfortable, wonderfully chic and cannot fly up in the wind – maxi dresses are the best possible choice for a casual yet very elegant dress for wedding guests in summer! Reach for models made of light fabrics that do not stick to the body in the heat. Materials like organza, chiffon and linen feel wonderful and still look super luxurious and classy. Since it can get chilly by the sea, play it safe and complement your outfit with a light scarf or cardigan. We think you would find it difficult to walk in the sand with high heels. Flat sandals and slippers, on the other hand, are super comfortable and go perfectly with your airy dress as a wedding guest on the beach. Espadrilles would also be a great alternative. With an elegant sun hat you protect yourself from the sun and also refine your look.

The perfect dress for wedding guests in a boho look

what dress for wedding as a guest wedding dress boho

While we’re not sure whether to label the bohemian style as a trend, aesthetic, or lifestyle, it has certainly influenced weddings in recent years. Boho weddings are growing in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. With a relaxed atmosphere and rustic charm, the celebrations are about celebrating the happy event in a unique and free-spirited way. Which dress as a wedding guest for a boho wedding in summer should you wear that embodies the casual spirit and yet looks elegant and classy?

A boho wedding is all about a floating, dreamy and romantic style. In addition, nature and naturalness play a decisive role. Fortunately, there are a number of options for long skirts, dresses, overalls, and pants that would look perfectly appropriate at a boho wedding. Fine and flowing fabrics as well as romantic flower patterns are at the forefront.

Whether you choose a midi or maxi dress is entirely up to you – it is important that you feel comfortable in it. It is best to wear flat shoes such as sandals or slippers. Simple beige, dreamy sky blue or other pastel nuances exude a special lightness and romance and are therefore among the most beautiful colors for the dress as a wedding guest in summer. To complete your boho outfit, keep the accessories simple and your makeup natural.

Wedding guest dress romantic and elegant

what a dress as a wedding guest summer wedding outfit ideas women

Most summer weddings take place outdoors and usually require a less stringent dress code. A dress as a wedding guest can look casual and yet super chic and you don’t have to do without style. Here, too, you would be in good hands with airy maxi dresses in cheerful patterns. The comfortable parts are trendy, look very elegant and are just fun. Choose a light and flowing model and combine it with a nice pair of sandals. Discreet jewelry and dreamy beach waves round off your look perfectly.

Vintage dress for wedding guest in summer

Dress wedding guest vintage lace dresses outfits for wedding

Nostalgia meets timeless elegance: Vintage weddings enchant us with a natural and romantic atmosphere and are a popular choice of motto for more and more newlyweds. But what makes a dress for a wedding guest in vintage style? Get inspiration for your outfit from traditional styles and silhouettes from the past. Romantic, elegant and very girly – lace dresses in delicate pastel colors exude a unique vintage feeling and would therefore be perfect for a rustic wedding.

Dress wedding guest vintage summer wedding outfit for guests

Since vintage weddings usually take place in a garden or on a farm, you can safely replace the figure-hugging cocktail dress with something more comfortable and light. Floral patterns and retro prints as well as muted tones such as beige and pastel pink go perfectly with the rustic style. If you want to add a really cool country touch to your look, add a nice hat and leather ankle boots.

Formal dress for wedding guest in summer

Dress wedding guest beach summer wedding outfits for women

If you are invited to a traditional summer wedding in a luxurious restaurant, your outfit should also be a bit classier. It would be best if you appear in a chic evening dress. You can choose from beautiful, long dresses as well as romantic sheath and cocktail dresses. High heels or pumps are particularly recommended as suitable footwear. However, if you prefer to wear flat shoes, ballerinas are the best choice. While it’s not specifically forbidden to wear black, it’s better to opt for more cheerful colors and patterns. It is, after all, a beautiful celebration that takes place in the summer!

Dress for wedding guests in summer: the most beautiful outfits to style

Guest wedding dress elegant trend colors 2021 summer wedding outfit guests

Playful wrap dresses in delicate pastel tones are ideal for a beach wedding

Wedding dress guest romantic wrap dresses outfit for summer wedding

Airy dress for wedding guests in a boho look

Dress wedding guest beach summer wedding outfit ideas casual

Radiant nuances and floral patterns for the perfect dress for a wedding guest on the beach

what a dress as a wedding guest boho wedding outfit for guests

Lace is another material to keep in mind when looking for a dress for summer wedding dress

Lace dress for summer wedding dress wedding guest summer

Mini dresses in cream radiate a special elegance

short dress wedding guest summer what to wear for a summer wedding

Maxi dresses with floral patterns always have a permanent place at summer weddings

Dress wedding guest summer boho wedding outfits for guests

A pretty set of mini skirt and crop tops in floral motifs looks just as chic and classy

A dress for a wedding guest in Boho style calls for light colors and airy silhouettes

Dress wedding guest rules summer wedding outfits for guests

Not too formal yet very elegant: midi dresses are a great option for a wedding guest outfit in the summer

Pastel colors, floral patterns and lace for the ultimate boho look

When you’ve had enough of flowers and lace, stick with plain dresses in pastel colors

Wedding guest dress romantic what to wear as a guest for summer wedding

Lace dresses for wedding guests in a boho look

Wedding dress guest vintage lace dress outfit for summer wedding

Combine a flowing maxi dress with flat sandals and you have the perfect look for a beach wedding

Colors dress wedding guest what to wear as guest for summer wedding

Flower prints and light fabrics are always a good choice for an elegant dress for a wedding guest in summer

Wedding white dress as a guest summer wedding outfits for guests