Combine culottes – 40+ fashionable ideas and inspirations!

Orange culottes combine crop top blue zebra pattern summer outfit fashion trends

Airy like a skirt and practical like a pair of pants: in spring or summer, everything revolves around the culottes and for good reason. These are a statement garment that will add a bit of drama to your otherwise ordinary look. They are super comfortable, incredibly chic and can be worn anywhere. The pants are made from a wide variety of materials – everything from cotton to leather to silk is included. Not sure how to combine a culottes? Basically, the wide trousers allow countless styling variations. For a harmonious look, it is only important to pay attention to a few little things here and there. Read on and be inspired by our great picture gallery!

Pleated culottes combine pastel pink t-shirt handbag blonde hair fashion trends

Culottes are one of the trend items for spring 2019. But there are many people who don’t even know what they are. These are pants that are cut very wide and look like a skirt. Sometimes a bit tighter on the leg and sometimes extremely voluminous. It is important that it always ends above the ankle.

Combine culottes – find the right model for your figure

Leather culottes combine suede jacket yellow ankle boots leather handbag fashion trends

Since there are many different cuts, the culottes are very variable and every woman can find the best model for her figure. However, there are two golden rules:

  1. The shorter your legs, the more compelling you should combine high heels with your culottes.
  2. The wider the pants, the more important it is to emphasize your waist.

striped culottes combine white blouse sneakers dark blonde hair fashion trends

Combine culottes for the A-figure – If you have broad hips and narrow shoulders, then the culottes should not be too wide, otherwise they can look a bit bulky. Ironing creases are perfect for you, as they visually stretch your legs. If you have short legs, high heels are an absolute must. It is also important that you emphasize your waist, ideally with a top tucked into your trousers. A short denim or leather jacket, which also ends at the level of the slimmest point, enhances the effect and your waist is thus perfectly highlighted.

The right culottes for the Y-figure – Since your shoulders are very broad in relation to your body, it is important that you balance your silhouette with skillfully placed accents. If you are tall and slim, you can combine a longer top with your culottes. Otherwise, you should accentuate your waist either with a belt or by tucking the shirt into your pants.

Pleated culottes combine silver black t-shirt sneakers fashion trends

The right culottes for the H-figure – If you are more of the androgynous type and also very slim, you can also successfully combine very voluminous culottes. The combination with long oversized tops is ideal for you. To make your silhouette look more feminine, you can pair wide-cut culottes with short tops.

Combine culottes for the O-figure – Do you have a chubby torso? Slim-fitting trousers are usually an option for you. But if you don’t want to do without the trendy culottes, you can hide the problem area with a wide top. Statement shirts look particularly chic with a culottes with espadrilles.

Combine a crop top with a culotte for a fresh summer look

Culotte combine crop top summer white culottes leather bag sunglasses

The culottes are already cut wide, so why not choose something short and concise for the top? Especially with small and petite women, it can happen that you sink into the loose trousers. A crop top is therefore the perfect solution. The short cut top immediately makes the waist look narrower and ensures a fresh and casual summer look.

Combine a shirt with a culotte

Culottes combine denim shirt high heels leather bag blonde hair fashion trends

Whether you are out and about during the day or evening, tucking a nice shirt into your culottes is always a good idea as it will balance your silhouette. A short-sleeved, tight-fitting shirt is ideal for the office or formal occasions, while a casual denim shirt is ideal for a relaxed look.

Combine a t-shirt with a culotte

Culottes combine summer t-shirt ankle boots brown leather bag fashion trends

Your outfit will be extra casual when you combine a t-shirt with your culottes. However, you should be careful to tuck the hem all the way, or at least a bit, into your pants. Avoid t-shirts with a lot of patterns or complicated silhouettes, after all, the culottes are the accent of your outfit.

Combine blazer with your culottes for a trendy look

Culottes combine blazer high heels black shoulder bag honey blonde hair color fashion trends

Whether as part of a suit or just like that – blazers are absolute classics. It is all the nicer that they also look fabulous with culottes. This fashionable look is ideal for the cooler summer days or for a business meeting where you don’t want to go unnoticed.

Combine culottes for a monochrome look

Culotte combine crop top leather jacket sandals summer outfit fashion trends

Monochrome looks are particularly popular this year. A look completely in white looks really great, especially on hot summer days! The light clothing lets your summer complexion appear a few shades darker. For an even more exciting outfit, combine your trousers with a handbag in a contrasting color, for example red.

Culottes combine in a metallic look

Glitter culottes combine party outfit ideas pants metallic look fashion trends

Have you had enough of the usual party clothes and are you longing for a change? A culotte made of glittering fabric or with exciting patterns is ideal for this and ensures the optimal party look! In combination with simple tops and an evening make-up, a very classy evening outfit is created. Styled like this, the culottes can be worn perfectly to elegant events or a girls’ evening and are sure to be an eye-catcher.

Culottes combine for the office

Culottes combine elegant white blouse white shoes blonde hair balayage fashion trends

Culottes are also a very good choice for the office and a stylish alternative to the usual midi skirts. Flowing fabrics such as wool, silk or viscose give the perfect office look. Long or short-sleeved blouses that you put in the waistband or simple tops are the perfect styling partners. If you are a little braver, then berry tones or a beautiful mustard yellow are also great options. You can also achieve stunning effects with a mix of materials – knitted tops with culottes made of fine, flowing materials or a delicate silk blouse with leather culottes. However, you should refrain from too fancy prints.

Combine leather culottes for a look with a slightly rocky touch

Leather culottes combine tone on tone crop top sandals fashion trends

Leather is actually like denim – it’s so ubiquitous that it can hardly be considered a trend. Leather culottes are a must for every fashionable woman. Not only black, but also colors like light brown and dark red would look particularly chic. For the perfect, balanced look, opt for a slim-fitting top. Metallic garments are all the rage again and the best part is that you can wear them all year round. A silver top, for example, creates the perfect contrast to your fashionable leather culottes.

Combine jeans culottes

Jeans culottes combine denim jacket sneakers summer outfit blonde short hair

Denim is always a good choice, so it’s no surprise that jeans culottes are all the rage for the coming season. Whether classic in blue, in white or modern pastel shades – the selection is endless and the trend parts immediately give you a stylish yet super casual look. There are also no limits to the styling options. Tops with puff sleeves or knitted sweaters can be wonderfully combined with your culottes. For a more chic occasion, opt for a classy silk blouse and pumps.

Combine knitted sweaters with culottes for the cold season

Culotte combine winter gray sweater women hat blue handbag

Since culottes do not cover the entire leg, one could easily assume that these are only suitable for the warm months. But that’s not true. When combined with the right shoes and tops, they are suitable for herbs and winter in no time at all. In the cold, culottes made of flowing fabrics and wool are particularly beautiful. A cozy knitted sweater goes perfectly with it. For a fabulous outfit, we recommend the layered look – a short top and over it a long cardigan that is open at the front. Suitable items of clothing are, for example, a turtleneck and a cape, a shirt and a cardigan or a jacket. The top layer should be open so that it doesn’t look too bulky.

Which shoes to combine with culottes?

Culottes combine turtleneck winter outfit ideas sneakers fashion trends

If you like it more sporty and casual, you are welcome to wear sneakers with your culottes. Platform sneakers look amazingly good and are totally trendy this year. An interesting way of combining your sneakers with culottes in winter is opaque and warming tights or socks. So that the look doesn’t look too restless, these should harmonize in color with the rest of your outfit.

Culottes combine denim jacket boots outfit ideas women fashion trends

The most elegant way to wear your culottes in winter? Definitely with narrow boots with high heels and shafts. With this look, your legs are guaranteed to stay warm and a cold is prevented. Wear them either tone-on-tone or in a color that matches the rest of the outfit – this visually stretches the leg.

Culottes combine winter wool coat high heels ankle boots fashion trends

Narrow ankle boots can also be combined well with culottes in cold weather. Models with a high shaft look just as elegant as boots.

Culottes combine elegant trench coat high heels summer outfit fashion trends

With culottes that are wider, it is best to make sure that you choose chic models when choosing shoes. In general: the finer the shoes, the more elegant and feminine the look. And if you want to see your legs long and slim in these pants, you should wear pumps!

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