Crop tops – 25 inspirations for casual & elegant outfits

midi skirt maritime blue white top bare midriff yacht sea

Perhaps you still have some doubts about the recurring trend, crop tops to wear. But maybe you should get used to the idea after all. Because the trend is unlikely to go away anytime soon. And why should you, when such wonderful outfits can be created with these tops. Both sporty and elegant looks can be created, perfectly accentuating your figure. Our popular examples, which should show you how crop tops can be worn, will definitely convince you!

Cropped tops – in combination with a skirt in salmon color

neon skirt salmon sporty top cropped ponytail

A great way to wear crop tops without showing too much skin is to combine them with pants or skirts with a high waist. In this way, you can also hide any love handles in the waist area. If you still feel too revealingly dressed, you can expand the outfit with a jacket or a pretty, unbuttoned blouse. Crop tops also look good with wide jeans or those with a used look that complement each other. You achieve a casual look that is still feminine.

Combine crop tops with colored pants

sporty elegant red trousers top white high heels handbag

The outfit with a crop top can also be wonderfully complemented with accessories, be it a hat, a striking necklace or casual or elegant shoes. Check out the gallery for some inspiration that will prove to you that crop tops deserve a place in your closet. You will see that there are many ways to meet this trend.

Sporty look with a gray, cropped top

sporty look crop tops jacket gray jeans used

White lace trousers with a crop top

pointed trousers short crop tops black elegant

Loose, cropped top with bell-bottoms and knitted coat

flared pants jeans jacket casual ladies fashion idea belly free

Elegant look of blue skirt and white top

skirt blue zipper cropped white high heels

Cropped Tops – Elegant outfit with a white skirt

outfit elegance ladies white skirt crop tops pool sunglasses

Cropped poncho and denim skirt

fashion trend white poncho cropped skirt waist

Sporty outfit with short jeans and a black top

short jeans sneeker crop top black women

fashion trend cropped pants black high heels city

jeans used look sporty look cropped blazer

jeans used look crop tops white jacket boots

pants loose beige cropped elegant top idea ladies fashion

elegant look pants vest cropped ladies fashion

ladies outfit skirt midi blue top belly free

ladies outfit elegant bare midriff long-sleeved stripes skirt

colorful skirt high waist points crop tops

blue red jeans pants loose top cropped hat

crop tops jacket rose black pants pocket

trend fashion idea stripes pants hat straw cropped top

waist high jeans sweater cropped black boots

stripes black and white crop tops long-sleeved pants

black skirt short ladies fashion shoes flat

colorful trousers fabric motifs top lace cropped basket