Current fashion with cut-out – tips and inspiration for re-styling

Current fashion -cut-out-dress-back-everyday-styling-tips-

the current fashion sometimes dictates trends that are not at all suitable for our everyday lives. There are, of course, exceptions and we present one of them in the following material. Attractive cutouts as accents transform the uniform, simple, often monochrome outfit and make it appear interesting. The so-called cut outs come from the catwalk and have been in the fashion world since 2015. With styling tips, we reveal how the pieces of missing fabric can be skilfully staged.

Current fashion with cut outs on the catwalk

Current fashion - cut-out-white-long-sporty-catwalk

Fashion brands such as Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Versace and others ‘remove’ pieces of fabric with a geometric shape around the waist, on the shoulders or on the stomach in order to present elegant dresses in a different and new way . Copies of this are available in abundance from accessible brands such as Zara, Asos, TopShop, etc..

The stars present the latest fashion with cut outs

Current fashion -cut-out-dress-black-karlie-kloss

The garments with cut outs have a classic, simple silhouette in just one color. Dresses and overalls remain the timeless classic – white, black, red, loyal and extravagant models with colorful patterns are rarely found.

Current fashion – top model Karlie Kloss loves cut outs

Current fashion -cut-out-karlie-kloss

The current fashion with cut outs is undoubtedly suitable for women who have a beautiful figure and are not shy to present it. The necklines usually fall to the feminine parts of the body, the waist, abdomen, shoulders and back. It is a clever way to show a little more skin without exaggerating and is a wonderful alternative to the well-known cleavage.

Current fashion for special occasions – model Miranda Kerr with a cut out dress


Models like Miranda Kerr and Karley Kloss like to wear feminine clothes on special occasions that showcase their well-trained bodies without showing too much skin. Almost all jewelry is missing, except maybe some shimmering earrings or bracelets.

Elegant cut out dress or jumpsuit – Margot Robbie and Taylor Swift


In order to make the body look slimmer and longer, the maxi lengths are recommended. The shoes or high heels remain hidden under the fabric and add some extra centimeters. Excellent examples of stylish outfits with cut-out elements are those of actress Margot Robbie on the last Oscars and of singer Taylor Swift on the Billboard awards last year.

Current fashion trends – Jennifer Lopez and the figure-hugging cut-out dresses


Jennifer Lopez is one of the stars who likes to emphasize the shapes of her body. On occasion, whether at special awards or when taking part in the ‘Music Idol’ competition, she puts on figure-hugging dresses with cut outs.

Current fashion for an elegant look – the black small cut-out dress


An elegant variant of the popular black little dress, but this time with sophisticated cut-outs, is a true companion for office meetings and for occasions with a strict dress code. The midi length gives the elegant touch and the cut-out detail emphasizes the upper body. Stilettos are the best choices for shoes that complete the look.

Current fashion for parties – short cut out dress made of diamonds


Body-hugging clothing is currently decorated with square or round holes, but the opposite is particularly suitable for parties. The holes are not cut out in the fabric, but remain as a space between pieces of fabric with a geometric shape, in this example diamonds. The result is a pattern whose background is human skin.

Street Style aCurrent fashion – denim dress with cut outs


In street fashion, the cut-out dresses are really popular and can be seen in imaginative variations. As a denim dress with a free silhouette, the cutouts fall to the waist and the dress made of fine denim with a hole on the belly is perfect for summer. It is important to choose the places where the material is missing, as advantageously as possible, according to the figure.

Current fashion for summer – cut-out dress made of fine denim


Hippie chic aCurrent Fashion – Cut Out Maxi Dress with Floral Pattern 


Perhaps the biggest advantage of this current fashion trend is that you don’t need any jewelry or other accessories so that the cut outs can enjoy full attention. If you prefer it colorful, choose a piece made of patterned fabric and achieve the much coveted, especially in summer, hippie chic look.

Current fashion from the streets of New York – Cut-out black fine-knit dress with open shoulders


The shoulders can be set in scene with cut-outs in the appropriate places. In order to create the best effect, the dress or top with long sleeves is selected and definitely figure-hugging on the upper body. Combine with flat shoes or high heels depending on the occasion.

Elegant and extravagant – black midi skirt with effective cut-out details


If you want to show off your beautiful legs, look for something other than the usual mini dress or short skirt. Which with mid-length, for example, and interesting details at the bottom that attract everyone’s attention. Lace-like cut-outs serve as a decorative border that accentuates your advantageous part of the body.

Current fashion collection from the Kardashian-Jenner sisters – Cut Out Swimsuit


The cut-out trend has not left its mark on swimwear either. Reality stars Kardashian-Jenner presented their latest swimwear collection, which is rich in such details. Also available as a bikini set or swimsuit, these pieces are a real eye-catcher at beach or boat parties.

Elegant cut out swimsuit in white


In fact, one should keep in mind that after a day in the sun with a cut out swimsuit, the necklines will leave their mark and the complexion will not become regular at all. Occasionally you wear the piece as a summer top for afternoon walks with an airy maxi skirt or shorts.

Current fashion for the summer with exotic motifs – cut out swimsuit

Current-fashion-cut-out-swimsuit-pattern-beach party-beach

Current fashion trend for everyday life – blouse made of shirt fabric with cut-out shoulders


Inspiration for numerous variants of different garments with the trendy cut outs can be found in the fashion world. Take an overview and choose the piece that fits you right to add accent to your look.

Current fashion trends – crop tops with cut-out details


Current fashionElegant top in black with open shoulders


Cut outs create contrasts in terms of skin color. This means that if you have light skin, it makes sense to opt for a piece of clothing in a dark color or vice versa.

Make your own cut-out t-shirt


Street fashion – ripped jeans with cut outs


Current fashion trends in shoes – cut out boots