Create the perfect figure with the right color and cut


Every woman has something about the figure that she doesn’t particularly like and always tries to keep it hidden. The sometimes excruciating and long-lasting diets and the exhausting hours in the gym undoubtedly help us to find one perfect figure to have.

Achieving the perfect figure – the right color and cut can do wonders!


You can also achieve a good silhouette and an attractive appearance by choosing the right clothes and matching colors. Here are some tips that apply to all figure types.

The perfect figure – an elongated look of the figure thanks to the ombre silhouette


Forget the black outfit! There is no need to be dressed like a young widow to look slimmer! It is important to set the right accents strategically. Try a top-down strategy, which means that the colors should go smoothly from light to dark, from top to bottom! This will give your figure a fitted look that you are bound to like. A slim silhouette and perfect figure can be achieved by choosing the right clothes and colors!

Lace is always an elegant choice, but this season it’s super trendy again! The tip will smooth out any bumps on your body and you will look super attractive.

The costume


The classic women ‘s suit in all of its modern variants is a good choice for every figure.

Emphasize your waist with a belt


Don’t forget, thin and fine belts are always useful for enhancing the visual look of your silhouette.

Courageous accessories


If you want to keep people’s attention off your legs (if you don’t particularly like them, for example) then accent your upper body. Jewelry is an inexpensive option. The bigger, the better!

Dazzling colours


Bright colors are also a mechanism for cleverly hiding imperfections in the body. But you have to be very careful with this, especially with the cut! Choose a wide skirt in combination with a blouse that is not very tight if you have concerns about your lower body. Then success will definitely be on your side! I can only tell you in advance, you look super current for this fashion season!

The small motifs will attract the eyes of the audience


Vertical stripes lengthen the figure


The darker parts of the blouse visually reduce the body parameters


Play bravely with black and white


Underline the waist


The slim waist attracts attention


A classic costume in beige




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