Combine cycling shorts – 30+ inspirations and styling tips!

black cycling shorts combine neon colors oversized t-shirt light blonde hair sunglasses retro

Cycling shorts are one of the biggest fashion trends this year. With the return of 90s fashion, it was only a matter of time before the comfy shorts hit the scene and this time they’re cooler than ever. This trend started about 2 years ago when the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld presented his models for Chanel. Initially, the skin-tight shorts were ridiculed by many people as a fashionable joke. But something happened that almost no one expected – they conquered the fashion world. For such a simple and sporty garment, they are surprisingly versatile. Many fashion houses followed the French fashion house and meanwhile the trendy pieces can also be found in our wardrobes. Whether in beautiful, delicate colors, different patterns or in glossy black – in this article we will show you how you can combine stylish cycling shorts and create an excellent look.

Cycling shorts combine in everyday life

Cycling shorts combine shirt blouse oversized sneakers sunglasses fashion trends summer

A very important styling tip in advance – with cycling shorts, it is best to always wear slightly longer-cut tops such as oversized shirt blouses, knitted sweaters or long cardigans. So that your figure doesn’t look too misshapen, you can use a statement belt or a trendy belt bag. In this way you emphasize the narrowest part of your body and have a really cool look in no time! Of course, you don’t have to do without the many cute crop tops completely, as long as you style it with a blazer or a vest, for example.

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An interesting and practical way to get on top of the new fashion trend is to simply wear the trendy items of clothing as a stylish addition under a mini dress or skirt. Models made of lace or shorts in a color that is repeated in the pattern of your dress are particularly good for this. In everyday life, flat shoes such as sneakers can be perfectly combined with your cycling shorts. But if you want it a little rockier, you can also achieve an excellent look with leather ankle boots.

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Of course, the comfortable shorts can also be combined in a very sporty way. Wear it with a casual hoodie or sweatshirt. But so that you don’t look like you are on your way to the gym, you should try to create a break in style. You can do this very well by using elegant accessories. This makes your whole outfit look more authentic and is ideal for a stroll through town with the girls. High-quality sunglasses or a leather bag, for example, are ideal for this.

Cycle shorts can also be elegantly combined?

Cycling shorts combine blazer sandals high heels fashion trends summer 2019

Are you invited to a fancy party and looking for an outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd? Then you are in luck, because cycling shorts can also be found in many elegant patterns. However, you should avoid different mixes of patterns and it is best to choose a plain-colored top. This can of course be decorated with button strips, delicate sequins or other applications.

Combine cycling shorts for the office

Cycling shorts combine leopard pattern blazer oversized ankle boots high heels herb outfit ideas

Sporty cycling shorts with a cool oversized blazer seem to be one of the most popular styling combinations of the year. As a result, the trendy pieces are even suitable for the office, if the dress code allows it. But you should always make sure that the shorts are not too short and end a maximum of two fingers’ widths above the knees. Wear it with a fine shirt or tunic in simple colors and high-quality materials. For a beautiful and elegant look, rely on many elegant accessories. This can be, for example, a beautiful leather bag, a waist belt with a designer logo or sparkling, delicate statement earrings. Or preferably all three together. These in combination with beautiful high heels round off your look perfectly.

Combine jeans cycling shorts

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Are you not quite sure whether the new fashion trend is something for you and would you like to slowly approach it? Then the best thing to do is to wear jeans cycling shorts in Bermuda length. You’ll achieve the same style effect, but you’ll feel a lot more attracted to begin with.

blue cycling shorts combine sweatshirt oversized sky blue trend color fashion trendsIt’s summer and you are welcome to experiment a little with the colors and patterns for your outfit. Create a beautiful and colorful look by combining a bright, colorful top with your neutral cycling shorts. The geometric patterns and various animal prints are particularly popular this year.

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Or try a solid color look. Black with black looks very classy and elegant and is very trendy. A color combination that is more suitable for the warm months is white with white. It gives you a feeling of lightness and you are perfectly dressed for a beach party.

Which shoes to combine with cycling shorts?

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Cycling shorts can be worn very differently depending on the occasion, which of course also affects the right choice of shoes. In everyday life you can always use the sneakers that everyone loves. But mules, strappy sandals or pumps are also very popular this year and give your look a particularly chic and feminine touch.

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When you’re going on vacation and you’ve got a long flight ahead of you, the wisest thing to do is to move in something comfortable. If you want an outfit that is stylish and at the same time suitable for travel, then the cycling shorts are your salvation.

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