Cozy faux fur vest – the fashion hit in the cold season

Faux fur vest-autumn-winter-fashionable-garment-trend-look-with-dress

It is cuddly and chic, it keeps the warmth on the body and it is impossible to imagine the ready-to-wear collections for autumn / winter without the fur vest. Real fur and imitation fur vests are available in different shapes, lengths and colors. A faux fur vest can be purchased at a good price and is also an environmentally friendly alternative. The following street styles show how you can wear a fur or fur vest.

How to combine a faux fur vest?


Fur vests and faux fur vests are fashionable items of clothing for a classy or casual look. For an all-round glamorous appearance on festive occasions, the faux fur vest can be combined well with a short dress or a fancy skirt. When strolling through town or in the office, you can wear long or short fur vests with a warm knitted sweater and belt.

Outfit ideas with faux fur vest for fall


Our absolute classic is the high-quality fur vest with a sophisticated closure and natural coloring. A luxury upgrade are tops with lush fur trimmings, deep lapels, tie belts and graphic prints. Vests in colors such as gray, taupe, navy, cream, beige, black, khaki and anthracite can be stylishly combined with practically all items of clothing.


Feather vest with a luxurious flair


Cuddly fur vests made of dyed faux fur


The fur vest is light, soft and absolutely comfortable to wear

Faux fur vest-outfit-ideas-elegant-shoes-with-pointed-fronts-high-heels

Chic waistcoats with narrow collars


Wearing faux fur vest in warm brown tones with jeans

Faux fur vest-white-dyed-soft-lined-with-a-nifty-fastener

Combine the vest with great pockets

Faux fur vest-with-knit-back-street-style-casual-combined-with-knitted-hat

Waistcoat with deep lapels


The fur vest as a statement jewelry


Fur vest to match the turtleneck sweater

Faux fur vest-black-dyed-with-belt-ladies-pants-dark-fuchsia

Faux fur vest with belt


Faux fur vest with lining as an accent

casual-combined-vest-faux fur-boho-look-short-beach shorts-leather shoes

Casual vest to match the boho outfit


Mix of fluffy fur and fur


Navy blue long vest