Combine the new fashion trend mom jeans – 40+ fashion ideas!

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If you ever mocked your parents’ style when you were younger, guess who is laughing now? What your mothers wore in the 90s now belongs in your wardrobe, because the so-called mom jeans are one of the latest fashion trends of this year! The loosely cut trousers made of sturdy denim and with a high waistband are celebrating their grandiose comeback. And what better time to celebrate the resurgence of this garment than before Mother’s Day? But how can you combine mom jeans to achieve a cool and fashionable look? Read on and be inspired by our picture gallery and fashion tips!

Combining mom jeans – their origins and how to distinguish them

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Mom jeans are pants that have a high waist and the hem usually ends a little above the ankle. On the other hand, it is cut wider on the thighs and buttocks and is therefore wonderfully comfortable. The jeans cut was developed for women who can put on their trousers as comfortably as possible shortly after giving birth. In any case, now these pants are totally hip again. We could even say: if there is a single jeans trend for 2019, it is clearly the mom jeans!

Combining mom jeans – who suits the new fashion trend?

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Basically, nobody should tell you whether you can wear a certain fashion trend with your figure or not. But if you do have one or the other problem area and don’t know how to combine your stylish mom jeans, then we have a few styling tips for you!

The trend jeans are best suited for tall, slim women with long legs, as the high waistband emphasizes them excellently.

Also the small, slim woman the mom jeans benefit. The cut makes your short legs look longer. So that your figure doesn’t look too stocky, it is better to choose 7/8 length trousers and avoid rolling it up.

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Combining mom jeans is also possible for slightly chubby women and you will also feel very comfortable in the trend pants. However, you should make sure that it either has no back pockets or that these are very small and close together. This will prevent you from looking wide and flattened.

If you just have a few pounds more everywhere, you will not be happy with the comfortable, trendy mom jeans. The high-cut trousers automatically draw your gaze upwards, but you can’t hide a small tummy there.

Combining mom jeans – the most important styling tips

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Mom jeans are one of the ultimate all-rounders, as they can be styled in a variety of ways. Whether shirt, blouse, sweater or T-shirt, there are no limits to your imagination. But again, there are a few important rules on how to combine your mom jeans to achieve the perfect look.

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Roll up your legs, when you combine your mom jeans. Pants with a high waist generally make the legs appear longer. So that your legs look long and slim despite the wide cut, you should either roll up your trendy trousers up to your ankles or simply buy cropped jeans in 7/8 length right from the start.

Stylishly combine your mom jeans by tucking in the top

Mom jeans combine winter ankle boots beige jacket fashion trends women 2019

The high waistband of the mom jeans basically flatters your waist. A slim or short cut top models your figure and creates the perfect, harmonious proportions. So that you don’t look shapeless, you should tuck long sweaters into your pants.

Mom jeans combine shirt denim jacket oversized latest fashion trends women

Another tip on how to combine your mom jeans more elegantly – put on a belt with an eye-catching buckle. They are currently totally in trend and emphasize your slim waist even more.

Combine mom jeans for a cool, sporty look

Mom Jeans Combine Sweatshirt Converse Sneakers Leather Bag Fashion Trends 2019

Since the mom jeans are really casual, they can be perfectly combined in a sporty and casual way. Simply choose a t-shirt with unusual patterns and your favorite sneakers and you have a great outfit that is perfect for meeting friends. If it does get a little colder, grab a knitted sweater, oversized blazer or your favorite jacket.

The trendy mom jeans can be elegantly styled?

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If you think that trendy trousers are only suitable for everyday use, then you are wrong. Although it always provides a special dose of casualness, you can combine a fine blouse, a lace top or a high-quality T-shirt with your mom jeans. A noble top made of satin, for example, ensures a special and unique break in style. We also recommend the pastel colors, such as pink, which are very trendy this season and give your outfit a certain femininity.

Mom pair jeans for a girls night out on the town!

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You will also achieve a slightly exciting look with your trendy mom jeans. The best thing is that your outfit will never be too intrusive, because the pants provide the casual everyday effect. The pants give you a lot of freedom of movement in your legs and you don’t have to skip a single dance. A chic silk blouse with a draped neckline, for example in a waterfall cut, or a chic, tight-fitting top, are an absolute must. Filigree necklaces, rings and earrings are best to round off your look.

Combine blazer with mom jeans for a trendy office outfit

Mom jeans combine velvet blazer white shirt ankle boots new fashion trends women

If you have a creative work environment where you can wear pretty much anything you want, then you should definitely pair your favorite blazer with the mom jeans. This is how you will create an office-friendly look that is anything but stuffy and boring. However, we recommend that you choose a slightly narrower cut, also with a finish. In combination with a nice, formal shirt and stylish pumps, your fashionable mom jeans make for a fabulous outfit that is sure to impress your colleagues.

Combine leather jacket with mom jeans

Mom jeans combine leather jacket fashion trends 2019 women

Where would we be without our leather jackets? They are cool, absolutely timeless and always trendy. In addition, they go with almost any outfit. Mom jeans, worn with a leather jacket, a casual T-shirt and cool sneakers or leather shoes, give the outfit a rocky note. As far as the accessories are concerned, the motto here is: more is more – a few fashionable bracelets, watches and a shoulder bag and your trendy look is completed!

Wear a white t-shirt with mom jeans

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This is perhaps the simplest and most stylish outfit! If you combine your favorite shirt with mom jeans instead of skinny ones, you can achieve a cool and relaxed look in no time, perfect for a walk in the city.

Mom jeans combine in the trendy denim-on-denim look

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With the denim-on-denim look you can also put your trendy mom jeans in the limelight. With a matching oversized denim shirt or a denim jacket and sneakers with animal prints, you will definitely stand out from the crowd and attract attention.

Mom jeans combine fashion trends womens white shirt retro sunglasses moccasins

The most frequently chosen top for mom jeans is a classic shirt or blouse. Opt for either a feminine ladies blouse or an oversized shirt that looks androgynous. Of course, these should also be tucked into the waistband so that they sit loosely over the hem.

Stylish mom jeans combine in winter

Mom jeans combine winter coat black shirt the latest fashion trends 2019 women

To add a touch of chic to your winter look, put on a long wool coat. The contrast between the luxury of the coat and the casualness of the modern mom jeans will automatically attract everyone’s attention. A turtleneck is almost everyone’s favorite on cold, snowy days. For an elegant, timeless look, wear a simple black sweater with your mom’s jeans, a brown wool coat and a pair of leather ankle boots. A statement belt will complete your outfit.

Which shoes to combine with mom jeans?

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When choosing shoes, it is crucial what look you want to achieve. But regardless of whether it is chic or sporty – there should always be some skin between the shoes and the hem of the trousers. This will stretch your legs and make you look even cooler! For sporty looks, we recommend that you wear flat shoes: sneakers, lace-up shoes, espadrilles or sandals. Mom jeans can also be styled feminine and elegant. Shoes with heels as well as slippers, mules and brogues are suitable for this. Nevertheless, there are a few shoes that do not quite harmonize with the trendy trousers. Above all, overknees and boots with a high shaft destroy the special effect of mom jeans and make you look fuller above.

These mistakes should be avoided when pairing your mom jeans

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One thing is clear – mom jeans are absolutely trendy. Whether with a shirt and blouse or a coat – it is comfortable, uncomplicated and changeable. However, there are a few things that you should pay special attention to.

  • Too tight cut – The fit of course contributes enormously to whether you look a bit thicker in your mom jeans or not. If the trendy trousers sit too tight on your thighs, they lose their typical casual effect and become bulky. So grab a pair of mom jeans that give you enough space.

Mom jeans combine off shoulder top scarf brown hair fashion trends women

  • Too big butt pockets – The following rule applies here: if the mom jeans have large back pockets, then they will make your bottom appear a lot more voluminous.
  • Wrong washing – Mom jeans are most popular in a light wash, which looks particularly casual and can be flexibly combined. However, this can have one major disadvantage: Your legs appear fuller than they actually are and high heels often no longer help. So how about a change in dark tones?

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