Combine long blouses: this is how the classic is styled for every occasion!

Super tight and tailor-made clothing was yesterday, because if you want to stay in trend this year, you can shop one size bigger! Oversize denim jackets, oversize blazers or pullovers – fortunately, the oversized trend simply never ends and will remain with us for the coming season. But if there is one item of clothing that we could wear for the rest of our lives without getting bored, it would most certainly be the long blouse. One model, thousands of styling options: Blouses are now part of the basic equipment of every fashion-conscious woman and our wardrobes can no longer be imagined without them. That’s a good thing, because they are not only incredibly comfortable, but also super chic and stylish. Whether elegant for the office, for a relaxed everyday look or a chic dinner: the trendy pieces are a real all-round talent, of which we cannot have enough variants or colors. Provide a bit of variety and a breath of fresh air in your outfits and learn here how to combine a long blouse and put it in the limelight!

Who can wear a long blouse?

Jeans long blouse combine outfit ideas spring 2021

When spring is in full swing, we sometimes have to think a little more creatively and come up with a few new outfit ideas. Because let’s be honest – wearing jeans and a T-shirt every day gets too boring at some point. The long blouses are usually cut loosely and reach either to the hips or to the middle of the thigh. The loose shape and flowing fabrics flatter every figure, which means that the chic pieces can be worn wonderfully by all women. Whether chic or casual – the styling options are endless and, depending on the occasion and taste, the long blouses can be combined in a variety of ways. They are true, stylish pieces of clothing and should not be missing in any wardrobe.

Stylish and elegant: combine long blouses for the office

Longluse white combine skinny jeans outfits spring

The long blouse can be worn for almost any occasion and the long cut makes it the perfect uncomplicated partner for those days when we are in a hurry. Tired of wearing the same boring pant suits over and over again? Then add some variety by integrating an elegant long blouse into your business outfit. For example, trousers can be worn wonderfully with a classic white long blouse. But not only with business trousers, but also with figure-hugging pencil skirts, the trendy pieces look very stylish and serious. To create a coherent image, make sure that the length of the blazer or jacket is roughly the same as the length of the blouse. High-quality accessories such as handbags and simple jewelry round off the look perfectly and provide a noble touch.

Wear the long blouse as a dress

Long blouse combine hem blouse as dress wear spring outfit pictures

Shirt dresses have been one of the biggest fashion trends for years and have become an integral part of the fashion world. You don’t know how to combine your long blouse correctly? How about you take a step further and just skip the pants? The good news is that even a long blouse can be turned into a chic dress in no time at all. The only requirement, however, is that it is not too short and that it reaches at least to the knees. To give the look a little more structure and to stay warm on the cool spring days, pull on a pretty tank top. Add to that chic ankle boots and a classy handbag and your outfit is ready! So simple and yet super chic and eye-catching.

Combine a long blouse with a sweater for a chic and comfortable appearance

Long blouse with sweater combine jeans trends spring 2021

The layering look, translated in German as “Lagenlook”, is very popular this season. 2-3 pieces of clothing are worn on top of each other to create a casual yet very chic outfit. If you like it more comfortable, but don’t want to forego style, then you should combine a long blouse with a sweater. The combination not only keeps you warm, but also looks super chic and makes the look suitable for the office. Whether a denim shirt, checked shirt or a classic white blouse – there are countless models that you can use for a layered look. So don’t be afraid to experiment – anything you like is allowed!

Combine a long blouse with jeans for the perfect everyday look

Long blouse correctly combine jeans outfit ideas spring

A super simple, but absolutely stylish and chic look: combine jeans and a long blouse! The combination not only looks fresh and modern, but can also be worn as desired for any occasion. The same applies here – experiment! Whether tight pants, leggings, skinny jeans or comfortable and casual mom jeans as well as culottes and Marlene pants – the long blouse is a real all-rounder and works with almost every part of your wardrobe! If you like it super casual, you can wear the long blouse over jeans. Or do like the fashion influencers and wear them loosely tucked halfway into your pants. Suitable combination partners for everyday life are sneakers or biker boots, while high heels or Mary Janes provide an elegant touch.

Wear shorts and a long blouse

Long blouse combine shorts outfit ideas spring summer 2021

Short shorts are absolutely essential on the hot spring and summer days. Take advantage of the mild temperatures and experiment with your outfits by combining your favorite shorts with a long blouse. White blouses are stuffy and only suitable for the office? Not even close! White long blouses are absolutely trendy at the moment and an absolute must for all fashion-conscious women! For example, if you follow the trend with cycling shorts, this would be a very casual and stylish combination. Or really beautiful and comfortable looks can also be created with short denim shorts. Whether you put the long blouse in your trousers or simply wear it like the Haley Bieber model is entirely up to you.

Combining a long blouse: an overview of the most beautiful looks for re-styling

Jeans shorts outfits spring long blouse combine properly

The long blouse is perfect for a kind of transitional jacket in spring

Checkered long blouse combine outfit ideas spring summer

To give the look an extra modern touch, you can wear a corset with the long blouse

Corset fashion trends spring 2021 long blouse women combine

Jeans and long blouse combine for the perfect everyday look

Long blouse women combine shirt blouses outfits spring

Or how about combining a denim skirt and a plaid long blouse?

Long blouse combine denim skirt outfit ideas spring summer

The comfortable garments exude a special elegance and lightness

Long blouse combine denim shorts outfit ideas spring

The celebrities have also jumped on the oversized trend and wear the long blouse up and down

Combine long blouse properly Mom Jeans fashion trend 2021

Olivia Culpo’s monochrome look just looks flawless and breathtaking

Long blouse wear trendy colors spring-summer 2021

Combine long blouse properly with wide trousers

Long blouse white combine outfit ideas spring 2021

Long blouse and jeans are a stylish combination that you can’t go wrong with

Stripe blouse combine shirt jeans outfit ideas spring

Combine jeans long blouse for the perfect denim outfit

Patchwork Jeans Trends 2021 Combine Jeans Long Blouse

Shirt blouses in light colors are perfect for a chic spring outfit

white shorts combine hem blouse outfit ideas