Combine oversized denim jacket: this is how the classic will be styled this year!

If there is one item of clothing that can be worn over anything, it is undoubtedly the denim jacket. The denim jackets are a tried and tested staple that have earned their rightful place in men’s and women’s wardrobes. Shortly before spring, when the weather changes constantly between rain and cold and sun, we are often faced with challenges and do not really know what to wear. The trendy pieces can be worn perfectly as between-seasons jackets and are a great alternative to the thick coats that we don’t feel like wearing anymore. We bet you have at least one tight and short denim jacket in your closet that you have worn non-stop for the past few years. But if you want to stay in trend, you should take a little shopping spree. The oversized outfit can be seen everywhere at the moment and the fashion trend cannot ignore our jackets either. Whether casually with jeans for everyday life or rather with elegant clothes – in today’s article we will show you how to combine the oversize denim jacket and create great outfits with it!

Oversized outfit fashion trends 2021 combine oversize denim jacket

Just like a trench coat or a pair of mom jeans, the denim jacket is an indispensable piece of clothing that seems to find a safe place in our wardrobe year after year. Once thought of as working clothes, denim jackets have become an indispensable part of the fashion world and can be found in many different washes, colors and shapes. The fashion trends for 2021 are based entirely on the motto “the bigger the better” and whether you like it or not – the oversize denim jacket is back! Combine them casually with a T-shirt and skinny jeans or in a style break with an elegant dress – there are no limits to your imagination and anything you like is allowed!

Combine oversize denim jacket: casual and sporty for everyday life

how to combine oversize denim jacket in spring fashion trends 2021

We are not surprised that denim jackets are among the absolute favorites of all fashionistas. After all, they can be worn all year round and lined models can replace thick coats even on mild winter days. However, the classic short and tight-fitting models that we all own can take a step back and make some room for the oversized denim jacket!

Oversize denim jacket combine with mom jeans spring fashion trend 2021

Whether in the classic blue, black or destroyed look – the classic is now available in several colors and variants, so that every woman will find the perfect model for herself. Painted denim jackets with decorations not only look really stylish, they also underline our individuality in a pretty cool way. The best thing about the pieces is that we can wear them with just about anything. As with all other oversize tops, with the denim jackets you should keep the rest of the outfit rather simple and tight. Numerous street style stars and celebrities have already jumped on the bandwagon and show us how versatile the oversize denim jacket can be combined.

black pants with oversize denim jacket combine Rihanna outfits

The best thing about denim is that it really goes with everything. Denim jackets give every outfit a cool touch of casualness and are an uncomplicated solution for a quick and simple yet modern look. Grab your new straight leg jeans, put on a t-shirt or shirt and voilà – you are perfectly dressed for a lazy afternoon. As far as shoe choices are concerned, you can wear pretty much anything however you want. Comfortable sneakers or tough combat boots – it’s entirely up to you! Add a large handbag and some statement accessories and you’re good to go.

Jeans outfits from head to toe are one of the most popular fashion trends for 2021

black oversized denim jacket combine spring outfits with jeans

What used to be frowned upon as an absolute no-go in the fashion world is actually okay and even desirable today. Head-to-toe denim outfits have made it back to the catwalks and are one of the biggest fashion trends of the year. When done right, the monochrome look looks cool and simple. And yes, you can pair your favorite jeans with an oversized denim jacket without feeling like you’re ready for a rodeo. With the trend, however, your best bet is to wear different washes. A light jacket and gray skinny jeans are a trendy and chic outfit that you can wear in a trendy outfit. If you prefer to wear the same wash, then you should break the outfit with shoes or accessories in bright colors. This makes the otherwise monotonous uniform look a bit more casual and playful.

Combine dresses and oversize denim jacket for an elegant appearance

Trend colors spring 2021 combine oversize denim jacket

This year it’s all about experimentation and style breaks. Not too stuffy, not too chic, but rather cool and casual – the oversize denim jacket is the perfect compromise between cardigans and blazers. This makes the trendy pieces the perfect companion for a more elegant look. Whether it’s a playful slip dress, tight dresses, mini or maxi – the oversize denim jacket can be perfectly styled with dresses in different models and cuts. The robust fabric and the loose shape provide a casual yet stylish touch. Stylish high heels and a noble leather bag round off the ensemble perfectly and make the oversize denim jacket even ideal for the office.

Oversize denim jacket combine pleated skirt outfit spring

Another cool way to freshen up our outfits and emphasize femininity is to combine a skirt with an oversized denim jacket. No matter whether you wear a midi skirt or a pleated skirt – the denim pieces go with everything and always ensure a fabulous outfit. While sneakers and ankle boots are perfect for everyday wear, you can also use high heels for a more romantic and elegant look.

Combine oversized denim jacket: An overview of the coolest looks for re-styling

Gigi Hadid outfits combine oversize denim jacket with jeans

The oversize denim jacket is the new favorite of all fashionistas

Denim on denim fashion trend combining oversize denim jacket

With a waist belt you give the otherwise casual outfit more definition and structure

Spring business outfits combine oversize denim jacket

Chic and comfortable at the same time: the oversized look is very popular

Pants trends 2021 combine oversize denim jacket

Black jeans and black oversized denim jacket combine for a trendy monochrome look

Jeans trends 2021 Combine oversize denim jacket

You can’t go wrong with a color-coordinated denim outfit

Denim skirt outfits 2021 combine oversize denim jacket

Perfect for spring: combine leather shorts with an oversize denim jacket

Leather skirt outfits spring fashion trends combine oversize denim jacket

The denim jacket should not be missing in any wardrobe

Combine dress with oversize denim jacket spring fashion trend 2021

Cloth trousers made of satin and an oversize denim jacket result in a great break in style

Oversize denim jacket combine trousers outfit spring

The trendy pieces are perfect for a quick and effortless outfit

Oversized outfit fashion trends 2021 combine oversize denim jacket

The oversize denim jacket as a trendy alternative to the classic blazer

Pleated skirt outfits combine oversize denim jacket

Casual and modern at the same time: combine slip dresses with an oversize denim jacket

Slipdress outfit spring fashion trends combine oversize denim jacket

White denim jackets are trendy and will make your outfit shine

white denim jacket combine spring outfits ideas famen