Combine poncho with other items of clothing & accessories – helpful tips

Combine poncho for a perfect outfit

It is not without reason that the poncho is one of the most popular transitional and winter clothing items. It’s comfortable, casual and elegant at the same time. In addition, it can not only keep us warm outside, but is also great for indoor areas if it is made of a thinner fabric. And since the poncho never seems to go out of style, it will be helpful to receive a few tips on how best to combine it with other items of clothing, whether the poncho is knitted or not. Are there certain rules? You can find out in the following lines. Do not wait any longer and put together the perfect poncho outfit! Are you curious? Find out how you can best combine the poncho and create a perfect figure.

Poncho combine in everyday life and for the office

Combine poncho with skinny jeans and high heels

The casual poncho is particularly popular for everyday wear. Because it can be combined with any other item of clothing, it is perfect for leisure. And so it is only logical to combine it with another fashion piece that never goes out of style either. What is meant, of course, is the jeans. Whether skinny or casual, long or shorter doesn’t matter. It’s the perfect duo. You can also wear sporty sneakers as you like, but also more elegant boots or boots if you combine the jeans with the poncho. We’ll come back to the boots in particular later. The bag can also be elegant and chic, as well as sporty and casual. Or why not try leather pants instead of tight jeans?

elegant poncho for the office outfit in gray

Although the poncho is casual, it can nonetheless create the perfect styling with an elegant suit. Why don’t you try putting your office outfit together with him? You will be amazed how fashionable it looks! Make sure to choose a poncho in a suitable style so that everything goes well together visually and in terms of color.

Outfit in layers

Layering style as a winter outfit with a sweater

The so-called layering look is great for poncho fashion. What it means is that you can simply design two or more layers with it. In autumn, for example, the poncho can be combined with a blouse or you can take a shirt. It is recommended that the lower garments are longer so that they can be seen and come into their own despite the poncho. Would you like to put the layering outfit together in winter despite cold weather? No problem! Simply put the poncho on over your coat and you will not only look stylish, but will also be warmed up. A nice scarf can also be used as the top layer on the poncho.

Combine poncho with jacket or coat in winter

You are also welcome to combine the poncho with a jacket in this way. Then just take a shorter model that doesn’t entirely cover the jacket. On milder days, a blouse underneath looks very good and if you want to make a special impression, then put on several layers. Tops with a maxi look also look great. Remember, however, that the wider the poncho and top, the tighter the pants or skirt should be. In this way you create a harmonious outfit. In principle, it doesn’t matter whether flat or high-heeled shoes. The main thing is that everything fits together.

Outfit with poncho and belt

Poncho combine with belt and hat Bordeaux nuances

If you wear a poncho that goes below your hips, the belt is a perfect accessory. The belt can have two advantages when you combine it with a poncho. On the one hand, it holds a wide and loose model perfectly in the waist area, which not only makes the poncho less annoying, but also gives it a nice accent. On the other hand, some women have the problem that the poncho makes the upper body and especially the shoulders appear very wide, which is especially a problem if the shoulder area itself is rather wide. You can hide this with a belt. The gaze is directed to the waist, which also appears narrower due to the voluminous poncho in combination with the belt.

Choose a shade

brown leather pants and poncho in similar colors

Depending on the color of your poncho, you can also choose the rest of the clothing. This is not a mandatory rule, but it definitely makes the outfit with a poncho more harmonious and very elegant. If you have decided on a beige poncho, wear beige trousers, shoes and a top to match. If you have a black poncho, the other dresses are also black, and so on. However, that does not mean that the same nuance must necessarily be hit. Not only is this extremely difficult to master, it is also unnecessary. Similar nuances will do just fine.

Combine poncho with bag

Poncho and handbag instead of shoulder straps

Since the shoulder straps disturb the loose look of the poncho, such bags are best avoided. Instead, grab the classic handbag and hang it over your shoulder or carry it by hand. Not only does it look particularly elegant, it also goes better with the poncho. If you combine the bag with the poncho, you can choose a matching color again. And if not, then you can, for example, match the color of the shoes.

Overknees and poncho

Combine poncho with attractive overknees

Overknees and ponchos go wonderfully together. The popular boots that go below the knees are just perfect for an outfit with a poncho. But how to combine the poncho? You have various options for this: As already mentioned, it should be wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Now you have the option of wearing very tight jeans or pants and overknees and the oversize look for the top. On milder days you can combine the poncho with a skirt instead, with women’s tights (thicker ones are also possible) as the perfect transition from skirt to boots.

Overknees and dress

Combine dress with poncho and black overknees

Or would you like to combine the women’s poncho with a dress? In this case, too, it is advisable to wear a tight-fitting poncho for the right balance to the wide poncho. It is also important to find the right poncho model that is of high quality, because it should not devalue the dress. For this purpose, not only the cut is important, but also the material. Cashmere or wool are perfect. If you have decided on a loose dress, then make sure that it is not too long and that the poncho steals the show. Still, the outfit looks stylish when you combine the dress with a poncho and it also peeks out below. Otherwise anything is possible for the material of the boots. Whether artificial leather or velor does not matter, the main thing is that it matches the color.

Combine poncho with arm warmers in winter

Checkered poncho and cuffs to warm the arms on cool days

Should it get a little fresher, a short-sleeved poncho can also be worn with arm warmers. Yes you’ve read correctly. They are also back in fashion and represent the perfect accessory. It is advisable to match them to another accessory in terms of color and material, be it the shoes, the bag or the belt or the poncho itself Poncho, for example, made of wool in any color, or you opt for cuffs made of brown, artificial suede and wear boots or boots made of the same material and the same color and so on.